FP Hair Shop: Three Tools, Three Tutorials

Get a behind the scenes look at the FP Hair Shop with this step-by-step guide to three of our favorite tools! 

Hair is always on our minds here at Free People. It’s an essential accessory that can be worn hundreds of different ways, making it a valuable player in day-to-day life. Some may even consider it their best feature. Staying on top of the latest trends and styles can be overwhelming, but with the freshly updated FP Hair Shop, things just got a little simpler.

Buns, braids, waves, twists… what’s your favorite way to wear your hair? The possibilities are endless, and today we’re going to show you how to use some of the tools in the shop to help achieve our favorite hairstyles, in the easiest way possible.

Three tools, three tutorials… are you ready? Step behind the curtain of the Tressing Room…

The Reverse Pin

Think bobby pin, but a version that’s smarter and a little more practical. Rather than using multiple pins to keep your hair in place, these reverse pins use a corkscrew technique that keep styles more secure, and allow you to forego the task of trying to hide a million bobby pins. Here’s how we’re using them:

1) Start by twisting hair into a half up, half down bun.



2) Take one of the reverse pins and using the open-ended side, twist in an upward clockwise direction into the bun from the bottom.


3) Take another, but this time starting at the top of the bun and twisting downward.


The pins will interlock and disappear out of sight, creating a secure hold that will keep the bun in place. Easy as that!


Bun Twist

Sometimes creating the perfect bun can be difficult, especially if you have a lot of hair. The bun twist is a great tool that’s easy to use, practical/portable, and doesn’t involve a sock.

1) Start with hair in a low pony.


2) Take the Bun Twist and insert hair through the middle, then pull down to the end of the pony.



3) Twist up until you reach the pony tail holder.


4) Pull the ends of the twist down in a half-moon shape so both ends meet.


5) Twist the ends together to secure, then separate the hair to make the bun more full. Voila!


French Braid Tool

I’ve never really been able to fully master the french braid. I think it’s one of those things that you either get, or just end up having the worst time trying to understand.  With this little tool, dreams can finally come true.

1) Place the tool at the top part of your hair where you want the braid to begin and section off three pieces of your hair into the slots.


2) Pick one of the outside sections, pick up some hair from the side, and bring it over the other sections and place it into the empty slot.


3) Repeat step 2 with the next section of hair, and continue all the way down until hair is fully braided.



*Make sure the sections of hair aren’t too thick or else it will be difficult to place in the slots.


Once you get to the point of the braid where you aren’t picking up anymore sections of hair from the sides, feel free to remove the tool and finish off with a regular three-strand braid.


Have fun!

Shop the Hair Shop.

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8 years ago

Corkscrew pins are basically like sewing your bun to your head aka, your hair stays put forever. My hair is really thick though, so I don’t need anything to make my bun fuller, ha.


You’re making me want to grow my hair back. Well, almost. :)

8 years ago

That thing for the braid is amazing! I had never seen it before!
Great hairstyles :) Unfortunately I recently cut my hair quite short :(

8 years ago

Such Gorgeous Hair styles! I love how you break everything down step by step and make it so incredibly easy! Thank you for sharing!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

8 years ago

The braiding tool is ridiculous. People can’t be this dumb. How did you finish school if you don’t get how to braid three strands of hair together? You should not be good at Pinterest.

Megan B
8 years ago

Love the step-by-step tutorials. The reverse pins are so awesome!! I’ve seen them before, but never known how to use them. Also, are they just as easy to twist out as they are to twist in? I have super thick hair and often find random bobby pins from hairstyles past lol.

8 years ago

Beautiful hairstyles! Something I’ve always wanted are alligator clips. They make the most stunning beach waves!

8 years ago

These are the COOLEST tools!


8 years ago

Which top (with the cut out back) is the bun twist model wearing?

8 years ago

Megan B – Yes! The reverse pins are just as easy to remove as they are to put in. I swore by them when I had super long hair :)

8 years ago

So simple and sophisticated at the same time! I like such light hairstyles. They look especially attractive! My cousine, a hair stylist, often styles my hair in such a way. She copies hairstyles from here


Anna Solice
7 years ago

Thans for the amazing tutorials! I was looking for easy hairstyles I can do on my own and now I have 2 favorites articles: this and http://glaminati.com/awesome-cute-hairstyles-for-long-hair-everyday/

5 years ago

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