Get To Know Photographer, Maria Camila!

By this point, photographer Maria Camila doesn’t need an introduction. You have already seen her work, and lots of it.

You may have been wondering who was behind those beautiful FP Me Moab photos up on the blog this past week. She has photographed four recent stories for us: FP Me Fashion, Ramblin’ Rose Cafe, Moab Under Canvas, and FP Me New Heights. Her images are gorgeously lit and evoke a raw, stripped-down feeling. Yeah, you know the ones.

Actually, come to think of it, my introduction probably wouldn’t do her justice anyway. I could try to describe how welcoming and kind she is. Or how her softly energetic disposition appeals to everyone around her. What if I use words like good-hearted, charmingly inquisitive, and mightily talented? Nope, still not strong enough to describe this heart of gold. Just know that any attempted description is magnified ten-fold. Camila is a special one.

I asked Camila to share some of her favorite photos from over the years so we could get a peek into more of her work. This young talented artist is one to watch — keep an eye on her and get to know her in an exclusive interview below!


Where did you grow up? How has that shaped who you are today?

Originally born in Bogota, Colombia but moved to pretty Salt Lake City, Utah about 14 years ago. My family moved a lot during those years so I had a lot of alone time and I became much of an observer. I’ve always been a behind-the-scenes person that, once I absorbed a lot, I would then flesh out a lot in a conversation.

How long have you been a photographer? Do you remember what the first photo was that you took?

Going on year number six. I remember getting my first camera, a Nikon D5000, and not having a clue on how to use it or where the shutter was. My first photo I ever loved was a Coke bottle at a local coffee shop. It had the bokeh in the background and since then I was fascinated with what the camera could capture that our eyes couldn’t.


When did you know that this was your passion… your calling?

When I was 16 and started learning about it, I was fascinated by photography and creating. Ever since, it was always my passion and my outlet for healing, my own happy place.

Where do you find inspiration?

My favorite photographers and people that are killing it with their disposable cameras. As far as concepts go, just looking at my surroundings and embracing the beauty of each entity. Embracing what is already here and not waiting for the perfect time.



What has been your favorite shoot up until now?

Free People Moab Unplugged will probably be in my top two. Getting a group of individuals to collaborate and create something beautiful is quite an honor. But my second one would probably be shooting a proposal. They both had amazing style and she had no idea, it was very genuine and I was the first person to find out. Being present in that significant moment was definitely compelling and it validated why I do what I do.

How would you describe your photography style?

Lifestyle with a twist of pastel tones. I’ve always been inspired by film photography that I challenged myself to recreate the tones of a high quality film. It kind of became my thing.


What is your favorite part about the creative process of photography?

From the moment a client steps in front of the lens, it is a vulnerable turning point. We both have to open up in order to get in the creative zone and once we do, I throughly enjoy the process. More ideas come to mind and we enter this zone of pure creativity where we are able to communicate ideas back and forth.

Describe your ultimate dream photo shoot if you could have any model, location, and styling resources in the world.

It would be amazing to photograph different cultures around the world. I’d love to have an editorial shoot themed with a country’s individual decor and food. All directed by a person who knows the purity of that particular culture.



How would you describe your own personal style?

Minimalist. I love denim, sandals, and loose tops. I always wear just one ring on each hand and I’m out the door. If there’s something I’ve learned it’s that less is more.

What does “free” mean to you?

Be you! Let go of societal pressures and follow your own path and the things that make YOU happy. For some it can be a process to be free and to feel at ease in your own skin but once you are there, it’s bliss.

Thank you Camila! Be sure to swing by her photography website and follow her on Instagram!

For more of Camila’s photos and FP Me stories, check out the FP Me page!

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6 years ago

Love her photos! They just look so close to nature and beautiful!

6 years ago

This is a beautiful portfolio! Free People has such wonderful photographers and takes such inspirational photos!

6 years ago

How lovely! Would love for you to check out my photography as well– I self shoot everything on my blog :)

6 years ago

Her photography is amazing. I love how she actually takes the quote, “a photo is worth a thousand words” and makes it real. I really love the second image and the trees.