When Music & Scenery Collide: A Costa Rica Photo Diary

Allow the rhythm to move you, to inspire memories and movement and rejuvenate your soul.

This post comes from our NYC/Florida Social Media Manager, Gigi!

Sometimes, I experience moments of inspiration that are suddenly, gloriously woven together and given new meaning when played alongside a song. The rhythm dancing through the scenery in front of me. The lyrics invigorating my soul. I am not just watching; I am absorbing the moment as my visual and cerebral experience become one.

It happened recently, when I was on a boat in Costa Rica. How ridiculously fortunate I was to be able to bear witness to such intense natural beauty. The blistering sun was perched high in a bluer than blue sky, casting sun beams of diamond light upon the cerulean waters below. Mountainous stretches of land boasted their rich green colors, fresh from a morning rain. It was fantastic, but I wanted to make the beauty my own. Then, a radio began playing “Mr. Tambourine Man” and I felt a sense of creative clarity as Dylan’s prose electrified what I was seeing and made it something I was feeling.

I’m not really sure what it was about that particular song, or that particular moment that crystallized my emotions. Maybe it was Dylan’s sweetly wistful voice, or his bare instrumental accompaniment that complimented the beauty around me instead of overpowering it. Maybe it was the pretty phrases like “cast your dancing spell my way”, or “magic swirlin’ ship”, or “one hand waving free”. Or, maybe it was the swaying of the waves that seemed to match the rhythm of the tune. All I knew was that in that instant I was reinvigorated to create, to find a way to somehow express the rush of euphoria that came flooding through my consciousness. It was intoxicating, and left me daydreaming even after the song had hit its final note.

It’s exciting when the riddle of untapped inspiration is solved and you’re able to usurp all that the moment has to offer. More often than not, I find the union of music and scenery to be the key which unlocks my imagination. It’s the one element of an experience that will give me chills of emotion, or send my mind down the rabbit hole of idle musings. The moment doesn’t come too often, but when it does I find myself soon after buried deep in my craft drawers painting bits of paper, collaging old magazines, redecorating my bedroom walls, or trying on new outfit pairings from my closet. The aftershocks of a disturbance in my creative consciousness.

That moment in Costa Rica is a ray of sunshine in my soul. I’m in the midst of incredible change, and learning a lot about myself. It’s scary, but thrilling, and that unison of music and nature granted me an instant of unadulterated inspiration, which rejuvenated me for endeavors to come.

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These moments are the best, when scenery and music combine at the perfect time. This was lovely to read on a Friday morning. <3

Wow Costa Rica certainly is beautiful!


Costa Rica is such a magical place. Love it.
Keep Dreaming, bethany http://www.blissfuldreaming.com


Beautiful post!

Love the photos. beautiful post! xx


Wonderful post, magical pictures. transcendent writing! I love how Dylan enhanced your experience, I too adore the Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. Please check out my blog, it’s very similar to yours: My mission is to match music and its accompanying emotions and beauty with the places I travel to – using words and images as the music’s partner :)

p.s. my website is cornersandcrannies.com!

This was a wonderful article. I actually felt like i was right there when i read it. Thanks!