7 Reasons Why Your Uniqueness Is Beautiful

Have you ever stopped to think about what it is that makes you truly beautiful? Beyond makeup and beauty regimens, the answer might surprise you…

How crazy and beautiful it is to truly realize that there are billions of us walking this planet right now, and yet not one of us is exactly the same.

As the earth continues to turn, I feel as though I become more and more myself. I tune in more and more to what inspires me; what makes me feel. I accept that these things are constantly evolving, and I feel more and more comfortable trusting my feelings… paying attention to them… exploring them… giving them the credit they so deserve.

I don’t think we’re meant to be just like one another. I think we’re put here to carve out our own paths; to learn from our experiences; to create something beautiful, and to inspire others along the way. I trust you already know everything I’m about to say, but sometimes it just feels good to hear it from someone else. Today, please breathe in these 7 reasons to embrace the beauty of your very own uniqueness.

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You are a piece of art. The way you look… the way you move… the way you speak… the way you think. Every piece of you comes together as a brilliant work of art, created from the energies and elements of the earth itself. At times, you will find others who appear quite similar to you – strikingly, even – but no one will ever compare to you. How could they? They, themselves, are their own unique works of art.

You are the only you there is. You were given a combination of mind, body, and soul that no one else will ever have. Your inspirations, your skills, your thoughts, your desires… there is literally not one other person whose combination of these things matches your own. There may always appear to be someone more skilled than you at one thing and less at another… and that’s the beauty of it. Every single one of us has our own unique set, which means that each one of us has the potential to do many things that have never before been done.

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The best things come from within. Of course we’re influenced by the experiences we have, how could we not be? In my life thus far, though, it always seems to be the times I’m focused inward that I have my best ideas; that I create pieces of which I’m most proud. I’m all for drawing inspiration from the miracle workers who came before us… but doing so in my very own way. Putting my spin on it… and my heart into it… so that it becomes a work all my own, instead of a secondary version of theirs.

Your perspective is like no other. The perspective you take in every situation is largely due to the combination of experiences leading up to that very moment. While many, if not most, of your experiences have occurred alongside other people, there is not one person who has shared all of them with you… especially not in the very same way. These experiences are all beautiful in that they have encouraged you to grow – even when you didn’t want to. Only you can see the world through your eyes. That itself is sacred. Cherish it with all of you.


You are a source of inspiration. Just as you look up to others, there are countless humans who do the same to you. Look around. Be confident in who you are. Be proud of what you create. And always feel free to share those secrets of yours if they may help others to come more into themselves.

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You bring out the best in people. You know those people you just seem to click with? The ones who seem to bring out the best aspects of you whenever they’re around? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe you do the exact same for them? The unique energy you put out into the universe directly affects those you spend time with. Your humor, your kindness, your quirkiest quirks… these are the things others love about you. Embrace these things about yourself – and suddenly you’ll find that you also bring out the best in yourself.

You are the key to unlocking your truest potential. Perhaps the craziest part about being uniquely you is that no one has ever done it before you. There are no limits; no boundaries set. Just you. Brand new. Each day fresh. Moving through life in the way that feels right to you. Where will you go? What will you do? Whose life will you change, and who will change yours? The canvas is blank, and there are no wrong answers. No wrong answers at all… just beautifully different ones.

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+ What makes you uniquely beautiful? Please tell us in the comments!

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8 years ago

Why are you perfect

8 years ago

Thank for this post! It has definitely brighten up my day :)

8 years ago

Such a Beautiful Post! Thank you so very much for brightening my morning! : )

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

8 years ago

Such an empowering post! Now if I could only remember these things when I’m being so hard on myself…

8 years ago

Amazing post! This is honestly why I keep following this blog!

8 years ago

Bookmarking for the next time I have a really shitty day. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful.


8 years ago

Such a good post! Everyone needs to read this.
Happy Summer!
xx Lane

8 years ago

What an inspiring and soulful post! Reminds me that there is no need to compare myself to anyone else since I am truly unique piece of art.

8 years ago

This is so comforting. Everyone tends to be so critical of themselves, but instead they should embrace who they are and what they contribute to the world.

It’s been a struggle to get my confidence where I want it to be, but when I’m feeling especially down, I need to remember to embrace my uniqueness. Thanks Brigette!

8 years ago

We each are created uniquely and that is so beautiful.
Bethany http://www.blissfuldreaming.com

8 years ago

Much love to you and all the beauty that you emanate. I think one thing that makes me uniquely me is my height. I think it’s what makes me confident whenever I get called an elf or fairy…those words make me happy. Though, it doesn’t hurt to grow a few more inches, haha.


8 years ago

Love this post, it put a smile on my face. <3 We are all pieces of artwork thats fits into a bigger puzzle.


7 years ago

super sweet post. i’m heart broken and so sad these days and this just made me feel all warm inside and inspired and happy.

inspiration is everywhere.

thank you <3

7 years ago

great post! lets love ourselves people and do the best we can for ourselves and for others!

1 year ago

I’m always trying to figure out the difference between “uniquely beautiful” and “beautifully unique.”