Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 31–September 6

What does your week look like?

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August 23–September 22

This week’s sun-Neptune opposition is bound to influence your personal interactions. You’re feeling rather willful, and hopefully others will go along with you. But if someone confuses or disappoints you, putting yourself in their shoes will help. You might be eager to identify with another individual and are susceptible to idealism now, so try to maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships and accept the whole person. A Venus-Mars conjunction combines love and creativity with assertion, and conflict in a very private relationship is possible. Doing something selfless with no expectation of gain would be a positive use of this energy. Later in the week, the sun’s encounter with Pluto hints at powerful self-expression, creativity or romance. You could get caught up in the intensity of an experience, seeking a feeling of profound pleasure. Venus’s direct turn will stimulate pent-up desires, and over the next several weeks, subtle intuitions that have seeped in since late July should start to become a bit clearer. You may feel ready to let go of a relationship or something you wanted that no longer satisfies your spirit.


September 23–October 22

The sun in your seclusion house is facing off with Neptune in your efficiency sector this week. Your job, health or daily responsibilities may be draining you, and you should try to get extra rest if possible. The sun is clicking with Pluto in your foundation angle, suggesting that alone time, sleep, reflection and a spiritual practice can transform your emotional state. Focus on regenerating yourself from the inside out instead of attempting to control external factors. Your physical vitality is probably a bit low, even though Venus is coming together with activating Mars in your group zone, giving you the desire to socialize, network or participate in teamwork. This would be a good time to reconnect with a long-lost friend, track down an old contact or rework an artistic or philanthropic joint endeavor. Venus turns direct on Sunday, which may tempt you to put a lot of energy into getting people together. In the coming weeks, you’ll get a better grasp on where you stand with a friend or a group and you’ll have an easier time connecting with people.


October 23–November 21

Venus and Mars are joining forces in your ambition angle this week, but Venus remains retrograde until Sunday so, although it’s worth it to strive to make a positive impression, people may not be paying enough attention for it to have as much impact as you want it to. You might use this time to rework a creative goal or reconnect with a mentor. It’s possible you’ll find yourself attracted to someone older than you or with authority over you but, since most of us aren’t very clear on what we want right now, it would probably be best not to do anything you can’t undo. After Venus goes direct, appealing to higher-ups and shining in your profession or in public will start to get easier. A sun-Neptune opposition hints that your identity in a group may be at odds with your love life or creative expression—or pouring your energy into a new hope may require you to release an old, unattainable ideal. And a sun-Pluto collaboration suggests an empowered mindset will help you to stand out in a crowd.


November 22–December 21

The sun is hanging in your ambition angle, firing you up to achieve your goals, but its opposition with Neptune this week implies that home or family may diffuse your drive somewhat. Subtle, underlying uncertainty, melancholy or vulnerability could also lure you off track. Or you may simply feel tired and need to hole up at home for a while. If you’re trying to focus on accomplishing something in the world and aren’t supported by your emotional state or your family, you could feel a little lost now. The sun is meshing with Pluto in your worth house, helping you to dig deep and focus on what’s most important to you. A determination to build—or rebuild—your finances and your confidence can ignite your ambition. A Venus-Mars encounter in your expansion sector might make you feel drawn to someone very different from you or inspire you to pursue fresh adventures. With Venus retrograde until the 6th, it remains difficult to sate your desire for new, stimulating people and experiences. After Venus goes direct, your outlook will begin to improve.


December 22–January 19

It may be hard to think straight this week when the focalizing sun in your perspective house opposes murky Neptune in your cognition sector. The sun is encouraging you to take in the big picture, seek meaning and stand by your beliefs. But Neptune could make you unsure about what can be taken as a given, or it could cloud your mind with a swarm of details. Fortunately, the sun is harmonizing with Pluto in Capricorn, moving you past your doubts toward broader horizons, in the form of travel, learning, adventures and different people. Getting out of your routine—including your routine thinking—will feed your personal growth. New experiences are liable to be transformative. A Venus-Mars encounter in your sharing zone indicates sexual attraction. But Venus is still retrograde until Sunday, so you might act when you’re not sure you want, perhaps reuniting with a previous partner. Getting in touch with your deepest desires and motivations in order to solve the mysteries in your psyche will prepare you for Venus’s direct turn, after which intimacy will slowly seem more doable.


January 20–February 18

This week’s sun-Neptune faceoff spans your sharing and worth houses, suggesting that give-and-take could be confusing and boundaries may be blurred. It will help if you’re not overly attached to what you consider to be yours and are willing to pool your resources. You’re experiencing a psychological shift and, if your self-confidence is shaky, this could be a disorienting period. Closeness with another person may conflict with your values in some way, and someone may not be able to give you what you need. But a sun-Pluto meetup indicates that plumbing the depths of your psyche will pay off. Self-knowledge is invaluable, and finding answers within will empower you to change. With Venus and Mars aligning in your relationship angle, it’s still a favorable time for one-on-one interactions. You’re feeling somewhat assertive and amiable. And given this planetary combo, you might become attracted to someone. But until Venus goes direct on the 6th, connecting will probably feel harder than usual. If you’re not sure what you want, guard against impulsive behavior. In the coming weeks, you should be able to clarify relationship issues.


February 19–March 20

With the sun in your one-on-one angle opposing Neptune in Pisces this week, self-awareness will help you to navigate confusing interactions. It’s difficult to understand how you’re coming across to people, and you may be changing in ways that you yourself can’t quite grasp. Boundaries are blurred, and everyone is apt to put their own spin on the signals you’re sending. If you run into trouble, your instinct may be to give in to the other person. Aim for a healthy compromise instead. The sun is vibing with powerful Pluto in your humanity zone, so group activities and professional networking will be worth your time. If you know of anyone who can guide you in the new direction you’re heading in, you’d do well to reach out to them now. A Venus-Mars meeting gives you an urge to do what you can to make your health, job or daily life what you want it to be, but with Venus still retrograde until Sunday, things won’t fall into place just yet. You’ll start to get more pleasure from what you’re doing in the coming weeks.


March 21–April 19

An opposition between the sun in your efficiency zone and Neptune in your soul sector this week implies that you’re busy and focused on getting things done, but you need to take time out to unwind and rest. Whether it’s your job or other responsibilities that you’re intent on executing to the best of your ability, you’ll burn out if you don’t press pause and find a bit of peace and quiet at some point. Nourish your spirit in whatever way works for you, and release the worries that are keeping you from being in the moment. A sun-Pluto collaboration suggests that when you get back at it, your hard work will pay off, perhaps even enabling you to turn a corner in your profession or your life path. With fresh energy and concentration, you can achieve a lot. However, a Venus-Mars meetup in your joy house is all about having fun. So do give yourself permission to play. Romance, creativity and self-expression are extra appealing now, but Venus remains retrograde until the 6th. After that, love and happiness will start to seem more plentiful.


April 20–May 20

The sun is in your fulfillment house, inspiring you to express your individuality and enjoy life, but its faceoff with Neptune in your network zone this week hints at potential confusion. You might be idealizing how much fun you’ll have with people, the feedback you’ll get for your creative output or help you’ll receive from someone—and set yourself up for disappointment. People are apt to take the wind out of your sails now if you let them. Doing what makes you happy and trying to mesh with others can conflict, but finding people who share your interests will help. A sun-Pluto confab encourages you to continue to explore the world and the possibilities of who you can be in it. This planetary configuration promotes new experiences that transform you and shift your beliefs. A Venus-Mars meeting, on the other hand, draws your attention to home, family and personal comfort, and you may get the urge to take action based on your desire for security. After Venus goes direct on the 6th, your feeling of unease should begin to dissipate.


May 21–June 20

This week’s sun-Neptune opposition spans your foundation and ambition angles, so your energy may be geared toward family, home life and comfort, but the fact that you’re rather unsure where you’re headed in your life could keep you from feeling as peaceful as you’d like. If you get discouraged, turning to your parents may not be the best idea, as they’re apt to put out mixed signals now. Try to focus more on helping others and serving a higher purpose, and don’t worry so much about getting ahead for the moment. The sun and Pluto are joining forces, promoting introspection and personal transformation. Spending time alone thinking can be very productive. You just need to be willing to delve deeply into emotional matters that you might normally sweep under the rug. A Venus-Mars alignment will probably make you want to get in contact with various people and share your thoughts. If you’re suddenly feeling quite talkative and social, don’t be surprised if your interactions still seem off. After Venus turns direct on Sunday, connecting with people will start to get easier.


June 21–July 22

When the sun and Neptune face off in your cognition and perspective houses this week, your current thoughts and/or the information you’re getting may not mesh with what you wish to believe. Or you may be busy dealing with matters in your immediate environment and talking to people you know, but long to get away, experience more of life and meet new people. If your ideas are getting jumbled together in your head, you might try talking to someone whose opinion carries a lot of weight with you. The sun is harmonizing with Pluto in your partnership angle, making one-on-one communication a very powerful tool now. Expressing yourself in a close relationship could lead to an emotionally intense dialogue. It’s a good time to consult an individual who can change your life for the better. A Venus-Mars confab in your worth house will trigger an impulse to acquire more of what you want, but until Venus goes direct on the 6th, satisfaction will continue to elude you. Keep revising your priorities so you can go after what’s really important when it becomes more attainable.


July 23–August 22

With the sun in your worth house, there’s a tendency to identify with your possessions and finances, thinking that you are what you have. What you value and how you feel about yourself can become intertwined. So when the sun opposes Neptune in your sharing sector this week, the concepts of accepting help from others, combining your resources, merging your money and living by someone else’s values can be a source of personal confusion. This is a good time for you to examine your unconscious issues around give-and-take. A sun-Pluto meeting means you’ll feel empowered if you focus on how your own hard work will make you self-sufficient. You have the ability to transform your daily life and get what you need. With Venus and Mars joining forces in Leo, you possess a potent combination of magnetism and assertiveness. Your attractiveness and drive to go after what you want are both strong but, with Venus retrograde until Sunday, you’re still not feeling as outgoing as usual and you may be unsure of your desires. Postpone any bold moves until you’re clear on what you want.

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