How to Make Your Own Rose Moisturizing Spray + 5 Benefits of Rosewater

Learn about the benefits of rosewater and how to make a super hydrating moisturizing spray.

I’ll admit, I haven’t always been a fan of the rose. As someone who is typically drawn to more masculine scents, I was convinced that the scent of rose was too delicate, too predictable; calling to mind powder rooms and antiquated ideals. For a long time I resisted, choosing sunflowers for my home and woodsy scents for my body, but at some point something changed. Blame the $5.99 cottage rose bouquets at Whole Foods (too pretty and inexpensive to resist!). Blame the fact that they’re just one more flower my foliage-loving cat can gnaw on and not expire. Blame Brigette. But I am now officially converted, having fallen hard for this classic bloom whose scent I now understand to be much more complex and nuanced than powder rooms and potpourri initially suggest. Besides bringing them into my space in the form of simple bouquets, I’ve began incorporating rosewater into my beauty routine and my skin is all the better for it.

Besides its lovely scent and enchanting color, rosewater is filled with benefits and has been used for centuries to soothe and replenish skin. It’s even believed that Cleopatra was a fan. Along with its soothing properties, rosewater can:

  • Help balance the PH levels of your skin and relieve blocked pores. Use it as a toner by swiping a rosewater-moistened cotton ball over clean skin.
  • Reduce inflammation. If you have dark circles beneath your eyes, try soaking a cotton ball in rosewater and holding it under each eye for a few minutes. The anti-inflammatory properties will reduce the appearance of dark circles.
  • Promote hair growth. Use it as a rinse in the shower to make your hair smell fresh, clear dandruff, hydrate strands, and promote scalp health.
  • Heal bug bites, small scrapes, blemishes, and lighten scars. Mix it with Fuller’s earth to create a paste that will reduce the appearance of blemishes and scars.
  • Ease stress and anxiety. Make a linen spray with it and mist pillows and bedding to promote a restful night’s sleep.

When choosing a rosewater, it’s important to select a brand that is as pure as possible. I found Heritage Store brand to be inexpensive, free of additives, and easily sourced at my local health food store (i.e. Whole Foods). But there are plenty of options available, or you can learn how to make your own rosewater right here on the blog (thanks Julia!).

With summer drawing to a close, my sun-parched skin has been in need of some serious TLC and my usual go-to moisturizer just hasn’t been cutting it. Bet you can’t guess where this is going… Along with the uses and benefits listed above — or perhaps because of them — rosewater happens to be an amazing after sun treatment and, when mixed with enriching sweet almond oil and moisture-retaining vegetable glycerin, makes the perfect moisturizing spray. What’s more, this might just be the easiest DIY you do this year. Read on for the steps:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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Spray bottle (I found mine at Whole Foods – dark glass ensures your oils won’t break down if exposed to sun)

Rose water (as pure and organic as possible)

Vegetable glycerin

Sweet almond oil (or body oil of choice — jojoba works well too)

Optional: Additional essential oils

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To make: Fill the spray bottle halfway with rosewater. Next, fill it ¾ of the way with sweet almond oil. Top it off with vegetable glycerin. Shake!

Because I can rarely leave well enough alone, I added a few drops of patchouli oil to my bottle to mix up the scent a bit. You could also try cedar oil, geranium, or any other essential oil your heart desires. You can also adjust the measurements to make a heavier or lighter spray, but be careful, too much oil can make the spray nozzle clog.

To use: Spray on and rub in as you would your normal moisturizer. Try using it before you towel off from the shower for a super hydrating experience.

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

+What’s your favorite way to use rosewater? Please share in the comments!

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7 years ago

I find my rosewater at ethnic grocery stores! It’s around $3 per bottle. I’ve also purchased Neroli (orange blossom) water there, too!

I love how simple and easy this recipe is! I’ll definitely be trying it!

7 years ago

I too am in love with rosewater! I discovered it at the Fresh store in NYC. I needed something that could make my makeup and skin go the extra mile towards the end of a long day, and that is what they recommended. It was a little pricey, but it lasts almost a year. It is also amazing to have when traveling on planes or long car road trips. It makes my face feel so much more hydrated and plus it makes my skin look healthy. It might look a little pretentious to spray it on your face randomly in public, but it works! I haven’t tried any other brands of rosewater spray, but I’m going to try out your diy version!

7 years ago

love this! I will definitely try making my own!

7 years ago

Rose water is my absolute favorite to spritz onto my face on a hot summer day or night. It instantly refreshes and leaves a lingering scent on my skin and hair. Can’t get enough of the stuff!

7 years ago

This is SO awesome! I just posted a tutorial on how to make your own rosewater from scratch and I have so much leftover. Definitely trying this spray!

Rose water is so refreshing on a humid, mucky day. Unfortunately, looks like my Whole Foods isn’t quite as nice as yours. I’ve never seen those beautiful bottles there! But maybe I just need to have a better because I definitely want to make this.

7 years ago

Rose scented anything feels so luxurious – talk about feeling like a Parisian princess. I once had a boyfriend who drew me up a rose scented bath in a beautiful claw-foot tub, rose petals and all. The relationship didn’t last but I’ll never forget the best bath of my life. Love this tutorial!

7 years ago

What a lovely idea. This would make such a lovely handmade gift too. Thanks for sharing
Hannah x

7 years ago

This is a really good DIY idea, thanks! I’ll probably leave out the extra essential oils though. My skin doesn’t tolerate fragrant plant oils.

7 years ago

Such a lovely idea! I have a post on how to make rosewater so it can be paired with the rest of your tutorial :)

7 years ago

I make most of my own Skincare; and use a mixture of 1/2 Rosewater to 1/2 Witch Hazel, and a splash of my own herbal tincture in ACV to make a wonderfully healing, nourishing, clarifying facial toner.

7 years ago

I bet this smells and feels fantastic! I had no idea rosewater had so many health benefits. Thanks for this tutorial, I’ll definitely have to try it out!

7 years ago

I always enjoy the FP Blog tutorials, but I rarely actually do them. But now THIS, I am going out to buy some roses ASAP! So perfect for me, a dry skinned, acne scar ridden, headache haunted, and dark circled girl who just adores the smell of roses. Thank you for this beautiful post!

7 years ago

I’ve used rosewater for years, and swear by it. Norma Bates used it, and look how great she looked when she got older ;)

7 years ago

For the blemish treatment, how much Fuller’s Earth and rosewater should you mix together? And should you use it as a mask or a spot treatment? Can’t wait to try this!

7 years ago

I have been using rosewater for years and I have noticed the difference. I love spritzing it on my face after a long shower! It keeps my skin refreshed and to be honest it probably keeps me sane ;)

7 years ago

This article is great! Fakely washed hair, I love it! This is so useful for when I do photo shoots at the beach for my clients!

6 years ago

What can i use in place of glycerin?, I think am allergic to glycerin, I have tried it severally and it breaks my skin.

6 years ago

I bought everything from WholeFoods! Most of the fragrance oils are way too strong and smell bad. I used the grapefruit essential oil and it smells amazing with the rose water :) This would be great to pack as a traveling essential on the airplane; it really hydrates your skin.

6 years ago

This is so cool! I used to buy rose water mists from Jurlique and it’s pretty pricey. Glad that now I found a way to DIY it! Saves up so much money! Thanks for sharing, it’s very helpful!! <3

Silent Dances And Glasses

6 years ago

Can I dilute the rosewater by adding some
distilled water and then add the oils or will the oils and water not mix well.

6 years ago

So I just made this, but with minor adjustments. Instead of the sweet almond oil I used avocado oil for its skin benefits.

I also added a few drops of bergamot for its lovely scent and skin benefits.

Whole foods was selling the bottles the glass bottles for 6$ a piece (a little steep for an empty bottle in my opinion) but I managed to find cheaper ones ($2.50 a piece) at Saje in the amber coloured glass.

I look forward to seeing how this mist improves my daily skin regimen!

5 years ago

You’ve inspired me to make this myself, just ordered all of the ingredients, thank you! Could you tell me how many drops of essential oils I should add, I’m addicted to rose hip seed oil?

5 years ago

Hi, with rosewater can I use tea tree oil?
My skin is oily acne prone so can not add other things.
Also want to know can I use rose water for sun spray?