Get Inspired by this California Country Wedding

One of our fave wedding photographers takes on a California wedding. The result? Pure perfection.

The world of a wedding photographer is one that feels filled with enchantment. I mean, think about it, your job is to capture love on camera. Literally documenting joy in real time. How could it not be wondrous? A couple of months ago we introduced you to just such a photographer for the launch of FP Ever After, Jenavieve Belair, who spends her workdays photographing couple’s big days.

When Jenavieve sent us these images of gorgeous couple Alexa and Aaron’s California nuptials, we knew we had to share. Succulents, an incredible backdrop, and a Free People dress? Pure wedding day perfection. Scroll on to learn more about these two love birds and to get inspired:


Who? Alexa Safran, model, and Aaron Melzer, musician

How did you meet? (Alexa) I actually went to high school with the drummer of the local band Aaron was in back then. So we met multiple times without thinking anything of it, then one day our mutual love for the Lakers and Cinco de Mayo brought us together… We’ve been pretty inseparable ever since.

Date of your wedding? June 20, 2015

Wedding venue? SOKA University

First dance song? I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab for Cutie.

Your favorite moment of the day? (Alexa) Well it’s definitely hard to pick a favorite moment, but one of the funnier ones we took with us that day happened during the ceremony. The ring wouldn’t fit over his knuckle and it was hilarious!
























Get the look: Jill’s Corsage Dress, Hunt the Plains Boot

Wedding Vendors Featured:

Flowers by Stacey Fitts, follow on Instagram and online

Wedding coordinator and stylist: Marcella A. Flores, Wedding and Event Coordinator, IEWP (Emailand Roxxeth Aldama, Captivated by Design (Email)

DJ: Michael “DJ Maruca”, check him out online

Catering by Cafe Bon Appetit

Hair and makeup Giovanna Simington, follow her on Instagram

Photography by Jenavieve Belair, follow her on Instagram and check her out online

Introduction by FP Julie, follow on FP Me and Instagram!

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8 years ago

Gorgeous pictures!!
I love the flower arrangements and the dreamcatchers are such an original idea :)

8 years ago

Free People PLEASE tell me where she got her booties. I’ve been looking for similar ones everywhere.

8 years ago

Wow wow wow! Stunning People. Stunning photos. Stunning everything. What a beautiful wedding (says a bridesmaid to the waiter hehe). :]

// ▲ ▲

8 years ago

I too am dying to know where these amazing boots can be found! I’ll take a beer from that wedding and the boots please. :)

8 years ago

Lianna & Elizabeth Rose – Good news, her boots can be found here:

What a beautiful wedding and that dress is to die for! Confessions of an Ex-Ballerina

8 years ago

does alexa have an IG!! such amazing wedding lust!!

8 years ago
Reply to  april

Hey April – here ya go:

8 years ago

This wedding photos are stunning! Alexa’s dress and boots are both very beautiful and fit in perfectly with the rustic vibe of the wedding.


8 years ago

So Wonderfully Romantic! Thank you for sharing!!!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

8 years ago
8 years ago

This is actually the most perfect wedding I have ever seen..

8 years ago

Absolutely stunning photos, venue, pictures, and people! I just adore this and hope my wedding is just as magical some day <3

8 years ago

Oh my, I do quite love the entire set up, the location, the people and the wonderful photographs. It’s so nice to know that love can be so incredibly strong. I wish them the best life they can have.

Dina Mead
8 years ago

Best photos ever, these capture the day exactly the way it looked, so beautiful but I must say it’s easy when you start with beautiful people. Wow…just love these!!!!!

Dina Mead
8 years ago

Best photos ever, these capture the day exactly the way it looked, so beautiful but I must say it’s easy when you start with beautiful people. Wow…just love these!!!!!

Source: Get Inspired by this California Country Wedding

8 years ago

Love these pics. Very natural and relaxed.

8 years ago

Incredible set of photos you did an awesome job

7 years ago

I will say it again, the black boots looked great! Beautiful location too.

7 years ago

You will best ideas to decor your house by succulents. You can made a beautiful fairy garden.

6 years ago

Nice photos . I love Indian weddings more and Indian wedding outfits but yours photpgraphs are just amazing !!


5 years ago

Lovely couple, lovely wedding.

5 years ago

Beautiful pics and Stunning place for the wedding. Best wedding pics ever saw. Really these are amazing photographs.


5 years ago

The light in these pictures is lovely!