Bring Summer Into Fall with DIY Shell Candles

Bring summer beach memories into fall with this easy DIY project.

Summer will soon come to a bittersweet end as it fades into the cooler days of autumn. On my windowsill a small collection sits, representative of the mountains and shores I visited these past few months, the paths I trekked and the roads I wandered. I always find myself slipping these small mementos into my pockets as I go along my way. Some stay put, my thumbs meditatively finding their textures and ridges inside a worn pocket on a cold afternoon, while some are destined to be displayed on shelves and in plants throughout my home. Shells, stones, pieces of broken pottery and sea glass…these small pieces of nature are my way of remembering where I’ve been, and I find myself looking back on them in the dead of winter, a reminder of the warm sun-filled days ahead.

While these shells and stones typically lay as peaceful artifacts, on my final beach day of the season I came across a particularly impressive clam shell that needed something more. With a bit of wax, a wick, and my trusty tin can double boiler, I made this simple, summery project that will burn bright all year round. Juxtaposed against a chilly evening, this little shell candle is a pretty reminder of these gorgeous summer months.

Shell Candle

Shell Candle

DIY Shell Candle


Large shell

Paraffin wax or wax candle

Candle wick

Super glue

Double boiler or a clean tin can & a small pot

1. Melt the wax using a double boiler or a can nested in a pot of water.

Shell Candle

2. While the wax is melting, use the superglue to affix the candle wick to the deepest part of the shell.

Shell Candle

3. Once the wax has melted, pour a small amount into the shell and allow to cool.

Shell Candle

4. Slowly fill the shell with wax, being careful to now allow it to tip.

Shell Candle

5. Allow the wax to cool completely before trimming the wick.

Shell Candle


Shell Candle

Shell Candle

+ How are you keeping summer’s memories alive?

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These are really awesome. I have some shells we collected over the summer that I will need to try this with.

Such a creative way to make a candle! Great post xo

Such a sweet & simple idea! Liv x

These are so beautiful!

These are really awesome, i will try it soon!