Summer Color State Of Mind

One of my favorite posts on the blog as of late has been Julia’s Summer Color Palette photo story.

Visually, I loved her combination of abstract composition mixed with colorful geometry. It represented so much of what I love about summer, which is the bright mood that’s held tightly in hand.

On a recent trip to Coney Island, I found myself being drawn to the undercover details — colors and sounds mostly. The only other time I’ve been to Coney was on a cold day last fall. The place was desolate except for a few walkers on the boardwalk. It was windy and gray, a little lonely. The rides were put to sleep until brighter days. Returning once again at the height of the season, I now understood it’s tight bond with summer.

We got ourselves some cotton candy, watched the Wonder Wheel spin ’round, and mingled with the boardwalk entertainers. The sun’s rays highlighted the colors of the coming solstice, and the chatter from the crowds created a low hum over top of the bells and whistles heard from the rides and games. It was especially meaningful to be there on the same weekend that marked the official start of summer.

These next couple months, I’m excited for the long nights, warm air, and the brighter earth. The colors this time of year are my reminders to stay happy and stay golden.

Welcome back, summer!







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  1. Please please come out with another short film, I must have watched all the ones up a hundred times, I have been dying to see a new one!!

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