Cucumber Dill Refresher

This post is part of our restricted diet series from Beth of Tasty Yummies.

As summer creeps along, I find myself looking at the seasonal produce in new and exciting ways. I enjoy the challenge of creating fresh and unique ways to savor the last tastes of the season.

I find drinks are often overlooked, not even cocktails and libations, simply just refreshing, thirst-quenching beverages. This refreshing drink was born on a super hot day from the beautiful local produce I had on hand. It’s vacation in a glass, aromatic and very subtle. If you prefer bubbles, leave out the water and top our drink with sparkling soda water at the end. If you are looking for a cocktail, try adding gin or a white tequila.


Cucumber Dill Refresher

serves 1

1 cup peeled and diced cucumber (I used Persian cucumber)

2 tablespoons fresh dill

1/2 cup ice cold filtered water

1-2 cups ice

2 teaspoons honey or maple syrup

4 ounces fresh orange juice (lemon or lime would also be great)

Add all of the ingredients to your high speed blender. Process until smooth. Adding more water or ice as necessary. Give it a taste and adjust your sweetener, as needed. Serve immediately.

For a spirited version, try adding a shot of gin or a white tequila. For some bubbles, add a little soda water.

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  1. Cucumber really helps in cooling our bodies down. It’s ideal to add them for drinks. I really like this recipe and I made some Cucumber Dill refresher and it taste good too.

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