Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of July 6–12

What does the universe have in store this week? Astrologist Tracy Allen has the answers.

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June 21–July 22

The sun in Cancer is facing off against Pluto in your others angle and quarrels with Uranus in your ambition house, so you’re apt to experience some resistance this week. If you want more power in a relationship or freedom in your career path, you may feel compelled to act on your frustration. You’re naturally focused on yourself while the sun is traveling through your sign, but some circumstances and people might not fall in line. Urges to seize control or to break free could compete for your attention, so try not to go to extremes. Be mindful of your interactions with authority figures and people close to you, and concentrate on something you do have control over—your own intentions and actions. Dynamic Mars is also in Cancer, and he’s collaborating with ethereal Neptune in your expansion zone now, helping you to do something imaginative, spiritual or compassionate. Activities that make you feel connected to the world will be especially satisfying. Find at least one way to pursue your vision this week.


July 23–August 22

The sun is hiding out in the last house of your chart, fighting off Pluto in your routine sector and Uranus in your expansion house this week. Your current inclination to withdraw and recharge your battery is likely to be challenged by the weight of daily duties and the urge to break free and explore new territory. Self-sabotage is a risk when planets are in this house, due to the unconscious nature of the energy. Try to balance sleep, daydreaming, spirituality, reflection and relaxation with work, exercise, errands and responsibilities. Check in with yourself if you feel out of sorts, and decide what small escape will give you some much-needed perspective. Outside pressure could cause you to implode if you don’t carve out space just for you. Mars and Neptune are clicking in your solitude and transformation houses, nudging you to confront something in your psyche and do the work of healing. This is also a good time for spending time alone with someone close to you and working on your relationship.


August 23–September 22

With the sun traveling through your network sector, the objective is to successfully blend your identity with that of a group. During this time of year, you’re called to adapt the drive of your ego to your roles in others’ lives and to express yourself in the context of your connections with people who share your goals or interests. This week, the sun runs into trouble with Pluto in your fulfillment zone and Uranus in your sharing house, complicating matters. Friendship, teamwork, philanthropy, professional networking, socializing and other group activities could be affected. A romantic relationship, creative self-expression, children, an obsession or the need to pursue your own happiness as an individual may cause trouble with people. Or sex and closeness might be problematic, and you or the other person might balk at too much intimacy and pull away. Modify your interactions, aiming for a middle ground between fitting in and standing out. A Mars-Neptune confab encourages you to work with the most natural bonds that exist between you and other individuals based on common ideals.


September 23–October 22

Your ambition or career could create tension in your relationships and home life this week, when the sun at the top of your chart spars with Pluto in your domestic sector and Uranus in your one-on-one angle. This is naturally a time of year when you should try to shine—in public or in your profession—but pressures in your family or living situation could divide your attention, or your emotional state might lure you to deal with a very private shift going on deep inside you. You may be aware of the power that the past has over you, and childhood conditioning or a connection to your roots could hold you back. Changes in your relationships and unpredictable people might also distract you from your pursuit of goals or impact the impression that you’re trying to make. Fortunately, a Mars-Neptune meeting suggests that if put your ego aside and take action that serves the greater good, you’re likely to feel fulfilled. You can achieve plenty in the spirit of service now.


October 23–November 21

With the sun in your expansion house, you’re geared up to explore new territory—literally and figuratively. But the sun’s squabbles with Pluto in your cognition-and-communication sector and Uranus in your productivity zone this week could dampen your enthusiasm. Deep, dark thoughts may be taking up a lot of space in your head, keeping you from looking to the future and broadening your field of vision. Optimism could be overshadowed by a crisis—real or imagined—that you’re grappling with in your mind. Try to balance the dark with the light, and find at least one way to branch out this week. Embrace the unfamiliar through travel, study, a cultural experience or social contact. Courtesy of Uranus, something is apt to come up that forces you to deal with everyday matters such as work, errands or your health. So be ready to juggle routine business with newer, more stimulating experiences. A Mars-Neptune rendezvous facilitates adventures that transport you. Breaking new ground in romance or creativity is definitely favored, so be bold enough to branch out.


November 22–December 21

Closeness and sharing could be challenging this week, since the sun in your merging sector is fighting off Pluto in your worth house and Uranus in your fulfillment zone. With Pluto, money, possessions, trust, control or jealousy might be the cause of problems between you and another individual. Give-and-take is a delicate balancing act. If it seems like you’re giving up too much power or you feel internal pressure to tend to your own needs and ensure your security, then there could be interpersonal friction now. The sun’s battle with Uranus hints that you want the freedom to be an individual and to do what pleases you on a whim. If you require more space in a relationship, you might find yourself pulling away from someone. On the other hand, a sudden infatuation may not segue easily into an intimate relationship or a crush could tempt you to stray from a commitment. Fortunately, a Mars-Neptune collaboration indicates that unwinding at home by yourself or with someone close to you will hit the spot.


December 22–January 19

The sun in your relationship angle is opposing Pluto in Capricorn this week, compelling you to compromise between being in full charge of your own life and forming a unit with another person. While the sun is in this house, you can learn a lot about yourself through your encounters with others. But you may feel resistant to an equal partnership right now. Aim to stay connected to people without getting too enmeshed. Opt for self-control rather than trying to control a person or a situation. The sun is also battling Uranus in your foundation zone, hinting that disruptions in your family, home life or emotional state could also have an effect on your rapport with others. An urge to sever ties that bind you to the past shouldn’t be ignored. Acknowledge your private rebellious streak so you don’t end up attributing every upset in your life to someone else. Mars and Neptune are clicking now, suggesting that imaginative thinking and empathetic communication will help you to work through a conflict or collaborate one-on-one.


January 20–February 18

The supercharged sun is hanging out in your productivity zone, keeping you plenty busy. His skirmishes with Pluto and Uranus this week mean you’ll probably need to change your approach in order to get things done. Self-destructive tendencies, the need to finish other things up or difficult feelings like guilt and anger could undercut your intentions. Pay attention to what’s churning inside you, and spend some time alone sorting through it if you need to. Meditation or another spiritual practice could help you to feel more balanced. You’re also susceptible to distractions in your conscious mind now. New information, a flurry of thoughts, social interactions or everyday details will sidetrack you from your established agenda, so stay flexible and be willing to juggle. Just don’t make yourself crazy by going off on too many tangents. Mars is gelling with Neptune in your value sector, enabling you to prioritize your actions by using your intuition. Quiet the noise in your head, and ask yourself what you can do to manifest your vision.


February 19–March 20

You’re in the mood to enjoy life, thanks to the sun’s presence in your fulfillment house, but this week, he’s battling Pluto in your network zone and Uranus in your worth sector, complicating your fun. Group interests may take precedence at some point, calling for you to compromise. Your friendships and other affiliations are gradually shifting as you grow and your interests and goals change. You could have trouble with people now if they’re putting demands on you. Fluctuations in finances and confidence could also curtail your pleasure. Expect to encounter some ups and downs, and adapt accordingly. You can have a good week; it’s just that it might feel like you have to fight for it at times. Luckily, feisty Mars is in your fulfillment house too, and he’s collaborating with Neptune in Pisces. So you’ll be able to pursue creativity, romance, play and other forms of self-expression using your instincts and imagination. Assert yourself when your gut tells you to. Strive to make your vision a reality by taking well-timed, intuitive action.


March 21–April 19

With the sun nestled in your foundation angle, part of you is focused on home, family, private life and creature comforts. You’re more oriented toward domesticity, downtime and introspection than usual, but when the sun feuds with Pluto in your ambition sector and Uranus in Aries this week, the peace you’re craving is likely to be disrupted. Pressure to achieve, someone with power over you, concerns over steering your career or the shifting landscape of your professional industry could weigh on you now, compelling you to do something out in the world rather than getting too settled. Your own impatience, anxiety or independence will also affect your mood, winding you up to make a change, for fear of becoming complacent. Recognizing these competing interests within you will go a long way toward minimizing external fallout. Mars is syncing with Neptune in your solitude-and-spirituality house, persuading you to deal with what’s going on inside you and work on letting go of old feelings. This is the perfect time for clearing psychic space and decluttering your home.


April 20–May 20

Your mindset and daily interactions are apt to feel the brunt of this week’s sun-Pluto and sun-Uranus battles, so try to be aware of what you’re thinking and saying. Your current train of thought might clash with your overarching outlook. Or you could find yourself in an argument based on strong convictions, in which case you’d do well to seek a balance between standing by what you believe to be true and wondering what others think. Digging deeper into a subject will ultimately make you wiser, even if the concept of altering your perspective unsettles you momentarily. Your conscious thoughts and unconscious impulses are likely to clash, causing you to say something you hadn’t intended to. Pay attention to what’s going on in the back of your head, and use it to stimulate new ideas instead of suppressing it. A Mars-Neptune meeting enables you to assert your opinion and make an impression on others. Coming up with a plan of action to benefits others would be a great use of this planetary configuration.


May 21–June 20

Give-and-take could be tricky this week, with the sun in your resources house opposing Pluto in your sharing sector. Avoid getting into a power struggle, and be willing to compromise. You may be resistant to depending on someone, since that involves ceding some control, but you need outside support. And if you want to have a close relationship, you must come to terms with the complexities of merging your life with someone else’s—someone who has different values, priorities, possessions and needs than you do. The sun’s clash with Uranus in your network zone signals a disruption with friends or peers. Confidence, money or material goods may be at stake. You’re likely to be rather wrapped up in your own interests and inclined to rebel against group interests if they infringe on yours. Remain flexible, and don’t overreact to protect what’s yours. A Mars-Neptune meetup nudges you to be proactive about building up your security in pursuit of a dream. Creative goals and making money can dovetail, with some effort.

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