Notes From Newport

Newport coastlines and Free People Providence helped create one of the most memorable evenings during our trip to Rhode Island for Newport Folk Fest. Here’s the result! 

We arrived just as the sun began its slow decent from the peak of the sky. 40 steps down we went, to where the coast met cool blue waters. We may have been in Newport, but our friends came by way of Providence. With their help, Natalie and I discovered some of the most beautiful edges of the Northern United States.

Rhode Island is a tiny fish in a large pond, but sometimes the smallest of places end up revealing the greatest beauty. I was taken aback at how gorgeous the coastal landscape is, and our guides knew just the right spots to show us. By the time night fell, revealing the lunar sky, lasting friendships had been forged in a matter of hours. That’s one of the things I love about traveling to new cities. The FP community is filled with some of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met, and I’m so glad the Providence ladies were able to enter our lives for the evening. Even if it was just for a short time, the immediate bonds we shared made it feel like we had known them for a lifetime, and each one left a lasting impression on us… like a note you keep in your back pocket, forever.

Nikki, Debbie, Emma, Olivia, Grace, Daniela, thanks for the fun photoshoot and good times!



Back Interest Lace Up Pullover, Boys Who Like Girls Boxer




DSC_0562 copy

Lace Romper



Rosie Lee Poncho, Melia Striped Briefs



Luna Maxi Dress



Fragile Heart Maxi



Tweedy Tunic



OK Annie One Piece, Fringe Dreams Jacket




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8 years ago

beautiful photos jana <3

Free People Natick
8 years ago

Ahhh my ladies! You sirs rock xoxoxoxoxo

8 years ago

how cool to see the girls from my local store and my teeny tiny home state featured!!! :) GORGEOUS photos!!

8 years ago

Oh, this is so very lovely! The photos are so beautiful and the evening light just makes these even more magical!

8 years ago

You guys really help me get through my day. It’s refreshing.

8 years ago

Newport is one of my favorite beach and hangout spots!!

8 years ago

These pictures are so lovely!

8 years ago

I’d love to just soak my toes in those waves. I’ve always wanted to spend an evening wrapped in a light sweater watching the tide come in.

8 years ago

JANA. These photos are MAGICAL, teach me your ways!

Was so lovely meeting you and Natalie. Hope our paths cross again soon!


8 years ago

each photo left me in awe… the magic, freedom, and sense of adventure radiates from each one. as a set – incredible. love your work and artistic eye, Jana. Rhode Island is definitely on my travel list. xo

8 years ago
8 years ago

Lovely photos!!!!

8 years ago

Love my providence girls! INSANE photos, like so freakin good!

8 years ago

I absolutely love those pictures and the clothes look amazing ;)
I wish I could make one of those jumpsuits work on me :( never found one which fitted me … probably I should grow a little more ;) hahaha

8 years ago

This makes me want to go and explore so badly! And that lace dress is beyond beautiful.

8 years ago

Three cheers for Newport, RI. My old home!

8 years ago

100% most beautiful photoshoot I’ve ever seen. I must work with this photographer! In love

8 years ago

Yesss! So beautifully captured! I see my girl Emma, looking GORGEOUS as always :)

Kayte // @massmusings

8 years ago

I was born in newport and live there now. tourists are a nightmare