Décor Do: Build A Gallery Wall

My studio is the place where I go to create. My walls are blank space and, lately, have been calling for some inspiration.

I know you’ve seen the good ol’ gallery walls on Pinterest. You know, the ones that seem so effortless and cool. Some messy magazine tears, scribbled quotes, all within a corner of the perfect-looking studio. Well, I’ve been a little obsessed with these, so much so that I found myself on a ladder all weekend with a pile of nails and a hammer.

First thing’s first. Gallery walls are hard. They are intimidating, and the entire time you will be worried about one thing: the spacing, the spacing, the spacing. Who knew one could be so bad with a measuring tape? I figured it out, and conquered. Before you start your wall, grab a #FPBFF, some patience, and repeat out loud, “anything goes”.

Masking Tape

Collect. Almost anything can have a beautiful visual presence on a gallery wall. Whether it’s love letters, polaroids or maps. My Mom and I have been collecting Mexican Folk art, reclaimed tins and quirky oil paintings since forever, so my wall was destined to have this look. I recommended picking a theme, (mine was a bit Frida Kahlo-inspired) and turn it into a collection.

Plan. Measure the wall, and mimic the area on the floor. This gives you a chance to lay everything out and play around with different options. This is the fun, mistake-free, no-messy-holes-in-the wall part that lets you curate your vision. Though my real gallery wall ended up looking different then the one on the floor, this was so helpful for me, allowing me to interpret different ideas and visualize scales.

Start Big. On my floor plan, I placed the biggest pieces of art on four corners as the strong, structural anchor points to my wall. Putting your first nail in the wall is beyond stressful, but starting big and hanging these strong points keeps things in perspective. This helped me have a strong starting point, and also visually showed me what space I have to work with. You will begin to fill in from here.

Follow Your Heart.
Take a step back every once and a while and see what is missing. At this point, you are hanging away, and your wall is growing into something. Look at the big picture, and see what is missing. You may like swapping things, adding some last-minute vintage photos with masking tape, or choose to have some things hung off-centered. Things don’t have to go exactly as planned and, if you stick with your heart through the journey, you’ll end up with your own little masterpiece.

– Make a day of it with your best friend. Asking someone for help is crucial during this process. It’s nice to have someone who’s got your back (literally, on the ladder, with antlers in your hand), and also to share his/her honest opinions on placement. Grab some snacks, spin Fleetwood Mac, and make this fun.

– Be original. Your wall doesn’t need to look exactly like mine. I’m always a bit all over the place – a mix of old and new – so I wanted my wall to be full and funky. If you are more modern or minimal, stick with it. We are all original, and our walls should be too!

– Know your space, and build around it. I chose my desk as the piece of furniture above which to hang my art, but the options are endless. A tiny nook in your bedroom, above the couch in your living room.

– Let Mother Nature hang out on your wall. Go green, grab some plants and hang them. I love the way plants make me feel. I breathe better with them around, and they add a light, natural feel to the wall.

– Play with textures, sizes, and depths. Think carved wood, hammered metals, shelving pieces, blown glass, mirrors and hooks.

– Soften it up. I taped feathers, dried flowers and cute photos on the wall to make it sweet and meaningful, while adding some contrast.

– If you have the option to create art, go for it. I grabbed a sharpie, and scribbled a lil’ something on the wall to keep me happy and musing.

– Take a break. It’s ok to start and not finish. If you need to step away and come back to it when you are feeling motivated, then let it be. This bad boy took me two solid days to finish.

– Again, have fun. Keep calm. Watch out for your fingers, and make sure your landlord doesn’t mind loud noises!

Follow the call of the disco doll today, babes! Go hang up your art wall – it’s totally worth the sore arms and measuring breakdowns. I’m currently typing this post, and looking up at a big gallery wall with a bigger smile on my face.

+What would you hang on your gallery wall? If you’ve made one before, what are your tips? Let me know in the comments!

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Gigi Garrison
7 years ago

I love this!!!!!!

7 years ago

What I like most about gallery walls is the ability to see the homeowner’s personality at a glance. It says so much since each collection is unique.
I tend to have gallery walls that grow as I keep adding little trinkets.

7 years ago

My favorite thing is the handwritten quote at the top. So effortlessly cool!


7 years ago

Can I move in? I love this!

7 years ago

This is so stylish! You are very talented.

Katy Lohn
7 years ago

Yay babe I wanna come visit!

7 years ago

I have made some many gallery walls! They look so good, love this one.

7 years ago

Ah, I love the gallery wall. I just realized I’ve been constructing one without even knowing it. Beside my bed, I’ve been hanging up little art pieces and words with pretty tape. There’s also a dried baby’s breath in a glass bottle hanging from the curtain rod with twine. Next I just need to figure out how to put up a sun printed scarf (makeshift mini tapestry) and a vintage coffee sign. Yours is amazing.


Suzanne conaulty
7 years ago

Do not understand what u want here

7 years ago

I’m totally in LOVE with your Gorgeous Wall and Gorgeous Desk! So Wonderfully Creative! Wow. I’m Incredibly Inspired to Create my own Gallery Wall. Thank you!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

7 years ago
7 years ago

I’m currently working on a gallery wall right now and the planning on the floor first idea is absolutely genius!
Thanks for the inspiration – your wall looks fabulous!


7 years ago

Check out my Etsy shop for macramé wall hangings!

7 years ago

This is the best guide to building a gallery wall. I have wanted to make one and was nervous about it. This is a huge help. Thank you for posting this.


7 years ago

I love your style and this wall art. I want to make this wall decoration over my dresser!

7 years ago

If you’re going for the full floor-to-ceiling look What You’ll Need?

1. As far as tools go, here’s what you’ll need to create the gallery wall of your dreams…
Tape Measurer
Pencil & Eraser
Small Notebook (for writing down measurements)
Phillip’s head screwdriver
Extra nails and screws
Blue painter’s tape
Dara also recommends having a hair tie, a friend to keep you company (and help when needed), and a good playlist going

2. Pick Your Prints

3. Find Your Frames

4. Lay It Out

5. Hang it Up

You can visit this page for more tips: http://bit.ly/1R6sYqu

7 years ago

Hello, i love your post, I have unique bedroom idea in all accounts for every house dweller. It is the place that gives you the much-needed relaxation after a tiring day at work. The most elementary need for a bedroom is the bed.

7 years ago

Your post gives useful tips on how to build a gallery wall. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips.

7 years ago

This is really amazing idea. I always dreamed about something like this but sadly I can’t in my rented room.


7 years ago

We love your blog, this is an helpful post.

6 years ago

Your ideas are awesome! I applied some of them for my room. Anyways, Thanks for great tips

5 years ago

I loved your tips! I have been building gallery walls forever, but was able to find many useful tips in your article. My husband has asked me to leave a little paint showing on the walls of our new home (LOL). I feel every home needs something unique and interesting, or something that tells a story. I have stenciled words with items hung in between the phrases or sayings, painted walls with magnetic paint and hung items with magnets. Anything goes with a gallery wall! All you need is your imagination.

Rena Damskey
3 years ago

Any suggestions or ideas for a wall outside? My studio walks are full. I thought expanding to the outdoors would be FUN.