Time Warp Records & The Ultimate ’70s Playlist!

Vinyl and Venice, two things that go together like tube socks and roller skates. 

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of shooting an upcoming ’70s-inspired vintage collection at a Venice Beach record shop called Time Warp. This iconic shop is an offshoot of the larger Time Warp store just down the block, which owns one of the largest assortments of vintage musical equipment in LA. This smaller shop on the corner is all about the music — vinyl, CDs, tapes, and memorabilia. Time Warp isn’t about being fancy, it’s about providing music fans with their favorite vintage albums while also giving them something new to explore.

Local art decorates the walls and a small stage sits at the back of the shop. They showcase LA bands every week, which can quickly turn into a neighborhood block party. They also host a weekly radio show with students that is broadcasted all across Southern California. Time Warp is a hidden gem, a shop that renews any music fan’s faith in mom and pop record stores.

While we were there, they had just received a box of vintage records and were going through them one by one. By that, I mean they were loudly listening to each album on the store’s record player that is hooked up to their speaker system. Song by song, they would listen and discuss. What they liked, what it sounded like, who it reminded them of… conversations of true music fans.

In the spirit of vintage vinyl, we have curated the ultimate ’70s playlist — have a listen below and be inspired to visit your local record shop!




This is a small hangout area, chock full of music books. Kick back on a leather recliner and let the tunes take you over.




This Bruce Willis record is Time Warp’s store mascot!


The top three selling artists for Time Warp are David Bowie, Al Green, and Fleetwood Mac.


+ What’s your favorite song from the ’70s? Leave your recommendation in the comments and I’ll be sure to upload it to our playlist!

Check out more of Time Warp here!

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7 years ago

My favorite song from the 70s would def be Velvet Underground related – so I loved seeing them on your playlist!!

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

Ramble On….by Led Zeppelin…:)

7 years ago

Carly Simon – No Secrets

7 years ago

Carly Simon – You’re So Vain from No Sectets

7 years ago

Tuesday’s Gone- Lynyrd Skynyrd

7 years ago

I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor!

7 years ago

This playlist needs some Warren Zevon and Linda Ronstadt! Maybe “The French Inhaler” by Zevon and Ronstadt’s “You’re No Good”.

7 years ago

FLEETWOOD MAC!! They’re my absolute favorite so happy they were on the playlist!

7 years ago

..::Love this playlist, New Speedway Boogie- Grateful Dead::..

7 years ago

wild horses – the stones
rhiannon – fleetwood mac
go your own way – fleetwood mac
boulder to birmingham – emmylou harris
going to california – led zeppelin

fp joanna
7 years ago

Thanks Kris, they’ve been added! xx

7 years ago

That’s the Way-Led Zeppelin
America-Simon & Garfunkel
Tiny Dancer-Elton John
Sara-Fleetwood Mac (this is my favorite Fleetwood song of all time!!)

7 years ago

green grass & high tides – outlaws
and the hauntingly beautiful “Melissa” by the Allman Brothers Band


7 years ago

another favorite add to the list:
marshall tucker band – can’t you see