Becoming The Observer of Your Life

Here are some helpful steps to build personal awareness and practice observation to understand our true selves!

This post comes from our Australia contributor, Miann Scanlan. Follow along with her on Instagram @freepeopleaustralia!

Being the observer means noticing what we feel, think, do and imagine without being attached to the experience. When we examine ourselves objectively without getting caught up in what I refer to as the Ego, we can better determine if our actions are aligned with our authentic self.

To give you some background on what I mean when I talk about the Ego – the Ego is a spiritual concept that transcends many religions. I first learned of this while reading Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now. Basically, Tolle describes the ego as our self-image, not our true self. The ego is characterized by labels, masks, images and judgments where, on the other hand, the true self is the field of possibilities, creativity, intentions and power. We can go beyond the ego through self-awareness – awareness of our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and speech. And one way to silence the ego within me is by practicing self-observation.

Ask yourself “is this emotion/thought/feeling/action serving me?” Pose this question at every opportunity. Take a moment to be present, – this action of reflection will not only help you make mindful choices but, with time and repetition, you will become better acquainted with your authentic self.

Silence your inner critic. When you begin to consciously detach from thoughts or situations to observe, try to silence any negative thoughts or feelings you have about what you see. If you have negative thoughts, don’t buy into the ego by reacting, just simply observe.

Don’t be too loud and proud. The same way you must silence your inner critic (your ego), you must also not let your ego get too inflated. The goal here isn’t to condemn or praise yourself, but to simply become quietly aware.

Lovingly greet your regret. Regret is a key player in self-observation. We always wish we could have done, said or approached things differently. Greet your hindsight with loving and open arms, let go of feelings of regret and be grateful for any and all lessons learnt.

Journal your truths. After practicing observation at length, you will soon begin to find clarity and identify moments that feel authentic. These are your truths. The true you. Tap into that inspired feeling and record it to reference when you are feeling lost or need direction.

+What have you learned from observing a favorite experience?

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Love it everytime when Miann is writing again. I have been working a lot on personal awareness and self-respect and self-love and it is a very hard thing to work on. I will definitely put these advices in my “how to practice personal awareness and self-love”-box.

Thanks again. <3

Hugs, the girl from the sea

Some interesting insights here. Emotional intelligence is key, I believe. Knowing how to react with maturity, integrity and wisdom is something to focus on. Many of us have coping strategies that we think will help us but it’s often at the expense of other people’s welfare.

great post! Lovely inner depth of useful insights.

I love this post and literally just reread the book “the power of now” this weekend! Talk about divine coincedence. Love this blog and how inspiring these posts can be. :)

hippie gal follow me on instagram @hippiegal and my blog

Awesome post and great photos! Thanks for sharing.

I’m obsessed. Thank you for sharing this insightful look into mindfulness!

Fantastic post, change your habits – change your life…