Last-Minute Ideas For Your Labor Day Weekend

No plans for Labor Day? Try one of these ideas for the long weekend ahead.

Labor Day always has a funny way of sneaking up on me. With one blink it suddenly appears, without any time to make plans. This time, however, I really want to escape the city for a proper getaway. If you haven’t had any time to consider your escape, but still feel the urge to, here are a few ideas that can make your Labor Day weekend memorable!

Find A Swimming Hole


Swimming holes are everywhere, but finding them is the tricky part. We have a few just outside of Philly, with water so blue they make you question whether or not they’re real. Leaving a metropolitan hub and escaping to these little oases can take you a million miles away from everyday life, but getting to them can sometimes be a trek if you don’t have the exact location. This website here has just the map we’ve been looking for. It pinpoints all major swimming holes in the States, and gives you a brief description and exact whereabouts for each one. (Remember to be safe! Some swimming holes may be closed to the public for a reason, so use good judgement when it comes to exploring.)


Dreamin Of The Sun Dress

Go To New Heights


Enjoying the long weekend in a refreshing way can be as easy as climbing to new heights. The summer is almost over, and one of my favorite ways to savor these last few days is by finding a rooftop hangout. This weekend, wrangle up some friends and find a spot that overlooks your city. Maybe it’s a rooftop bar, maybe it’s a secret lookout point. Celebrating with good spirits, good people and a good sunset can make summer feel like it’ll last forever.


Sweet Escape Wrap Maxi

Utilize Nearby Parks


Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the parks that are a just a stone’s throw away. I find myself in awe of all of Philly’s nearby nature, and I owe it all to my exploring friends for filling me in on some amazing spots. If you need some help finding one, try using the app called Oh Ranger!  It houses a database listing every state park in America, and you can even search by activity, like hiking, boating, etc.. If you’re in the NYC area, try checking out Harriman State Park -I heard it’s amazing!


Sunset Boulevard Romper



Hotels begin to get booked up as it draws closer to Labor Day, and trying secure a flight may cost you a pretty penny. Rather than spending more than you normally would for a last-minute getaway, consider hopping in the car. Even just a one-day road trip can be a blast. Pick a set destination, or don’t have one at all. Roadtrippers is super helpful and fun for finding weird and wacky pitstops along your drive, and can assist in assessing the best route.


What are your last-minute ideas for Labor Day Weekend? Let us know in the comments below! 

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6 years ago

Thanks for this article, and for the Roadtrippers and Swimming holes. I didn’t know that either of these sites existed. And yes, Harriman IS amazing. If you’ve never been there and you’re in the area, make it a point to get there!

5 years ago

Thanks, as always another beautiful article. I am always fascinated …