Brooklyn to Nashville: On the Road with Urban Cowboy

Come along on the journey from Brooklyn to Nashville with Urban Cowboy owners Lyon Porter and Jersey Banks!

Owners of Urban Cowboy Bed and Breakfast, Lyon Porter and Jersey Banks set out on a two week journey from Brooklyn to Nashville. They hit the open road in their 1989 Wagoneer, named Butch, after picking up a 1972 Airstream, dubbed Sunny, and set off to the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains. They had no agenda, and no real plan other than making it to Nashville in one piece. After a few breakdowns, bears, whiskey and a lot of fun, they made it (barely).

The below images of their journey show modern pioneers, forging ahead to new lands in search of life’s next adventure. For them, this adventure is their second location, Urban Cowboy B&B Nashville.

Cowboys_BKtoNA_PhiliRanch_sky (1 of 1)-3

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“The Cabin at Urban Cowboy Bed and Breakfast”

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“Butch, the ’89 Wagoneer, in front of Urban Cowboy B&B packed and ready to roll.”

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“Montauk Lighthouse, on the way to pick up Sunny the ’72 Argosy Airstream”

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“Our good friend Clint makes custom-designed wallpaper and came with us to Montauk to customize Butch and Sunny”


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“Looking west toward Nashville”

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“Dinners and dives, life on the road.”

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“Blue Ridge butterflies. We discovered a cabin from the 1700’s on a lake in the middle of the mountains.”

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Cowboys_BKtoNA_PhiliRanch_sky (1 of 1)-19

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“Broke down… again.”

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“The Great Smoky Mountains!”

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“Airstream life…”


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“Made it to our friend Mama Hot Dog’s “Hotel Hotdog””

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“We made it to Nashville!”

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Photography by Nikki Brand

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  1. IMO it’s so important to show your customers that women of color are also FP ladies! Your aesthetic often lacks diversity and closes me off to the brand as a latina woman because I often feel that it’s not for “me.” It’s for thin, white women.

    I love the FP style and I encourage you to continue to feature women of color, and especially women with a variety of body types.

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