Blogger Picks: What’s On Our Wishlists For Summer

It’s hard to believe that we’re already on the cusp of a new season. While winter feels as if it’s ages long, spring and summer have a tendency to fly right by, the warm weather, flowers, and ocean breezes seemingly a blip on the radar.

I think it goes without saying that all of us on the blog team look forward to summer especially, as for me, it’s when I feel most at ease. Relaxed days spent at a slower pace, weekends at the beach, and plenty of backyard parties and barbecues are what fills my calendar, and my wardrobe follows suit. Gone are the layers and heavy knits of autumn and winter, replaced instead by gauzy fabric in dreamy hues and a pair of ubiquitous Birkenstocks practically glued to my feet.

In celebration of the new season ahead, I asked the team here in Philadelphia to share what they’re most looking forward to wearing this summer. Read on to see our picks, and be sure to share your own in the comments!

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Julie: As I mentioned above, summer dressing means shedding the layers of autumn and winter in favor of something far more simple, which, to me, translates to dresses… all day, everyday. I love slipping out of bed in the morning and for once, not having to worry whether or not I’ll be warm enough. A simple dress, sandals, and a trusty hat to cover up my often un-done, beach-messy hair, and I’m out the door in a flash, ready to enjoy the day ahead. Summer on the East Coast feels all too short, there’s no time to waste hemming and hawing at your closet door deciding on what to wear. Make it easy on yourself with simple pieces that keep you cool!

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Get the look: New Moon Babydoll, Tonasket Nail Straw Hat, Yards Slip-On Sandals

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Jana: This summer, I’m all about fun accessories and light-washed denim. I spend most of my weekends at the beach, and I think the warm coastlines have been influencing my current obsession with shell accessories. My go-to look has been a casual pair of cutoffs paired with a soft top, then mixing in a few statement-making extras like the Corsica Belt and the Puka Bell Choker. Island vibes are the best vibes come summer time.

Get the look: Breakfast in Bed Buttondown, Bandit Denim Cutoffs, Corsica Belt, Puka Bell Necklace

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Natalie: Dressing for summer here in Philadelphia takes on an entirely different meaning than when I dressed for the moderate temperatures on the West Coast. In the past, I’ve made minor alterations to my style and closet to accommodate the rise in temperatures, but in the short time I’ve been here in Philly I’ve gotten a taste of the humidity and sweltering heat that consume this region in the summer. As I build my wardrobe for these summer months in Philadelphia my motto is to keep it simple. Whether it is a lightweight dress or breezy two-piece set, I’m looking for pieces that will keep me cool. I love layering different necklaces, adding hats, and experimenting with shoes to style the looks without adding any extra fabric or bulk.


Get the look: Matador Hat, Sienna Crossbody, Luka Lace Up Gladiator Sandal, Sleeveless Swing Solid Tunic, Chain Ladder Necklace


aubrie 2

Aubrie: There’s something so effortlessly cool about summer style. With school out of session, weekend style suddenly transforms into my everyday wardrobe. I love keeping things casual with oversized silhouettes, breezy linen fabrics, and versatile staples. Yet, the beauty is always in the details, so I’m really looking forward to adding in some statement jewelry, artisan-crafted belts, and unique sandals for the carefree summer months ahead. My go-to look will allow me to bounce around from lively backyard barbecues to tranquil strolls through the park and everywhere in between.

Get the look: Short Sleeve Bareback Playsuit, Desperado Slide Sandal, Capricorn Hip Belt, Waterfalls Necklace, Calypso Round Sunglass, Sundown Fringe Crossbody, Prism Strappy Bra

aubrie 3

+ What does summer style mean to you? Please share!

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8 years ago

The new moon baby doll is super cute!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Summer is my favorite season because of the style, seasonal fruit and music! I love the bohemian looks most of all <3

8 years ago

Love all the outfits! Very casual and stylish, suitable for all occasions! The Luka Lace up gladiator sandals are just stunning.

8 years ago

I seriously love everything about this company. I love boho style now for the summer!

8 years ago

all outfits are so pretty!!
but i love Natalie’s most.
nice post

8 years ago

Love Natalie’s tunic. Any idea if FP clothes are fair trade? I have recently ceased purchasing items produced in sweatshops. Thanks!

8 years ago

Hi! I’m pretty sure Jana is wearing the Dropped Seam Buttondown Shirt in Shark. Which I love! !♡♡