Suite Caroline Salon x Free People: Learn How To Style The Metal Ponytail Cuff

We partnered with one of our favorite NYC salons to bring you something exciting – look for it all month long! 

Last week, we showed you how to style up the Ear Cuff To Hair Chain. Today, as a part of our month-long partnership with New York’s Suite Caroline Salon, we’re bringing you another one of our favorite looks with the help of in-house stylist, Britney! Below, Britney walks us through her take on the half-up, half-down pony using the FP Metal Ponytail Cuff. Check out the tutorial and, if you’re in the NYC area, head into Suite Caroline any time before August 31 and get styled out with Sparks Hair Color or a Free People hair accessory. Pay for the styling, get the product complimentary!



Step one: Section hair starting at the nape and create desired wave with either a one-inch curling iron or 1 1/4-inch iron. 


Wave entire head.



Step Two: From the high recessions of your front hairline, create a halo section for your high pony. The messier, the better!


Leave some hair around the face for a more organic, bohemian look.


Step Three: Secure with a hair tie.


Step Four: Spray a dry shampoo or Oribe’s dry texture spray all over hair to create more texture. Massage scalp to create volume.


Step Five: Attach the Free People pony accessory to the ponytail.


Step Six: To make the ponytail bigger, backcomb with a tail comb if desired.


Step Seven: Finish with either a hair spray or more texture spray, and feel free to curl the pony if you wish!




A huge thank you to Suite Caroline and Britney!

Stay tuned this month for more hair tutorials with Suite Caroline! 

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cool tutorial, so going to try this out. Very different with what I usually do

This looks so good! I am definitely going to have to learn to master it even with my short hair!

Loving this! Such a great tutorial. I will be trying this out! Love your blog!

I’m wishing I had my long hair again so I can try this. Any styling coming up for short hair?

I love the hairdo!

Amazing :) I love the look and I definitely have to keep my eyes open for one of those metal ponytail cuffs ;)
thx for the inspiration definitelywant to recreate this

Amazing style


Really amazing! It looks gorgeous and simple at the same time! I often wear ponytails as it`s so convenient.


Is there a link to a video to watch this tutorial?


A beautiful hair style. Great tutorial!

This blog is very useful because you find information that can help in being a hairstylist. Thanks a lot!


Thanks for tutorial . It’s look gorgeous.I love that I can accessorise a simple hairstyle, with such a simple accessory.

I like different kinds of buns and ponytails and look for inspiration like and tutorials like yours .It depends upon the desire of one how could it be bonded or free


cool style!