Get That ’70s Look: Hair & Makeup Tips From the Pros!

If there’s one beauty trend I’m digging right now, it’s this.

Breezy waves, a gorgeous dewy complexion, ahhhhh, the carefree glamour… the seventies are back in full swing. Think cool, casual center parts paired with natural and minimal makeup a la Jerry Hall and Farrah Fawcett. This nod to the ’70s is all about being laid-back with a slice of sexiness. We saw it all over the spring/summer 2015 runways and now makeup artist Samuel Paul and hair stylist Tony Vin are sharing their best tips to help us get the look at home.

Sam and Tony are based in LA and we were over the moon to work with them on our In The Groove lookbook shot by Jason Lee Parry. These two experienced artists have traveled the globe working on various editorial, advertisement, celebrity, and red carpet projects. I am beyond excited to share their secrets with you!  Keep reading to discover their tips and tricks on how to get the modernized seventies look.



From left to right: Sam, Alena, and Tony


Tony’s tips to achieve that cool seventies hair (his favorite products included!):

What you’ll need:

Blow dryer
1 1/2 inch curling iron
Tresemme Thermal creation mousse
Elnett Hair Spray (super hold)
Kenra texturizing taffy
Mason Pearson brush
Rat tail comb
Duck clips

Step 1: Start with clean wet hair so towel dry your hair to remove any excess moisture. Then apply a golf ball size amount of mousse from roots to end. To get a lot of volume, blow your hair upside down. Make sure your hair is completely dry.

Step 2: Use the rat tail comb to part your hair in the middle. Separate into 1 inch sections, starting from the bottom back. Curl you hair away from your face. For maximum volume after each curl pin it with a duck clip.

Step 3: After you are done curling your hair it is important that you let your hair set for at lease 10-15 min before taking out the clips. Next brush your hair out and spray it with the Elnett hair spray. Finish off with a little dab of Kenra texturizing taffy on the ends of your hair.



Samuel Paul’s top five tips to get the ’70s modern look:

1. Skin should be as fresh as possible using a tinted gel cream/moisturizer or a sheer liquid foundation. Then apply a cream concealer in small areas if needed, a light dusting of loose powder kept to a minimum.

2. I love creating a sun-kissed vibe by applying a peachy or apricot tone blush to the apples of the cheeks. Using a bronzer around the perimeter of the face, lightly sweep across the middle of the face (from cheek, to a bit on the bridge of the nose, to the other cheek) and also a sweeping over the eyelids.

3. To give the look an edge, use a black liner on the inner rim of the eye then squeeze the eyes shut, which helps soften and smudge it and keeps it from being “too perfect.” Then curl lashes and add several coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

4. Keep lips on the natural side with a tinted rosy lip balm.

5. For added glow I’ll add a sweep of highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones, down the center of the nose, a dab on the center of the eyelids and the cupids bow of the lips.


Thank you Sam and Tony!

Meet our model, Alena Blohm, and watch an exclusive video by Jason Lee Parry here!

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  1. PLEASE stop assuming all your readers are white/straight haired girls! This post ONLY works if you have naturally straight, thin hair. There is no directions to straighten your hair if you don’t have straight hair! It’s just ~naturally~ straight from the start, I guess. It is a very euro centric viewpoint of the world. If you woln’t represent us, at least acknowledge us.

  2. @ Jordan- FP does loads of hair tutorials for all types of hair- thick, thin, curly, straight. They can’t please all of the people all of the time. If you want your hair straight, go ask a stylist. Go on youtube. There are Brazilian Blowouts, Keratin Blowouts, extensions, weaves, wigs, etc. I don’t know your ethnicity, but I have a black friend with pin-straight hair from a treatment she had done earlier in the year.

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