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Get to know more about Kendall as she talks about her #FPSurlaSol Nicaragua experience, a recent move to London, and the things she can’t live without. FP already loves her, and we know you will too.


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Where are you from? How has this shaped the person that you are today?

I’m lucky enough to call Nashville, TN home. Growing up in Nashville meant that I was raised in an environment full of creatives. Both my mentors and peers were comprised of wildly talented musicians, photographers, dancers, actors, and writers. Beyond pushing me creatively, Nashville also instilled in me a passion for social justice. Together, these things made me someone who loves nothing more than expressing myself and advocating for others.


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Where do you currently live and what’s your favorite place to spend time in your city?

I just moved to London, England this month! Although I’ve only just arrived, I do have a couple favorite neighborhoods already. Shoreditch in East London is filled with great art, the cutest coffee shops, and one of my favorite spots in London – the Vintage Guitar Boutique!  Not even the rain can dull the vibrance of this area. I also have fallen in love with Notting Hill and the Portobello Road market — so many stands of vinyl and vintage finds set against the background of dreamy pastel homes. 


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What’s an average day in the life of Kendall look like?

I’m currently in London doing a research degree in philosophy at King’s College London, which will soon be consuming most of my time. But even with all the course work, my walk to class takes me through Westminster and past Big Ben, so no complaining on my part! Other than that, you can find me taking way too many pictures around the city, playing guitar, meeting up with new people, or scouting out new cafes and pubs around the city!



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It’s the weekend: Who are you with? Where are you going? What are you wearing?

Currently I’m trying to fit in as much exploring as I can before the cold sets in! I love tackling one neighborhood at a time, and I always try to fit in time to collapse on the grass of one of London’s beautiful parks! And when the city gets to be too much for my introverted heart, I can escape to my first England home, Oxford! I studied there last year, and it will always be my first love in this country. As for what I’m wearing, I mostly stick to neutral colors (I love black) and long flowing fabrics. I’m a huge fan of a classic dress, tights, and boots for casual days as well. Pretty much, if it’s fun to twirl in, I’ll wear it!


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Your FP Me profile is full of pictures in the most beautiful places. Is traveling a big part of your life?

Thank you! Traveling is one of the biggest parts of my life, it inspires me creatively and fuels me personally, and I am grateful beyond words to be surrounded by people who support that passion. This past year of my life has been particularly filled with travel, from coast to coast in the States, Italy, Belgium, France, Nicaragua, and England. More than seeing the breathtaking architecture, art, and skies in every new city, without a doubt my favorite part of travel is the people I meet along the way. I’ve learned something about the world and myself from each and every one of them.


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What was your experience like on the FP Sur La Sol trip? 

Nicaragua was such a dream, I still can’t believe it actually happened! It was life-giving in every way and provided me with new lifelong friends. Coming out of the retreat, I’m a much more confident and grateful person.


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Did you learn anything about yourself from this experience?

I’ve learned to embrace risk and love myself, both of which are invaluable lessons. I challenged myself on the retreat by playing my songs in front of people for the first time in well over a year, trying surfing (despite falling most of the time), and going deeper into yoga postures.


What are three things you can’t live without?

Oh goodness. I suppose I would have to say my passport, because there’s so much left of the world yet to explore and so many people I love tucked away across the world from me. Other than that, I would say Duke Ellington’s “In A Sentimental Mood”. Jazz music is my love language. Finally, I would say the knowledge that there are other people (whether they have already lived or are currently living) that have felt the way you feel or thought thoughts you have thought. I love reading a line in a book or reading a song lyric that perfectly captures something I myself struggle to put into words. There’s something magical about those moments and I wouldn’t want to live without them. 


What are your favorite Instagram accounts you turn to for Inspiration?

I’m lucky enough that the Instagram accounts I find most inspiring belong to friends of mine. In particular, my friends Molly Peach (@m0llypeach), Kenzie Maroney (@mackenzie.maroney), and Nicole Mason (@neekmason) are all phenomenal photographers who are even more phenomenal human beings. I’m also a huge fan of Jaci Smith’s (@jacimariesmith) photos. She’s got it going on, and she’s a girl after my own heart with all her traveling! 


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What does being “free” mean to you??

This question is a philosophy student’s worst nightmare! On a personal level though, freedom is all about creation, choice, and chances. We are free in that we have the opportunity to create our own meaning in life and choose our own relationships, style, hopes, dreams, etc. To be free is to be the architect of your own life in every respect and to accept all the consequences of this. It is all about authenticity, which I think is one of the most important aspects of being human. 


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8 years ago

I love that retro boho thing she has going on :-)

8 years ago

Yess!! I love this girl. So excited to see her in London living out her dreams. <3333