Neutral Territory: 5 Reasons Why You Need a Sweater for the Beach This Fall

Our new favorite beach layering piece? Sweaters, of course. Here are five reasons why.

From Montauk to Malibu, the seasons are shifting ever so slightly and the days are getting shorter. The evening air, yet still warm and hazy, is beginning to gain a touch of crisp vigor. And on the beach, the sand is getting cooler beneath our feet. The time has come to trade in our sarongs for sweaters.

I have always felt that sweaters are for cool, confident and easygoing women — they are often proudly worn in a no-fuss, laid back kind of way. They are classically beautiful yet completely functional at the same time, which is why I always love seeing them on the beach when the temperature drops. Keep reading to see our reasons why you should pack a sweater for the beach this fall.


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5 Reasons Why You Need a Sweater on the Beach This Fall

1. Well, quite simply, for warmth. You might be thinking that I’m crazy to be talking about sweaters in August when much of the country is still experiencing high heat and unrelenting humidity. And yes, probably like you, my sweaters have had a quiet past few months and are still hibernating on a shelf in the back of my closet.  BUT, the weather is changing (and yes, it does get chilly here in LA) and I’m beginning to reach for them on my way out the door to the beach for an evening under the constellations. There’s nothing quite like keeping warm from cool ocean weather snuggled in a cozy sweater.

2. Make a subtle fashion statement. Most people opt for cotton hoodies or sweatshirts as their layering poison of choice when on the beach. Decide on a sweater and fashionably stand out in an effortless way.

3. The coolness factor. Whether you choose a boyfriend cardigan, oversized pullover, or chunky cable knit, sweaters are seriously low maintenance but overwhelmingly and classically cool. And there is nothing more attractive than casual-cool. I can just imagine sitting around a bonfire, moon overhead and waves crashing on the wet sand, a friend is playing a guitar ever so lightly… and there she is, sitting in the firelight… wrapped in a sweater.

4. Unkempt beach hair is a perfectly appropriate ‘do. Because sweaters on the beach ooze effortless style, tousled  ocean hair makes the perfect companion. Throw it up in a messy bun or loosely braid it to the side, it all works when wearing a sweater. It’s a no fuss beauty routine and your newly sun-kissed freckles are the cherry on top.

5. It’s all about comfort. When at the beach, either enjoying a sunrise on the east coast or reflecting on another day gone by on the west, your focus should be on the environment around you. We all probably don’t spend as much time outside as we would want to, so when we finally get the opportunity to do so, the last thing on our minds should be wardrobe. That’s why sweaters are it. Just throw them on, know you’ll stay warm while looking casually cool, and get back to enjoying the sand beneath your feet and the ocean in front of your eyes.



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Modeled by Shelby Keeton. Photos by Anthony Nocella. Hair by Tony Vin and makeup by Jenna Kristina.

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I’m convinced! Sweaters ooze casual cool. Love it!

I’ve always loved the look of it…and I do actually have a few perfect sweaters for those early fall days. Maybe it’s time for early outfit planning, hah.

The gray one is my fave. I always go for the gray! This look meant nothing to me for my whole life, since I grew up in a place that was either super hot or super cold- there was no wrapping my mind around bikini bottoms and a sweater. But now I’m a California girl and I get it! I will def be rockin’ this look in the fall.
But it’s still summer!
Happy Summer!
xx Lane


Who’s the girl? She’s beautiful.

Megan B

I can’t wait for fall to get here. It’s my favorite season and cardigans are my favorite as well. I’m obsessed with the lounge all day cardi!!

Shelby is so stunning! I absolutely love the black bikini on her.


Yes this is such a good post! I love sweaters and the beach.
Keep Dreaming, Bethany

Sweaters and the beach, my two favorite things! I’ll be sure to do this next time I’m by the ocean on a chilly day.


Thanks Joanna :)


Needed this for my weekend beach trips. Hello Labor Day! Thanks Joanna!

Sonia McKeon

The yellow sweater posted is different from the link.. The link has cutout shoulders and no hood. Where can we find the yellow sweater in the pix? Stunning!

That Black Bikini, I loved It !!