July Catalog: 6 Pieces We Can’t Live Without

Autumn is right around the corner, which means fall styles are making their way onto our must-have lists.

Each month, our catalog spins in a new direction, from far off islands to elevated studio sets, I always look forward to the location of each book. This month, Romanian model Andreea Diaconu brings a fresh energy to a musically-inspired set and breathes life into our pre-fall pieces. She’s got a gaze that’s captivating and pulls off each look with perfection and ease. I think it’s her attitude combined with the effortlessly cool styling that makes me love this book so much.

As I flip through the pages, there’s always those pieces that I’m especially drawn to — the one’s I can’t wait to get my hands on. It’s almost time to shift from summer to fall, and below are the six pieces that are helping us make the transition.

Lucky Lace Up Top


This top is perfect for that in-between summer/fall weather. Still hot during the day, but night brings a slightly cooler air. The Lucky Lace Up Top is everything you could want and more in a layering piece. The front detailing is my favorite and shows off those daring new necklines that we’re all about. Try pairing it with: Suspender MaxiSuede Classic Sneaker

Slipaway Sailor Cap


The ultimate outfit completer? A hat would be my answer. I think I hit my prime in high school when it came to wearing hats… I was so into them. As of late, I’ve been forgoing the accessory, but when I saw all of the sailor style caps in the July catalog, I was inspired to go back to my old ways. I like the old fashioned twist this can put into a look.



Try pairing the Slipaway Sailor Cap with: A long sleeved blouse and some boyfriend shorts.

New Romantics Washed Lace Pullover


A pullover is always essential in my wardrobe. It needs to be comfy, and it needs to be the right color, and the New Romantics Washed Lace Pullover is that and more. The open lace + washed green pairs for a vintage touch that’s a little bit romantic. Try wearing it at the beach over one of your favorite swimsuits.

New Romantics Whitesands Dress


There’s a few statement pieces in the catalog, and this dress caught my eye the second I saw it. I love the sun-washed fade the yellow and orange chevrons create (the ’70s are back and better than ever!) Worn by itself, or layered with a chunky sweater, this one is without a doubt a must-have.


Suede Classic Sneaker


The last time I wore Puma’s was back in middle school when my outfits for school reflected much of what I wore to soccer practice. At heart, that tomboy style still lives, and I’m so glad the sneaker trend has stayed put for a while. This classic black and white color combo can be paired with almost anything, making the suede classic sneaker a staple in any wardrobe. Try wearing them with a fancier outfit to cool the look down a bit.

Zoe Swit Dress


My new years style resolution was to embrace monochrome. I’ve been really into solo color looks; all black, white on white, and now I can go grey on grey with the Zoe Swit Dress and the Upsider Hi Top Sneaker.

+ What are your must-have pieces from the July Catalog? Please share in the comments below! 

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5 years ago

I love the first dress! It is so sassy and gorgeous!

5 years ago

I love the cap! I envy people who can pull off caps/hats so much!! They look awful on me :(

5 years ago

I’ve been loving all of the lace up pieces I’ve been seeing. Definitely a trend I could get into!

5 years ago

With Slipaway Sailor Cap and New Romantics Washed Lace Pullover I feel so so fresh and fashionable… looks like I want to work at fashion industry http://www.eemployeeconnectionnet.net/

Stephanie Fallick
2 years ago

Im looking at the July catalog I want the slip on shoes on page 23 how do I get them dont know what they cost because the print is stupid tiny