Paradise Found: Krause Springs

A new month began and the skies finally cleared, gracing us with day after day of blue sky and temperatures in the 90s. 

After all the rain, it was and is more than welcome. But man, is it hot.  And it’s only June.  Lucky for us, Austin is surrounded by incredible lakes and swimming holes, one of which just became my new favorite: Krause Springs.

It’s no secret anymore, and I can only imagine what it must have been like even just a couple of years ago… visitors probably had the whole place to themselves.  But now, come the weekend, it can be pretty crowded.  That didn’t detract from my experience one bit, though.

Krause Springs sits on a 115-acre property that has been privately owned by the Krause family for over 50 years.  Rather than keep it all to themselves, they opened it up for camping and swimming year-round, charging only a small entry fee.  At the entrance to the property is a house shaded by a canopy of oak trees, from which hang the biggest wind chimes I’ve ever seen.  They rock gently with the breeze, creating the most beautiful meditative sound.  In a corner you’ll find a hammock almost hidden by the bushes, where I could sleep the whole day away.

The main swimming hole has a natural waterfall and one of the best rope swings I’ve seen thus far in Austin.  Bring an inner tube and float down the river, every once in a while the shade of a tree giving you a break from the scorching sun.  Paradise found.

krause springs 2

krause springs 7

krause springs 3

krause springs 4

krause springs 5

krause springs 6

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This looks absolutely perfect – so much fun!

Warm Regards,


Yes, Krause did used to be an amazing place to go. Now that everyone and “their dog” has moved in its not such a nice place anymore….. :(

This place is gorgeous! I would love to go here!

this looks gorgeous! I will have to make my way over there from Houston some time.

I have so many good memories at Krause Springs! It truly is a mini piece of paradise in central Texas! I especially like the butterfly garden and the rope swing!


Looks absolutely gorgeous!


This is soooo beautiful!

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Maria Mata

how will the weather be from March 13th through the 19th… for us will be spring break. thank you