Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Crystals

Get an in-depth introduction into everything you need to know about crystals from Kate and Eugenia of Flight of Fancy.

This post comes from our blog intern, Natalie!

For the past several months, I have become increasingly more intrigued by the world of crystals. What are the meanings behind these beautiful stones, and which ones should I  include in my own home? Wanting to learn more on the subject, I reached out to experts Kate and Eugenia from Flight of Fancy. Read on for tips and information from the duo on all things crystals! 

Stones, crystals, and minerals have been used around the world and throughout the ages for their energetic properties. Today with the world growing ever smaller, it’s never been easier to discover new, exciting and beautiful gems to adorn your home and body.

But what do you actually DO with them, how do you use them, and how do you choose? These are my tips for getting started with a crystal collection (obsession), and how to manage it.


Bringing Home the Right Pieces

When we are selling gems, we usually get asked by people new to crystals which one’s we’d recommend for them. In our experience, choosing a crystal is all intuition – you may not actually FEEL energy buzzing from the top of an amethyst, but our bodies pick up the subtle vibrations these stones put off. The vibrations are produced by the geometric molecular structure of each crystal, and there are now even scientific studies dedicated to measuring these frequencies.

Generally my first suggestion is to walk around the store, and (as long as it’s ok with the owner), pick up as many as possible. People are generally naturally drawn to certain stones, though they may not know why, and often times when the right one is in your hand, you know. Often, when someone has chosen a stone and I then describe it’s properties, it fits perfectly.

There are, however, some great staples I’d recommend for any budding collection.

Selenite is a fantastic energy cleanser, though it never needs cleaning itself. Aside from being great to grab after a tough day of difficult interactions, it’s perfect for using to clean the energy of any other stone you might bring home.

Quartz in it’s many forms is another gem that packs an energetic punch that matches it’s amazing look. Clear quartz is an energy cleanser and amplifier, and Smoky Quartz targets negative energy specifically. Lithium quartz has a calming energy (much like the element it contains and is named after), as does it’s cousin Amethyst.

Have fun feeling stones for yourself, and be surprised at what you choose!

crystalguide-10 crystalguide-7

A Stone for Every Space

Because certain stones work with specific energies, they tend do offer more aid in certain areas of your space. If you find yourself doing certain things with certain crystals, follow your intuition – there’s a reason why you may feel drawn to do what you’re doing!

Selenite with it’s cleansing properties is a must for the bedroom, especially for those who suffer with insomnia or nightmares. Keep pieces around the bed itself, or even over your head, such as in one of our Selenite Wall Hangings, to filter out bad dreams and calm a buzzing mind.

Citrine is a confidence and prosperity stone, and works well in a home office, workplace, or studio. If you know the Feng Shui of your space, place it in your money corner! If you’re prone to procrastination, a stone like the Jasper Mookaite helps combat the wandering mind. Blue Apatite is my personal “get it done” stone, as it’s known for helping one set realistic goals and meet them. Optimize work productivity by placing three garnets on your desk, so say Chinese mineral guides.

It’s helpful to remember that stones with vibrant colors may fade when kept in direct sunlight for long periods of time, and specimens definitely get dusty! Before you give it a bath, though, make sure your stone isn’t water soluble!

crystalguide-3 crystalguide-8

Other Ways To Use Minerals

If the goal of your collection is to actively work with stones, there’s a lot of proactive ways to play around with your pieces. Meditating with stones is incredibly powerful – set the stone next to you, or even better, lay down and place the stone on your body as you meditate. It’s worth noting that some people are much more sensitive to a stone’s energy, and it’s important before you meditate with one to know it’s properties well.

Some minerals, like Danburite or Celestite, offer a much gentler energy than others, while still being very spiritually oriented.

Mineral collectors may use a little medicine bag to carry their stones around, others might carry them in their pockets, bras, or wherever!

A good way to acquaint yourself with stones is to lay down and place the stone somewhere on your body, like your third eye. Lay with it for a few minutes – you may feel a lot, you may feel nothing, but it will help you unconsciously pick up the stone’s subtle vibrations.

crystalguide-6crystalguide-9 crystalguide-2

Keep ‘em Clean!

When you first bring stones home, they will benefit from an energetic cleaning. Our favorite way is a bath in the ocean, but if that’s not an option a good salt bath will do the trick. Use sea salt and place the bowl in the sunlight, or under the moonlight, and let the stone sit overnight. When it comes out it’ll be energetically clean and ready for you.

Some minerals are slightly water soluble, and it’s worth noting before you bring them home! Selenite, fibrous Malachite, mica, and iron pyrite don’t like the water. For these stones, we’d recommend an energetic cleaning using sage, palo santo, or selenite itself.

crystalguide-10 crystalguide-4

Know What You’re Buying

Unfortunately, as technology advances, the world of stones becomes a little more complicated. Many stones on the market are treated or man-manipulated, and some sellers may not be completely forthcoming as to what they’re offering.

Various forms of Aura Quartz are absolutely STUNNING to look at. Their rainbow of colors and iridescence is breathtaking, and is all over the place nowadays! While not naturally occurring, their energies are interesting and beautiful, and different from their untreated counterparts. However, it’s worth remembering that these are not naturally occurring – those seeking all natural crystals may want to steer clear.

Citrine is another tricky stone. Found all over the place, it’s a great mineral for confidence, self esteem, and prosperity. Most Citrine found around is actually Amethyst that has been super heated, changing it’s color from purple to bright orange and yellow. Natural citrine has a much more subtle yellow color, and almost has a green hue to it. Similarly, some smoky quartz or calico pyrite may be heated to intensify their colors.

When buying jewelry, it’s worth taking note that there is a LOT of fake or mislabeled things on offer! Many producers have mastered making synthetic quartz, and the stone Howlite is often dyed and sold as Turquoise. Other things like Opalite and Goldstone are not labeled as such, but are man made.

The best thing to do when buying stones is to ask the person selling it a few questions: Where does this come from? How is this treated? What is this stone? Any good stone seller should know the answers to these questions, and it’s always good to be informed.

One more thing to consider when buying stones is their source. Many mines employ less than ideal mining practices, where local towns are taken advantage of, the earth is pillaged, and local workers are put into dangerous and low paying working conditions. Stones being energetic sponges hold onto their history of homes and handling, and it’s worth wondering if the way they are extracted from the Earth have an effect on their energy in the long run.

Beyond anything else, collecting crystals should be fun, enriching, and interesting. Get out and experience whatever you can, and see for yourself which gems are right for you!

crystalguide-5 crystalguide-1

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6 years ago

Oh my god they are all gorgeous!

6 years ago

Ooooh this post was awesome and super informative!

I love crystals and have a free crystal manual (with three crystal meditations) available on my site for anyone…it’s available here: http://www.drawingwithin.com/blog-1/2014/8/10/ritualhow-to-make-your-own-crystal-grids-sneak-peek-of-energizedmy-upcoming-e-book

6 years ago

I’ve been collecting crystals over the past 6 months or so… it’s been fun! Some of my favorites are black tourmaline, sodalite, carnelian and amethyst. I have a few larger crystals in a terrarium in my dining room, others on my nightstand, and I carry a little bag full of smaller crystals in my purse. I also keep a few at work on my desk for confidence and clearing away negative energy :)

6 years ago

This was a great read, and so informative. Thank you!


6 years ago

A good guide to know all about crystals, their benefits and uses. Lovely crystals.

6 years ago

Crystal stones are highly regarded for their healing and spiritual properties. And this is not new to the world, for thousands of years these stones have been used for adornment and healing purposes. Nowadays they are found greatly useful for getting rid of those nasty negative energies.

6 years ago

Don’t know if I love Turquoise or http://www.larimar.com best :P, such beauties.

Rex Culverson
6 years ago

I really enjoyed your information on quartz. I find them where I live. They are very plentiful and have been since I was young. Needless to say I have quite a few. I wouldn’t mind parting with most of them. How should I go about that?

5 years ago

In the image with the stones in bowls, which are the silvery faceted stones under the green ones?

Tawna Renee
5 years ago

I love that there is a growing interest in crystals and their healing properties, but I always worry when articles like this are published. I think the portion of this article that discussed how to choose a stone, was great, as a stone should “speak to you and attune to your auric, vibrational and/or emotional needs.” However, selenite does not cleanse other stones, it is an auric cleanser, ridding you of stresses, negativity and “dis-eases.” Citrine, on the other hand, is an excellent cleansing stone to remove negative energies stored in other crystals, as well as oneself. I also recommend “moon bathing” your crystals during a full moon, by placing them in direct moonlight, overnight. Another important method to use when cleansing is “white light envisioning,” in which you meditate with each stone individually, focusing on the image of lightness and clarity surrounding and penetrating the stone, banishing darkness and heaviness that may have accrued. According to Crystal Vaults – considered one of the most reputable crystal reference guides available – citrine and kyanite are the ONLY 2 stones that do not need cleansing. Selenite is an angelic stone of the spiritual world, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND cleansing it often (not in water). The final note I will make is that you should NOT wash your stones in salt water, as water soluble stones will dissolve and the salt content (if too high) can alter the color and even structure of certain minerals. Happy crystal hunting!

References: Judy Hall’s “Crystal encyclopedia”, “Crystal healing,” and “the Crystal bible 1 and 2” as well as Crystal Vaults (website).

Tawna Renee
5 years ago

For Crystal use questions, find me on IG @birdsofafeather.com or on Etsy at etsy.com/shop/BOAFDesigns

– Tawna Renee
Birds of a Feather Designs

Mary Jane
5 years ago

Although the growing interest in metaphysics—specifically the healing properties of crystals—is AMAZING, it’s scary to know that pieces like this are being written because it sheds light on the fact that there’s an abundance of wrong information about this topic on the Internet. Writing about metaphysics in general is hard because many/ most Internet sources regarding the topic aren’t trustworthy. Deciphering what info is and isn’t correct is tough because, unlike what we’re taught in school, Internet domains don’t help weed out what sources are proper and which aren’t—those rules don’t apply at all.

The website the person above me mentioned, “Crystal Vaults,” is the best online source I’ve found yet. But if crystal healing is something you really want to get in to, I recommend going the old fashion route and *GASP* reading books by notable authors. There are some fun, educational and enlightening books that explain what energies are correlated with which stones; what crystals are most beneficial for you depending on what emotional/spiritual/physical ailments or blockages you may have; and how to connect with the healing energies of crystals and the spiritual world. That’s why it’s crucial to know the correct metaphysical properties of each stone and what they’re used for. Otherwise it’s possible to have unfulfilling and/or potentially terrifying experiences.

Thus, cleansing your stones after you use them (like after meditating, taking them out in public, letting people hold them, etc.) is essential because they have a sponge-like quality in terms of energy absorption. Kyanite and Citrine are the only two stones that don’t need cleansing, as the person above me also stated. But most high vibration crystals—specifically SELENITE—must be cleansed frequently because of it’s ability to help one connect to the spiritual world. Additionally, it’s more likely that Selenite will keep you up before going to bed, as opposed to help you sleep because it is SUCH a high vibration crystal. Amethyst, on the other hand, is perfect before bed, as it’s a dream stone and one that channels calming energy.

Last note: Do your research before connecting with Smokey quartz and always use it with Citrine and a protection stone, like Jade or Turquoise.

Good luck and have the best time exploring your crystals <3

Wow such a great info in this post…thanks and good karma coming to youu :D

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

5 years ago

Wonderful post, more, more

5 years ago

These are so pretty! The boho chic look matches my jewelry I make at http://www.thecrystalgrid.com

Mystic Melissa

5 years ago

I love this! My own personal rock collection keeps growing and I love displaying them just like you have them shown in the wooden shelves. Once I started collecting I loved reading all of the info on how each one works and I love sharing my favorite stones too. Great post!

~ Sil


5 years ago

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5 years ago

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5 years ago

hello.. i am not new to crystals but it has been many years since i have had the urge to work with them. i know its been atleast 10 years or more. but like the last few monthes i have had a few visitors in my sleep. my great grand mother and my great aunt that both influinced the art of crystal healing and incerasing my sixth sence. However in the visits i can smell the ocean ( strong smell of salt) and they are walking infront of me. when i catch up to them i can see there mouths moving but i cant hear the words. then they point to the gorund and laying there is a alter with crystals. but if i look at the alter for more than a second a light so bright comes from it that i have to look away. but when i look back everything and everyone is gone.. but off in this bright white distance is a old wooden box. a box i played with as a child. Hand carved with many slots and symbols all filled with stones. this box was gave to me when my great aunt passed away. i used these stones for meditation and spritual growth. my ex husbond was angry one night called it devil work and i never saw it again nor was i allowed to practice again. now 2yrs later im having these dreams and i can feel others ppls energies again. i cant help but to wonder that these women that i hadnt ever dreamed until the last 3 monthes are calling me to work with them again or maybe im in need of some type of protection , or maybe they have been watching over me and know that my spirit is off or lacking something. if so i remember the stones that i used to work with but i have no clue where to get them. or a good support group to help me redicover my left behind abilities… id be greatfull for much needed advice… thanks.. Crystal..

5 years ago

Good article with great information if you’re new to buying and collecting crystals. I love to sage my Crystals to cleanse out any negative energy before using them on myself to meditate, and when it starts to get warmer i’ll also keep my crystals outside for 24 hours to recharge them so they’re full of energy :)


5 years ago

First of all your information is too good and your gemstone collection also. this post was awesome and super informative!

5 years ago

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5 years ago

Your information is too good

5 years ago

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5 years ago

Good read. Even the comments were very informational.