Crystal Lovers: Welcome to Mineraliety (+ Giveaway!)

Discover Mineraliety — a crystal-lover’s dream!

The gems of the earth are such fascinating things. Their natural, perfectly imperfect beauty was what first drew me in – and their mystical, energetic properties lured me even deeper. As soon as I found out about Mineraliety, I knew I needed to share it with the world.

Mineraliety, my friends, is a brand new site that might just become a mineral lover’s paradise. I went straight to the source – founders Emily and Matt – to wrap my head around this space they’ve created.

Take a look below to discover what Mineraliety is all about – and then enter to win a rad tote plus a quartz crystal handpicked by Emily and Matt. We’re picking 5 winners total! (Details at the end of the post.)


First and foremost, I must commend you guys on your pun use. Who can we credit for the creation of the word Mineraliety? How did this genius term come about?

Matt: I think genius is a bit of a stretch, but we are glad you appreciate the name we came up with. When we were kicking around names for our new venture we tried tons of combinations. Either the web address was already taken or the name just didn’t feel right. We wanted a name that could stand the test of time, speak to the community we were looking to connect with and make people think for a moment. Mineraliety comes from combining the words ‘mineral’ and ‘society’. To make it less of a brain teaser we added “a mineral society” as our tag line.

Emily: In case anyone is wondering, Mineraliety is pronounced “min-er-al-eh-tee”.

How did you become involved in the world of minerals?

Matt: Who doesn’t grow up and love going to the Natural History Museum in DC?! The museum has the most amazing collection and if you haven’t been you should make it a destination for a trip. We both trace our love of minerals back to childhood. I became more involved in the mid-90s when I began to travel the US on Phish and ‘Dead tours. That obsession evolved into selling minerals while on tour which later turned into incorporating minerals into a clothing store I owned with friends in Philadelphia, PA.

Emily: I was always drawn to minerals as a child, but I delved deeply into the world of minerals walking to class one day at Temple University and the Geology Club was having their annual rock sale and I knew instantly I needed to join the club. After a club trip to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, where I devoured all the fine mineral specimens, I started my Tumblr blog Mineralia and I haven’t looked back since.

I love that this is a space for mineral lovers of all facets — decorative, scientific, metaphysical. Which of these would you consider yourself?

Matt: I love incorporating minerals into the interior design of my house. Placing a tourmaline on a windowsill in the right place so that when the light hits it, the glow of the tourmaline makes you smile. Although, I do not use minerals for any of the healing powers some people do, I can definitely sense the energy they create.

Emily: I agree with Matt. I love having minerals scattered about my home and enjoying them for their intense aesthetic value. So much so I have a few minerals tattooed on my body. I enjoy getting better and better at recognizing and identifying minerals I see at gem shows and online in pictures.



Do you think certain personality types are drawn to certain stones?

Matt: Similar to how individuals are drawn to their favorite color, the music they listen to or the clothes they wear to express themselves, a mineral has a similar attraction. Since we started connecting with the community more in-depth we have realized that more and more people from all walks of life are into minerals. People we would never have expected to be into minerals, are. Whether that attraction stems from a specific color, a metaphysical pull or the overall beauty of a stone, I’m sure one’s personality also lends itself to being attracted to a specific mineral.

Emily: Different minerals definitely have their own personalities, so I think that does sometime coincide with a person’s personality. Minerals are very diverse; there are flashy to plain, colorful to subdued, large to small, rough to smooth, treated to natural.

If you were a mineral, which would you be?

Matt: I’ve walked around with the same Afghani blue, purple cap tourmaline for the last 15 years, so I’d have to say tourmaline.

Emily: Dioptase, which is a really gemmy mineral and a beautiful bluish emerald color, is my favorite mineral and the subject of my very first tattoo. Its hardness level is also my favorite number, 5.

What advice would you give to someone who’s interested in exploring the metaphysical aspect, but doesn’t know where to start?

Matt: is your resource! The site is not only a place for mineral enthusiasts to buy and sell anything and everything having to do with minerals, gems and rocks, including specimens, art and jewelry, the site is also a place for those interested in learning about over 90 minerals. We are providing information that includes the physical and metaphysical properties, and interesting information about each mineral.


I’ve read that the Earth’s gems can be energetically charged by the light of the moon and sun, and cleansed in the sea. Do you know anything about this?

Emily: I can tell you for sure the Earth is an intricate, mystifying, and mind-blowing creature. If the moon can control our oceans’ tides and the sun can feed our plants, who’s to say there isn’t some connectivity with minerals? Charging and cleansing minerals isn’t something I’ve explored, but I have an open mind and would enjoy learning more.

Any other interesting mineral tips you have to share?

Matt: Looking to start collecting something, but not sure what? I say consider minerals as a hobby to get into. One thing to keep in mind is prices range from affordable to very, very expensive. It is a very fun hobby to get into though. You end up meeting some interesting people and if you become hardcore you can take it a step further and start looking to mine some minerals yourself. The USA produces some amazing specimens. Do some research and start digging!

Emily: I think everyone should have at least one crystal in their home. Much like bringing nature into your home with plants, decorating with minerals breathes life and beauty into your space.

How do you see Mineraliety evolving as it grows as a society?

Matt: Our vision is to become the place on the web that people come to when they think of anything having to do with rocks, gems and minerals. Mineraliety will be a place to learn, shop and interact with fellow mineral lovers.


The giveaway: 5 lucky winners will receive an awesome Mineraliety tote bag (I use mine for everything) plus a beautiful quartz crystal. To enter, simply sign up on, follow their Instagram, and then comment below telling us what you love most about the world of minerals. Make sure to include your email address! Giveaway ends Tuesday 9/22 at 11:59 pm EST. Open to U.S. only, lovebugs! :)


A huge thanks to Matt and Emily for creating this space and sharing it with us! Be sure to become a member of the Mineraliety community to connect with fellow mineral lovers.

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5 years ago

I love all the different structures of minerals, they’re so beautiful. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, I signed up and followed on Instagram!

5 years ago

I love the uniqueness and healing properties of minerals! Every one is different and beautiful!!! That’s for introducing this website to me! Very neat!

5 years ago

I love the living energy you get from wearing or keeping a crystal close at hand. Great website – looking forward to exploring more.

5 years ago

The world of crystals is new to me and I’m excited to learn more. I have a few that I’ve started to decorate my home with and love the way they catch the light and make me feel grounded. Thanks for introducing me to the Mineraliety website! :)

Kelly paine
5 years ago

Great article! Menerality is doing it right…for the love of all thing Meneral! There’s something to be said about that perfect crystal or stone that speaks to your soul and energizes you! When you find it you just know it was meant to heal you, to comfort you, to shine it’s beauty upon you! Thank you Matt and Emily for sharing the love and knowledge!!

5 years ago

In my mind, the natural making, form, and variety of minerals is unlike many other things in the world. The colors alone are mind-blowing and the healing properties are of the earth and most people don’t even know how a little stone necklace can keep a cold away! My engagement ring has quartz crystals reaching out of it’s center, I figured an earthy diamond was more my style and minerals are very special to me because of that daily reminder on my hand. x

5 years ago

Minerals bring us back to the simple reality that we are all connected and I’ll always love them for that. Thank you for introducing me to such a beautiful site!



5 years ago

I love the beauty and healing powers of minerals. This is such a cool site to learn more about all the properties of minerals!

5 years ago

The way the light shines through a crystal displayed in a window… tiny rainbows.

5 years ago

I love how every crystal is different!

5 years ago

There is something magical about the mystical and energy based properties of minerals and crystals but I also have to say – I love the aesthetic. I love having all the little bits of sparkly color arranged just so, on a windowsill, catching the light in the morning. I like the way the purples and greens share space in a piece of flourite. I like having a little rock in my pocket and squeezing it and knowing I am holding something naturally, inherently beautiful.

Megan M.
5 years ago

What I love about the crystal world is that each crystal is diverse and unique. They can be used to purify and clarify on the spiritual and mental planes or just simple decoration. Since I was a child I have always been attracted to crystals. Amethyst in particular.

5 years ago

Wow– First off I want to start off by saying how absolutely incredible this is. I am sure I can speak for all mineral collectors out there that this has been something only one could dream of. I am so blown away by this creation of Matt & Emily.

What I love most about the world of minerals is simply just the minerals themselves. Every stone is so unique, unlike one another and candidly exist just as they are created- raw, natural, colorful beauties.

5 years ago

lover of how power is contained in such a small beautiful charm. love the fact that they are medicine easily incorporated in daily life. they light up my life

5 years ago

i haven’t delved too much into the world of minerals, but I had a powerful dream recently about them so I feel moved to explore. This blog post is so timely!

5 years ago

I love that we can gain healing powers from the earth that can later be amped up with even more power from two of the greatest powers, the sun and the moon. Wearing a mineral can be awesome because they’re beautiful, but also incredibly healing if you find the right one. Giving minerals as gifts is my favorite even when my receiver doesn’t understand or believe in the power I’m trying to pass on. Love the site so far and I love that y’all are giving minerals away! xoxo

5 years ago

thier uniqueness. no two are the same. i love that

5 years ago

I am simply in awe of the fact that nature creates these diverse and gorgeous gems and minerals, each with their own special qualities. Reading about the healing powers of crystals have always fascinated me, i am addicted! xxx lovely post fp!

Miranda Harris
5 years ago

What’s not to love about minerals?! There is something naturally beautiful about minerals. Maybe it’s the nostalgia that comes with cracking open a geode to see what glittering gem is inside, or maybe it’s the fact that not one gem is the same-some evoking mystery, others contributing warmth to a home. Either way, I can’t get enough of them!

5 years ago

I love the variety of minerals and their capacity to aid in healing and personal growth! My favorites are Tanzanite, all varieties of Quartz, and Padparadscha Sapphire. I’ve been a longtime follower on Instagram ( and I’ve signed up for the website! Thanks for such a lovely giveaway opportunity, good luck to all!

Bailey McLemore
5 years ago

Minerals never cease to amaze me. I love the diversity, even between two minerals of the same name. Much like fingerprints, you will never find two completely identical minerals. They are even more fascinating once you think that they were formed from thousands or even millions of years of pressure and matter, slowly becoming the beautiful specimen that you can enjoy!

5 years ago

My favorite thing about crystals is how they are so pretty that they feel magical. Like a fairytale.

5 years ago

Minerals are so beautiful. It’s interesting how the sun and moon can affect them.

5 years ago

I’ve always been curious about the mystic in nature, how everything that surrounds us affects us and minerals have that power of captivating, each of them is unique and they make me believe in magic.

5 years ago

I have always been drawn to minerals and crystals- starting with field trips to the Albany museum and seeing the display cases full of local beauties. I now have a modest collection of pieces I’ve found along the way. If I were a mineral I would be pyrite- strong, organized and shiney :)