The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Summer. It’s always been my favorite season. After a seemingly endless winter the freshly warmed weather feels improbable, an impossible reality after months of negative degree days and layers upon layers of clothing. It may sound cliche, but the living truly does become just a little bit easier. We’re no longer bracing for the cold, but embracing sunny days and hot weather with open arms.

Perhaps it’s because of the ferocity with which I anticipate this season that makes it fly right by, but every year summer seems to come and go in a flash, leaving in its wake a long list of should haves and wish I could haves. We all have those must-dos on our summer bucket lists that just don’t get done… adventures saved for another year, activities stored away for another time and place. Well friends, another year is here and it’s time to make those lists yet again. But this year let’s vow to do and see it all. Take that road trip, hit the beach, chase an ice cream truck at least once. In just over a week, we’ll officially be in a new season — let’s make it the best one yet.

This weekend I have a project for you: Write down your summer bucket list. Jot down everything and anything you hope to do in the season ahead, and then post it somewhere prominent where it can’t be ignored. Not only will this list serve as a reminder of all the activities you want to do, it will also be there as inspiration for those do-nothing days that always seem to crop up. Not sure what to do with yourself on a Saturday afternoon? The List is there to solve that problem.

To help get you started, I asked Jana, Joanna, Aubrie, and Natalie what their plans were for the summer and compiled everything together into the Ultimate Summer Bucket List, below. Take a look and share your own summer bucket list items in the comments!

Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

+ What are you most looking forward to in the season ahead? Please share!

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I <3 this. #wolfpack #thingsjustgotreal #gardentools


I love love love this post! My summer bucket list actually closely resembles this one!

Yessss. I just made a summer bucket list on my blog too. I actually tend to try and wait summer out because I really prefer the crisp air of fall and winter. This year though, I have been trying to live more in the moment, so a summer bucket list makes me feel focused and learn to love some of summer’s greatest joys. Lists are always good!

Love this list! I’ll be in Portugal for the month of July, so I feel like that is enough of a bucket list in its self :) I’m from Massachusetts so I loved seeing the cape and Brimfield on your list – I love the metallic nail polish in this too!

Warm Regards,

Too much work and tension on my summer list! :(

SUCH cool photos. And LOVE this list.

Loved this!! Just made me even more excited for Summer!! Feeling I want to really have fun and enjoy it
The thing I’m most looking forward is my first festival experience in July!!

Lots of hugs, A

Wonderful pictures and topic.

Three things off my summer bucket list:
– a picnic in the woods
– scouting woods for native (non-endangered) plants for bonsai terrarium idea
– go to Sweden, explore and include at least one nap on a beach


That’s a great list!



If anyone has any ideas for a summer bucket list can you share them…I really need some inspiration, and everything I’ve read has been really creative! Thanks :)


while in Maine SUP at Surry beach and enjoy the other side of Acadia, Schoodic Point


What camera do you use? The photos are so high def.