FP Me Stylist Of The Week: Life Inspiration & Photo Tips From Saige Mateo

Get to know FP Me babe and photographer, Saige, and learn to capture the amazing photos you’ve always wanted to.

My name is Saige Mateo, I’m a Puerto Rican, Polish, Ukrainian, and Czechoslovakian mutt from New York. I grew up a drawing-obsessed hermit crab, then took a leap of faith at 15 by traveling internationally with a community group called build on. We headed to Nicaragua to build a much-needed school. I spent a few weeks living in a mud hut, and soon realized I wanted to keep it going! 




When I was 18, I set my sights on Colorado, where I graduated high school and pursued a photography degree at Colorado Mountain College. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. 

I see beautiful images in my head and bring them to life in my photos. I started out using a Pentax film camera and, from there, continue in my quest to make art.






Some tips for taking an elevated photo:

1) Appreciate the view before you shoot! That way, you can take it all in and perhaps spot something extra-special. 

2) Camp! You can benefit from understanding the constant shift in the natural light! Plus, the challenge of hiking in search of more spots can yield some great surprises.

3) Stay safe! I’m pretty fearless (even when it comes to laying on a cliff) when it comes to taking pictures, but I ensure everything that I, or my model, is standing on is secure. 





My biggest inspiration date was in taking Free People’s Moab unplugged trip to Utah. I met such amazing people who possessed similar appreciation of beautiful views and landscapes; we spent hours laughing by the fire, beautiful girls dressed like bohemian goddesses. The best part was when we were sleeping in our teepees…an incredible lighting storm developed around us in the middle of the night. One of the girls, Delaney, woke up as I did. We watched the lighting filled our teepee and felt the refreshing drizzle fall through the canvas. It was magical.




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Heather Quinn

Saige is so amazing. Such a sweet and humble girl with a great eye. So happy to see success come her way. Keep it up girl.

victoria rivera

Saige is very inspiring and your work speaks for itself. I wish you the best in your love for the arts.

Michele Popik

I met Saige probably when she was about 5 years of age she was a beautiful intelligent little girl then and even more so now im very proud of you keep up the good work.

Amanda Kay

You are amazing girl, keep it up. Im so happy for you, never quit and never let the haters get to you. Your work is beautiful as are you inside and out~!


Beautiful girl, beautiful pics. Thanks!

All of her photos are incredible! SO obsessed! She seems so lovely!


Nice blog thanks for sharing