Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of July 27–August 2

What does the universe have in store for you this week? There’s only one way to find out…

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July 23–August 22

With Venus backtracking into your sign this week, you’re entering a period of reviewing how you come across. Consider your appearance and demeanor and whether you’re pleased with the messages they convey about you. What image do you want to project to people? Is that what you’re putting out there? Although a planetary gathering in Leo is apt to give you an extra spark, don’t be surprised if your social life and love life aren’t exactly on fire. Personal reflection will likely feel more effortless than connecting with others. The sun and Mercury are struggling with Neptune in your sharing sector, which could make closeness elusive or bewildering. Adjusting your communication or expectations should help. A Mercury-Uranus collaboration hints that you’ll be stimulated and inspired by a wide range of people, subjects and places, so seize any opportunity to broaden your horizons.


August 23–September 22

Communication may feel off for you this week, with Mercury tucked away in your subliminal sector and disagreeing with confusing Neptune in your relationship angle and turbulent Pluto in your self-expression house. Try to be conscious of what you’re really thinking and how it’s seeping into your conversations. Thanks to a cooperative meeting between Mercury and Uranus, you stand to gain plenty of insight into your own psyche. Also, empathy and intuition can facilitate an unexpected degree of closeness. With Venus backing out of your sign, you’ll probably find yourself craving solitude. Find a peaceful retreat to reflect on the past and contemplate your desires. You won’t be very clear on what you want, so don’t make any major decisions. Saturn is going direct in your mindset house, perhaps making you feel pressured to figure things out, but give yourself a little time.


September 23–October 22

Mercury and the sun in your network zone are having difficulties with Neptune in your efficiency sector, making your dealings with friends and other groups potentially confusing. You might have trouble formulating objectives or engaging in productive teamwork. Since Mercury is clicking with Uranus in your partnership angle, it will probably be best to single out people you can connect with one-on-one. Brainstorming and improvising should go fairly well. Venus is backpedaling into your network zone also, which could make you feel out of sync with others in the coming weeks. This is an appropriate period to pause and evaluate your friendships, group affiliations and professional contacts and ask yourself if you’re getting what you want from these various ties. Consider whether you’re satisfied with the roles you play in people’s lives. Bonus: You might get back in touch with an old friend in August.


October 23–November 21

Mercury and the sun in your ambition angle are irritating Neptune in your fulfillment zone this week, so focusing on goals and career may interfere with your yearning for fun, romance, creativity and other means of enjoying life. Your dealings with a higher-up may also thwart your pleasure, but a Mercury-Uranus collaboration hints that it’s worth it to concentrate on what you need to accomplish. Plan how you’ll achieve an objective through innovative methods and changes in your routine, work ethic, skillset, energy level or job responsibilities. Venus is backing into your ambition angle, while Saturn is resuming forward motion in Scorpio, so the coming weeks call for you to consider your public image and weigh the value of current goals. But they also require you to wrap up a chapter of personal growth and commit to moving forward with a strong sense of inner authority.


November 22–December 21

Mercury and the sun are in your expansion house, stimulating your natural interest in travel, learning and new experiences, but they’re disagreeing with Neptune in your foundation angle this week. So your optimism and enthusiasm could be dampened by vague discontent, underlying insecurity or less than ideal circumstances in your home or family. And a Mercury-Pluto dispute suggests that financial pressures or shifting resources could cloud your sunny outlook. Luckily, a Mercury-Uranus meetup favors impromptu adventures, bursts of creativity, stimulating encounters with people different from you and moments of quirky fun. Venus is revisiting your expansion house for several weeks, calling for you to focus your vision rather than aiming sky-high and feeling dissatisfied. Target ways of broadening your horizons that will deliver genuine pleasure; don’t assume more and more of things you used to want will hit the spot.


December 22–January 19

With Mercury in your depth sector clashing with Pluto in Capricorn this week, introspection, dark thoughts, personal communication, negotiating shared resources or digging into a topic may not mesh with your compulsion to keep a tight grip on things. Plus Mercury and the sun are quarreling with Neptune in your mindset zone; to avoid difficulty, don’t be too rigid in your thoughts and words. A Mercury-Uranus collaboration reiterates that flexibility is key. It also hints that delving into your psyche can liberate you from the past or an emotional impasse. Saturn’s direct turn may apply pressure to define your role in a group or deal with a friendship problem. But with Venus backpedaling into your sharing sector, you’ll start to focus on what you’re not getting from someone. Mull over what you want from those closest to you, and don’t make any decisions yet.


January 20–February 18

Uranus just went retrograde and will be backtracking in your mindset house for the next five months, calming down your overactive brain. Sort through recent revelations and see what resonates as true for you. You’ve become increasingly conscious of the fact that things are not always as they seem, and you need a respite to allow new thought patterns to take hold. Mercury’s quibbles with Neptune and Pluto this week allude to difficulties with one-on-one communication that may relate to subconscious emotions, iffy confidence and a lack of clarity about values or needs. Thankfully, a Mercury-Uranus confab will help you to convey your message and understand others if you remain scrupulously self-aware and open-minded. Venus is reentering your partnership angle, which could make you feel less connected to people. Reflect on your relationships in the coming weeks and consider what you want from people.


February 19–March 20

Mercury and the sun in your efficiency house are battling Neptune in Pisces this week, so concentrating on your work, communicating with colleagues and thinking realistically about what you should be doing may all be challenging. Daydreams and other forms of escapism could lure you off track, or your ideals may cloud your critical judgment. And a Mercury-Pluto clash hints that networking and socializing might not go as planned. Luckily, Mercury is meshing with Uranus in your worth zone, meaning a surge in confidence or an innovative use of resources can improve your mentality, allowing you to see alternative ways of taking care of business. With Venus backing into your productivity sector for several weeks, it’s a good time to weigh the value of your health, work and time. Consider how you might change your habits, methods or schedule to get more out of your days.


March 21–April 19

With Uranus retrograde in your sign until Christmas, the pace of change in your life—and your related feelings of anticipation and/or anxiety—should ease somewhat. In the coming months, you can pause to catch your breath and consider which possibilities have lasting value. Recenter yourself and sift through options in your mind. Despite your affinity for action, the idea of pursuing many potential paths can get overwhelming. Venus is also retrograde, and this week, she reenters your fulfillment sector, which could lead you to rediscover an old source of pleasure or reminisce about a past love. If you experience a creative block, try revising something that you already created. You may feel less able to express yourself than you’d like, but a Mercury-Uranus meetup suggests moments of impromptu connection and joy. Innovative approaches to love, happiness, art and play work best now.


April 20–May 20

Your ruler Venus backs into your home-and-family zone this week, where she’ll be lingering until fall. In the coming weeks, a parental relationship might shift or you might feel less connected to your roots. If you’re not completely at ease in your environment, stop and consider what you’re not satisfied with and how you might enhance your comfort or aesthetic. Are you as pleased as you could be with your décor? Your living situation? Your rapport with the people you live with? Your feelings are in flux, and memories may be resurfacing, so you’d benefit from spending some time alone dwelling in your inner world. Thanks to a fortuitous connection between mental Mercury in your emotions angle and aware Uranus in your subconscious sector, you should be able to get some insight into what’s going on in your head and heart.


May 21–June 20

Mercury is skirmishing with Neptune in your ambition angle and Pluto in your depth sector this week, so thinking about or communicating your goals, interacting with an authority figure, talking about personal matters, trying to get close to someone, and asking for what you need could all be challenging. Although an intimate relationship and a superior-subordinate dynamic won’t be easy, Mercury is gelling with Uranus in your network zone, facilitating group relations. You shouldn’t have much trouble conveying your ideas to friends, peers or professional contacts, and group brainstorming could lead to a breakthrough. Try talking to people who can help you shift a stagnant thought pattern. With Venus backpedaling into your cognition-and-communication house, you might naturally start to pull away from others in the coming weeks and be more inclined to sort through creative concepts in your head instead of sharing them.


June 21–July 22

With Mercury in your worth house clashing with Neptune in your exploration sector this week, it may be difficult to conceptualize how you can do all you’re yearning to do working with the resources—financial and otherwise—that you have. Mercury is also squabbling with Pluto in your relationship angle, potentially making it harder to define your values to another person. So your thinking and communication about finances, possessions, assets such as talents and personal needs and priorities may need to be adjusted at times. Fortunately, Mercury is clicking with Uranus in your ambition angle, helping you to see how your changing goals can impact your resources and vice versa. Venus is reentering that house and staying until fall, so it’s an appropriate period to review your finances, values, priorities, possessions, talents and self-worth. Work on distinguishing between your needs and your wants.

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8 years ago

I think that too ambitious of expectations is set up for disappointment. I agree that my Sagittarius horoscope tends to be a bit too imaginative.

8 years ago

I can’t get enough of the stars!! It’s amazing that so rarely they are wrong!! The days I can read my horoscope and have it be spot on make me smile!!