Love That Covers All States: Meet Models Jessica & Brandon

Meet Jessica and Brandon, the beautiful (real-life) couple behind our newest lookbook shot by Graham Dunn. 

Jessica, an energetic soul with a megawatt smile, kicks her feet back and lets out yet another hefty laugh. Her boyfriend, Brandon, has just whispered something in her ear and now they are both beaming, radiant and content. We’re behind the scenes at our latest lookbook photo shoot, Upstate, and we can’t help but gravitate towards these two magnetic individuals. As a pair, they are silly, a characteristic not seen often enough in couples, in my opinion. Constantly smiling and causing one another to blush, Jessica and Brandon are a duo you want to know. Keep reading to get a glimpse into their love, written by Melodi Meadows.

Chemistry like this is a rare find. These two souls seem like they’ve known each other their whole lives, though it has only been a year. Brandon recalls the moment he first met Jessica. “It was like a slow motion scene in a movie when the main character sees the beautiful girl and the light shines through her hair as a cheesy love song plays in my head.” 

Captivated by her at first glance, he tells us it was really her smile that attracted him to her that first day. He just had to know her, he couldn’t let her slip by. So Brandon gave her a ride home after their photo shoot only to find out she was leaving California and heading back to New York the next day. For these two, Skype was their only option and the two consider it “the best invention of the modern age,” for obvious reasons. Jessica says after three weeks of Skyping every day, she visited Brandon in Los Angeles where she recalls, “I ran to his car and before he could get out I opened the door and kissed him!” Sounds like a dreamy way to share a first kiss, if you ask me. 

I was curious about the magic and the challenges that Brandon and Jessica have experienced working together. Challenges were few, and Brandon identified it simply as “there are times with modeling that we have to travel separately for work, and sometimes even spend months away from each other, which sucks. At the same time we understand it’s part of the job and never want to hold each other back from that. We talk every day via Facetime and text. Even if it’s a nine hour time difference, we stay up late just to talk even if it’s just for a second.” The magic was in the true understanding of each other’s work life, getting to spend time together in amazing locations and making so many amazing memories together that would not be possible if they weren’t working together. Work life isn’t everything for these lovebirds though, “we love to go bowling, to the movies, go-carting and mini golf!”

We wanted to know what they admire about each other so we could understand the sweet chemistry we saw on set. Jessica followed up with this, “I really love that he is always trying to make the people around him happy.” We saw this first hand when Jessica’s smile didn’t fade after a full day of shooting. Brandon couldn’t pick one thing that he admired about Jess so he listed a few, “I really admire that Jess is a huge bookworm and nerd. She teaches me new things every day. And she is an amazing cook!” These two have a true rapport with one another and it was refreshing to talk with them both. Our last question for them was who said “I love you” first and with lots of laughter we came to find out that Jessica beat him to it!



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Thank you for sharing your love, Jessica and Brandon! Follow them on Instagram by clicking their names!

Photos by Graham Dunn. Hair and makeup by Erin Lee Smith. Set display by Garret Miller.

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They are so perfect!
Beautiful pictures :)


Please make more short films!

Beautiful pictures!


This is a beautiful story that made me feel. I am envious however want that same love.

Such an Adorable Couple! Thank you for sharing your Beautiful Photographs!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

Couple goals!!! I adore their style and lifestyle, traveling together as two souls road tripping through life

Their so perfect together and oh so beautiful! They remind me of some characters of some 70s movies.

I love this. It is so beautiful, the style and the photo.