Workout – The Bum Deal

From workout to wellness, learn to love your bum with these tips.

Our bodies are incredible powerhouses, providing a nurturing home for our minds and souls. As we move through life, gaining wisdom all the while, we form deeper connections with the skin we’re in. We learn that the more we care for our bodies, the more they care for us.

Today, we turn to Charlotte, my health-and-fitness-guru of a sister, to share some tips for giving love to one area of the body in particular: the glutes. Take it away, girl!

Do explosive movements. I’m talking plyometric exercises like squat jumps, squat jacks, split jumps, sprints and burpees. Your body is the most powerful piece of equipment with which you’ve been blessed. By exploding through your legs, the muscles in your quads, hamstrings and glutes work extra hard to propel your beautiful self up, all while building muscle and shaping your legs and booty. Because your body in itself is a tool, you can explode anywhere and everywhere (just make sure to land lightly and protect your joints)!

Add weight. Whether it’s a barbell across your back while squatting, a dumbbell in each hand while lunge-walking, or ankle weights strapped on while doing kickbacks, adding weight to your exercises is a sure-fire way to effectively build muscle and add shape to that cute butt of yours.

Change it up. Your body (and mind) gets bored after performing the same exercises each day. To avoid the dreaded fitness plateau, switch up your workouts! This keeps your body guessing and your mind invested while helping you achieve your fitness goals. Each leg day, switch between plyometric movements like box jumps, powerlifting exercises like deadlifts, and sculpting exercises like single-leg bridge pulses. And try out some fitness classes, like sculpt and spin!


Take the stairs. No, your co-workers are not going to judge your heavy panting. If anything, they’ll be inspired to get moving themselves! Every muscle in your lower body is activated when climbing stairs. BONUS: So is your heart. Stairs tone, tighten and lift your butt while adding gorgeous definition to your upper and lower legs. Play around by skipping steps, upping your speed, climbing laterally and even backwards!

Aim for functional movements. Functional exercises mimic movements made in our day-to-day lives, like lifting heavy laundry baskets, squatting down to pet the dog, and carrying heavy grocery bags up to your 6th-floor apartment. Training the body using functional movements makes everyday living so much easier. Two of my favorites are sumo squats and step-ups!

Watch your form. There is nothing cute about injuries, so make sure you know what you’re doing! When squatting, keep the weight in the heels, knees behind the toes, shoulders back, chest up, and abs in. Always approach a trainer or fitness instructor if you have any questions about form — we’re happy to help!

When you think you can’t go any further, do three more. This is one of my favorite cues to share with clients. Often times, your mind is the one that decides when your body can’t take the heat. Those last three repetitions are crucial in sculpting sexy glutes, so don’t let your mind trick you into thinking your body isn’t capable of that magic. When the going gets hard, deepen your breath and push through three more.

Stretch. For most people, the hamstrings are one of the tightest muscle groups. Tight hamstrings can lead to an array of problems, including knee problems, lower back pain, and increased risk for injury. It’s important to show your hamstrings, quads, calves, glutes and hips some love by stretching and foam rolling. This will help you feel open, lengthened, strong and sexy, and will help with your posture, too! Now get that cute butt of yours to a yoga class, pronto.

Dry brush. Dry brushing has amazing benefits, including the reduction of cellulite. In my opinion, you’re perfect, but if a bit of cellulite is hindering you from showing off in a cheeky bikini, get yourself a dry brush and watch the magic happen!

Love yourself. Confidence radiates from within. If you realize that your body is beautiful, no matter at what stage you’re in during your fitness journey, so will others. Be confident. Your feet hold you up all day, no matter how high your heels. Your legs transport you to and from a million different places, no matter how much you’re carrying in your purse. And your butt… your cute, strong, sexy butt — which is the largest muscle in your body — keeps the trunk of your body standing tall throughout the day. Love and appreciate your body and all of its effort, and you’ll rest assured that you have the cutest butt of all.


A huge thanks to my girl Charlotte for sharing her expertise and sweet words! Follow her on Instagram for motivation and inspiration every darn day. :)

Follow Brigette on Instagram, and have a look at her blog Hummusbird!

+I’d love to know some other ways you appreciate your bum. Comment below!

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Barbara Osburn
6 years ago

Great post shared!

5 years ago

Thanks for the motivation lady you are awesome.