It’s All In The Details

Our most-loved pieces are back in stock…

Two jackets, hung side-by-side. Shapes are fairly similar. One is just a tad darker in color, but both warm as can be. Why pick one over the other? Is there something about one that draws you in? Maybe it’s the lining, or the hand embroidery that seems to tell a story all the way up the sleeve.

It’s the details, the little details that make something feel that much more special. I’ve been wearing Free People clothes since I was 15, and the way the clothes make me feel has played a huge part in why I work here today – my most-loved and cherished pieces are those that possess a hand-touched quality. From unique tags to intricate embellishment, creative thought and care goes into into everything.  Seeing the designers at work is so exciting, as they’re the ones crafting up all those special little details, making the garments one-of-a-kind. I’m the kind of person that will buy something in every color if it’s a piece that makes me feel good and I want to wear all the time. But what if a piece like this goes out of stock?

They say good things never last, but I’d like to disagree. There’s always room to bring back those things which are worthy, and our site is now full of these back-in-stock items. Interested? Take a peek below, and start prepping those wardrobes for fall!

Shop back in stock


Golden Quills Military Parka


Bandit Denim Cutoffs


Crossings Ankle Boot


Lace Up Layering Top


Sequin Ballet Brief

Shop Back In Stock.

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8 years ago

cool shirt with the strings in the front

8 years ago

I love shots like this, great series.