We’ve Zig-Zagged All Over America…

This post comes from our web studio digital tech, Taylor Galloway

Only after my Mom and I landed in Las Vegas and had unpacked our bags, is when we heard Manchester’s finest would not be showing his face.

With a quick trip to Fat Tuesday’s our nerves were calmed and hearts mended. We set out to explore the desert towns on the outskirts of Sin City in hopes of catching a glimpse of the strong browed, elusive creature that is Morrissey, if anything just to share a hug and make sure he wasn’t too emotionally distraught. What better place to search for a fellow stray than in the vastness of the desolate Nevada landscape?

At the weekend’s end we still hadn’t found him, but it’s just as well. With wide eyes we drove through the flat terrain, towards anything that had potential. Trading conspiracy theories of oil tycoons and extra terrestrials, scaling fences to abandoned air strips, sneaking into Gold Rush mines – none of this was planned, but became the new obsession of the trip. How far into the desert could we go and what would we encounter? We stumbled upon a few things I’d rather not talk about, but alas, Morrissey was no where to be found.

Fast forward two years and the man of Irish blood raised in England is set to play The Academy of Music in Philadelphia. In a theater fit for Liberace, he took the stage.  

Morrissey looks happy, for a change. We finally found him, after crossing the country, and now our hearts are full.




Academy of Music_-7


Academy of Music_-5

desert hole_ copy 2

Academy of Music_-8

air field_ copy

Academy of Music_-6


Academy of Music_

big dune_ copy

Academy of Music_-9

 Photos by Taylor Galloway

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