DIY: Used Coffee Ground Bombs For Your Sink

Wondering how to recycle used coffee grounds? We have the answer!

Our kitchen is the place we gather. Around the table with silly stories and best friends. Don’t let a funky odor from your garbage disposal spoil the fun. Fruits and veggies from late summer into fall are my favorite, but also tend to be the ones that can be the most pungent when processed through the sink disposal. With the season ahead full of entertaining and cooking, I’ve been trying to prepare some life-hack tips to be the hostess with the mostest. Used coffee ground bombs are the best way I’ve been able to achieve a cleaner, fresher sink so far, leaving a yummy smell that lingers. It’s also a great way to reuse the used ground coffee that typically ends up in my trashcan!



1 cup dry used coffee grounds

½ cup epsom salt or sea salt (I tried to use ingredients that were in my pantry, so I gave sea salt a whirl. It worked just as well!)

½ cup baking soda

3 tbs. apple cider vinegar

½ tsp. vanilla (optional, but worth it)

Small mixing bowl

Rounded measuring spoon

Sheet pan

Parchment paper



First, add all of the dry ingredients to the mixing bowl. The coffee grounds will have two superpowers: sharpening the blade of your disposal, and keeping the fragrance strong and pleasant. Baking soda naturally cleans the disposal when mixed with ACV, and the Epsom salt breaks up hard water stains and any gritty buildup.

Stir your dry ingredients up until everything is blended. Slowly begin to add ACV to the bowl — don’t be alarmed when the baking soda bubbles up like a science project.



Keep stirring until mixture begins to look like smooth wet sand. Pull out your baking sheet, and wrap parchment paper around it. Grab your measuring spoon (I used a tablespoon), and begin scooping out like you would ice-cream onto the parchment paper set up.

Let the coffee bombs dry overnight, and then place them in a mason jar next to your sink to use when needed. Just drop one down your drain, turn on the disposal while running hot water, and enjoy the coffee smell with your clean sink.


+ What other natural ways do you keep your sink clean? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I wouldn’t do this unless you like clogged pipes. Coffee grounds and grease are the culprits to most clogged pipes.

  2. My sister and I have been doing this for years, adding cinnamon powder for extra scent. The key note is to make them with USED ground coffee beans as she recommended. The finer the ground the better and the hot water flushes them easily in our drain. Nice photos, you captured this wonderfully.

  3. this is a BAD idea…it might smell nice but coffee grounds do not break down ….not good for your pipes or the enviroment..better to use in your garden…..

  4. I find that if you eat/use a lot of citrus fruits, the rinds are the best at deodorizing sinks with garbage disposals.

  5. Sounds like a winner…I currently put used coffee grounds in my compost, but like the idea of making up these “bombs”–although doubt has crept in after reading some of the comments about possibility of clogged pipes. Anybody else out there have experience with this formula.?

  6. I also use 2 lemon wedges, 1 tsp epsom salt or sea salt & 1 tsp baking soda. Just dump them in the disposal, NO water, pulse disposal 3 times. Then while the disposal is running, turn the COLD water on. Let it run until the lemon peel is gone, at least 15 seconds to allow the the water to flush your water lines into the sewer.

  7. I do not think I would do this. I usually put them in the compost, you can use them in the garden and it keeps the ants away. I use lemon or orange peels to freshen my disposal. Baking soda will do too, also if you put ice cubes in the disposer it will clean, and keep the blades sharp.

  8. I only recently learned that some things we allow down our kitchen drain cause problems at the local waste treatment plant. Coffee grounds are named among the things we should not put down the drain, not because they will cause us plumbing problems (they will) but because they are a problem at the waste treatment plant and in the pipes on the way there. Here is just one link that says this. I do grind citrus peel in the disposal to give a fresh scent and discourage the bacteria that cause DO (disposal odor). Throw the grounds in the compost heap to recycle them.

    Free people, I work at a coffee shop. Do you know what we do with coffee grounds? We compost them. We never, EVER, put them down the sink. It is a recipe for disaster. Please don’t promote this, these people are only going to have to call a plumber.

  10. Trust me…my husband is a mechanical contractor and this is a BAD idea! Coffee grounds are excellent in the garden but he’ll on your pipes!

  11. well I tried the coffee ground bombs and they “bombed” they are way too watery. They just melt into flat, watery, pancakes on the cookie sheet. I even added 1/2 cup more of each salts and soda and cannot get it to stiffen up to put on a pan to harden. Maybe someone is trying to tell me this is not such a good idea, since I have read all the comments about the pipes in your house and the waste water treatmeent plant/ I think I will stick to orange peels and vinegar and soda when I feel it needs freshening up.

  12. Garbage disposals stink because of the slime build up on the walls of the chamber. Here’s a simple hack to remove the slime: Ice Cubes, lots of them. I dump the tub from the ice maker into the sink and turn on the disposal while running the cold water. Also, you’ll have to pull that black thing out of the drain opening and give it a good clean, the ice doesn’t clean that area. I use a small brush on it.

  13. I have an anirobic septic system. It specifically says no coffee grounds the acidity throws off the anirobic bacteria in the system. While it sounds nice I can’t use it.

  14. My brother, the plumber, says when your dish washer is draining that hot soapy water, turn on the disposal and let the soapy water clean your disposal. It works great, and smells clean.

  15. From a plumbing stand point, if you have a dish washer, or do dishes the old fashion way, grease that is in the water will eventually stick to your pipes. over time it builds up. by adding coffee grounds to the dish washer, or even the simple task of rinsing the coffee filter if you use a reusable filter, you ash grounds into the pipes and that sticks to the grease… over time you will cause build up that will have you calling a plumber for assistance. usually 125 to root out the line. or time and a half to double time on weekends or holidays. Once a year I use Drain o or liquid plumber on all my sinks and tubs. flushes the grease into the main lines which are larger than your pipes 3 fold. Soap buildup turns into a stone appearance but that’s usually in your grey water lines. “Coffee grounds ok for garden Not ok for your sink unless you want to pay me or someone else to rod out your pipes.

  16. I use fruit peels or ice with some vanilla, or baking soda and vinegar. Learned the hard way, no egg shells.

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