Styling Stories: Out Of The Blue

This week we launch our new Indigo collection, Out of the Blue, and today we invite you to see the unseen and exclusive photos from dream team Pierre Toussaint and Delilah Parillo.

Out of the Blue is modeled by the ethereal and free spirited, Delilah, and was shot at Earthship in the town of Taos, New Mexico by photographer-extraordinaire, Pierre. The new shop is beautifully curated and chock-full of varying shades of blue, rich indigo dyes, and cool easy denim. The majority of people around the globe are drawn to the color blue — the color evokes confidence, reduces stress and creates a sense of relaxation, tranquility and calm.

When it came to shooting this new collection, we knew we had to travel to the undeniably peaceful yet powerfully vital desert of Taos. To see the tranquil blue colors dance against the blazing yellow land was like watching watercolors mix together on a painter’s palette. The light blue sky made for a subtly brilliant backdrop, Delilah’s white hair ever-catching the shine of the hot sun. Check out the exclusive photos below and be sure to swing by the new collection to see the full assortment.







Shop the entire Out Of The Blue collection here.

Photos by Pierre Toussaint and modeled by Delilah Parillo. Hair and makeup by Erin Lee Smith.

+ Which look is your favorite? I love/adore/want/need the second to last look! 

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Oh, though all the looks are so incredibly beautiful, the third has to be the one I can see myself wearing the most. The hues of blue are quite something to be excited for.


Love the pics. Sharp and rich colors, beautiful.

These are super gorgeous photos!

Gorgeous. A little denim never hurt. I like the idea of mixing various shades of blue. :]

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