July Mood Board: Unplug, Disconnect, Detox

After a 24 hour digital detox, we learned that in order to connect, to really invest in people and ourselves, we had to disconnect from the technology we have so readily at our fingertips. This is a mood board to keep us inspired.

I have to be honest, this is the first mood board I’ve ever made. I have always been drawn to them; I love the variety of photo tears, quotes and colors. But for some reason, when I try to build one, it always comes out a little too “neat.” I like to keep things in order… hence, the mood board I made for our last FP Me escape! Check it out below and let the photos whisk you away to a place where cell phones, emails, and iPads are but only a thought in the wind.




Thank you again to Moab Under Canvas, Ramblin’ Rose Cafe, Red Tail Aviation, Polaroid CamerasAlissa Kepas, Maria Camila, and our wonderful and lovely FP Me gals!

Photos by Maria Camila and me.

+ Does anyone else stay inspired by mood boards? Tell us about it in the comments. This first-timer wants to know!

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5 years ago

Beautiful snaps!

5 years ago

Great pictures with a great message! I love the message of unwinding and disconnecting–like a media detox!

5 years ago

I’ve never actually made a mood board…but I feel as if my tumblr is my mood board…every picture picked by how I am feeling at that current time… and I open my tumblr page every morning and stare at the pictures, and for some strange reason it relaxes me..


5 years ago

I totally agree! When you unplug from technology it feels good:)

5 years ago

Lovely message and gorgeous pictures!

Ash Lutton
5 years ago

Omg how did that rock get up there?

5 years ago

uutah my home base. wind erosion, desert magic, dreams of mystic wanderings. i miss it