Daily Mantras with Aarona Ganesan

Meet Aarona Ganesan who will be leading yoga on our FP Escapes retreat to Yelapa, Mexico!

Let us introduce Aarona, the yogi who will be weaving us through her world of asana and meditation on our FP Escape (powered by Yogascapes) to Yelapa, Mexico from January 9-16. With movement, holistic health and the arts being at the forefront of Aarona’s healing journey, she’s deeply inspired to share her growth and tools with others. Born in LA and brewed in NYC, inspired by 20 plus years of yoga, 12 years as a yoga teacher and wellness adviser, a BFA in photography and mixed media arts, and a love of writing and globetrotting – Aarona will share her passions with us on and off the mat. She’s also the creator behind ‘THE MOON DECK’ and Yoga Soundscape’ which she’ll bring as offerings to our FP Escapes adventure.

To get to know Aarona a little more, we thought we’d ask her to share some of her favorite mantras. We’ll also be doing a live Periscope with Aarona this Friday at 11am EST where she’ll answer all of your yoga questions and teach you how to find a mantra of your own. Follow @FreePeople on Twitter, and be sure to tune in!

For now, we’ll let her take it from here…




Mantras are powerful tools that can tap you into the power of your thoughts and your words. They have the power to bring you into the present moment, re-direct your mental energy, and uplift you physically, emotionally, imaginatively, and spiritually. Below are some mantras to work with that have helped me personally. Be sure to repeat each mantra to yourself at least 3 times in a row. Feel the difference and use them any time you need a boost. Using mantras on a regular basis will encourage self-love and confidence to be a natural and steady part of your being.


“I am the weaver of my reality”

Weaving your reality is a skill that begins on the inside. It’s a creative practice that requires you to be attentive while setting clear intentions. The quality of your inner dialogue impacts how you feel and experience the world around you. Repeat this mantra 3 times and know that you’re a resilient woman weaving her web and writing her own story.


“I am courageous, steady and strong”

When our voice feels stuck or weak, the outside world can more easily divert our goals. When you feel courageous, steady and strong, you’re more available and in tune with your greater purpose. Whenever you’re lacking confidence or feeling emotionally depleted repeat this mantra 3 times or more, and bask in the resonance. You can sit or even strut as you work with these powerful words.

“I welcome clear vision and inspired action”

When your vision is clear and you know what you want, taking inspired steps forward feels more effortless. If things are not yet clear, the sincere act of asking and listening will lead you there. If you feel a call inside for clarity and action, pause and confidently repeat this mantra 3 times in a row with complete trust that the answer is available to you. Use this mantra consistently until you feel a shift.


“I love myself completely and unconditionally”

Self-love is daily. As we step off the roller coaster ride of trying to be something or someone that doesn’t reflect our truth, we’re learning to love where we are right in this moment. There is nothing to change, fix, or be. Love and accept yourself as you are now, turn your self-love rituals into a daily practice, and watch the magic unfold. Repeating this mantra 3 times or more every day is a good place to start. Know you’re worthy of complete and total love. The remedy is within.


‘When I let others shine I shine too”

As you give others space to shine bright and stand fully in their radiance, you give yourself permission to do the same. We all long to be seen and valued. Feel that part of you that wants to glow beyond rules or inhibitions and allow yourself to openly admire another women’s brightness as well. Comparison dulls our shine, and the planet wants and needs us all to shine right now. Repeat this mantra as often as possible and remember that there’s enough for us all. We can all shine bright together.

If you want to take this a step further and get your creative juices flowing, grab your journal and make up some of your own mantras! The more concise and clear your mantra, the more potent it will be. Turn it into art, make it a daily sacred practice, and infuse self-love into them all.





Photos of Aarona by Elena Gorelik

Stay Up to Date with Aarona:

Instagram: @aarona.ganesan

Website: http://www.aaronaganesan.com/

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8 years ago

love these mantras!! so inspiring


8 years ago

These are so powerful, would love to go to a FP Escape someday!


8 years ago

Thank you ladies! Join us in January! :)

And these mantras are inspired from ‘The Moon Deck’ (this is 5 out of 44 of them!), which will be launching soon. An oracle set of cards + a booklet with gorgeous illustrations/mantras, to stoke the powers of intention and ritual…something we’ve been pouring our heart and soul into for the last year. Stay in the loop over at: http://www.TheMoonDeck.com /// xoxo

8 years ago

Or head to my personal website for updates as well. (I send out a bi-weekly love note with lots of similar goodies). http://www.aaronaganesan.com

8 years ago

thank you for sharing this! i’ve been working with them and really feeling a difference. i so needed this!

Claudia Zweig
8 years ago

I need to learn to be more relaxed

ottavia zeffilini
7 years ago

Only found you today 8/16/16 and I’m quite up in age then you (62) but when I was in my 20s living in SF on my own for the 1st time, I made a small herbal bath company Russet Moon Bath. I was very happy mixing the herbs, sewing them into cloth bags or lace for the bath and some to sweeten drawers.
Also did ads ,posters, and dance boards for Dance Spectrum in SF that was fun plus received free class’s.
Yet it seemed just when I was cozy in where I was living and doing things I loved, something would happen, the rent would get raised, thought I couldn’t pay that much,, just scared. Am glad to see you making a go at what you want to do and staying with it.
I’ve done some yoga,, mostly ballet and qi gong then I’d drift, again glad to see you doing class’s in Mexico ect.
I’m going to take some advise from you young girls, re-sage my home in Hawai’i /at least this was a childhood dream I made happen\ clear & clean* the hut-house and then move, yes 27 years in this remote but Heritage area has been enough for me. Best to rent it out until I find the place I really want to be for finish out my life then sell,, its possibly one of my best desides to buy land in Hawai’i,, someone, somewhere always wants to move here.
OK enough of my rambling wordings,, was having not a delightful day but an email showed up “Bringing the beach into the city” then I found you Aarona_
* and that’s going to take some help.. yet does have a lovely back yard..