Bands We Love: Get To Know Freedom Fry, and Watch The Premier of Their Video, “21”!

We love Freedom Fry, and you should too. Watch the premier of their video, “21”, and get to know the band a little better through this exclusive interview! 

Freedom Fry has been in our sights for a hot minute now. Flashback to SXSW…we attempted to partner up with the French/American duo, but time was not on our side. Try, try again, right? I’m excited to have been presented another opportunity to work with the band and, this time around, we’re premiering their brand new video, “21”, exclusively on BLDG25! The song captures that sweet, golden year of being 21. Making mistakes, being an “adult”, that feeling of freedom…there’s no other year quite like it. The video shows a peek at what tour life for Freedom Fry is all about. It’s fast paced and full of that California dreamin’ lifestyle. Interested? Take a watch below, and get to know Marie and Bruce, the now-married couple that is Freedom Fry!

So… “Freedom Fry”. What does it mean? How did you guys come up with the name?

Marie: I’m French. Born and raised in Paris. Bruce is American, from Michigan. When we started looking for an identity for the band we wanted something that summed up that duality. ‘Freedom Fries’ were what some really pissed-off Americans were calling French fries…when the French didn’t want to fight with the US in the Iraq war. It was like a middle finger towards having anything to do with the French. We always thought that was amusing. We tend to not take anything besides our music too seriously, so it seemed to fit the vibe we were going for. 

Where did your journey begin? 

Marie: We met in LA on a music video set for another band Bruce plays in, when I used to be a stylist. He flew in from NY, and we hit it off that day. We were joking around and playing cover songs with each other. A few weeks later we started dating and writing songs together. 

Has it been everything you expected, or just the opposite?

Marie: Even though I’ve been singing my whole life, this is my first band and I had no idea what it was really going to be like. I initially thought that you just write the best songs you possibly can and if they’re good, you get discovered. There’s so much more to it than that. We’ve had to learn how to do everything, from designing our own artwork to directing our own videos. The thrill of performing is just about the best thing ever, though. When you’re finally in front of a crowd that knows the words to your songs and sings along? That is the feeling that exceeded all my expectations. That is the point of no return.

Can you tell us what “21” is about?

Bruce: No birthday is more meaningful than “21.” That’s the age where you can finally do all the ‘adult’ things you’ve been repressed from doing your whole life. It’s when you feel you’ve arrived and you’re free to do as you please. 

Marie: I was 21 when I came to the United Stated to study and I keep great memories of that time of my life. The idea, though, is to keep that energy your whole life and always live like you have your life ahead of you and many dreams and goals to look forward to.

What inspired the video?

Marie: Our love for touring, playing our songs for people, and getting to see the world. This video is our way of letting people in on that amazing rush. 

Bruce: It was filmed this past spring throughout our west coast tour by several friends who have a film collective, Vices of Reason.

 What’s your favorite part about being on tour?

Marie: There is no routine. Each day is a surprise. It’s so much stimulation. Yeah, you’re sleep-deprived and a lot of times you’re not comfortable… but you really feel alive. It’s magical when something you’ve so intimately created gets to be shared with so many people.

Bruce: You’re getting to do what you love and getting to hang out with the people you love in a really full-on way. Music is the most powerful when it’s coming from the stage and, as a performer, it’s rewarding to see the immediate response of the crowd. You don’t get that in the studio.

What’s been the most rewarding show you’ve played so far? 

Marie: We played two nights at the Fox Theater in Oakland, opening for Stromae. The crowd was freaking out, dancing and singing along with our lyrics. We really felt like we stepped up at those shows.

Can you guys each tell us a fun fact about yourselves that most people might not know?

Marie: Back in my styling days, I worked with Sharon Stone and Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Bruce: People may not know that we’re also married. It’s great getting to do what we love together. It makes it easier to be on the road.

What’s next for Freedom Fry?

Marie: We’re heading out on the road for the Communion Residency tour next month. We’ll be playing in Boston, New York, Philly, Washington DC, Nashville, Atlanta and Louisville. We’re also playing another show with Stromae in Miami on the 12th of September. We toured with him this past spring – he and his crew are the best. 

What does being ‘Free’ mean to you??

Marie: It means doing your own thing and believing and trusting in your instincts. It can be more challenging, but it’s way more rewarding than any other path.

Freedom Fry by Michelle Shiers 2

FF Press Shot wearing Free People 2

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View their upcoming tour dates here.

Video directed by Vices of Reason and edited by Freedom Fry

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8 years ago

Love learning about so many cool things through the blog!

8 years ago

Omg yay love Freedom Fry, been listening to them since they started! Met them in LA and they’re so down to earth …so glad they got featured on this blog, love their music!


Lucia Driscoll
8 years ago

I’m Bruce Driscoll’s Mom and I could not be any happier to have Marie as my daughter-in-law! Bruce and Marie are both very talented individuals, and being a couple very much in love, they have the opportunity to share their talents in many fields, especially in the field of music! I love to see how they interact on a daily basis ,and can create so many beautiful and meaningful songs together! I wish them both continued success not inly creating their music but also performing it! Love U Freedom Fry!

8 years ago

Been listening to these guys since their song Summer In The City. Such a great band!!

8 years ago

I saw them at the Fox Theater in Oakland and loved it so much that I got another ticket for their second night there. So cool to see them on your blog FP! <3