Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 28–October 4

What’s in the forecast for your week ahead? 

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September 23–October 22

A lunar eclipse in your relationship angle could intensify your feelings for another person or bring out strong emotions in someone close to you, compelling you to be sensitive. Or you might be reaching a turning point in a personal connection or a business partnership and will need to reevaluate it in the coming months. If a bond is being tested, it will likely either become stronger or be severed. With the sun and backtracking Mercury coming together in Libra, you’re more introverted and focused on yourself than usual. But this eclipse calls for you to be accommodating with others. Despite the fact that Mercury is retrograde, Saturn in your thinking-and-talking sector is clicking with the sun and the moon, implying that a mature mindset and honest communication will improve your relations. Your mental process and speech are especially subjective now, so listen carefully to your own thoughts and words.



October 23–November 21

When a lunar eclipse lands in your efficiency sector, you might realize just how full your plate is and decide you need to drop something. A health issue could come to light or a work project might end, prompting you to make a change. Improving your work environment, streamlining your schedule, looking for a new job, giving up a bad habit or altering your duties, routine, diet or exercise regimen are all potentially positive responses to this eclipse. This is a time to acknowledge what has become unhealthy or unproductive and move past it. If not this week, then in the coming weeks and months, you’ll see what needs fixing. You’ll probably feel pressure to be useful and to get your act together. Saturn in your worth house is meshing with the eclipse, suggesting that conquering financial fears and insecurity will reinforce your self-improvement efforts.



November 22–December 21

The lunar eclipse in your fulfillment sector may coincide with the climax of a creative project or a love affair. This lunation is about maximum self-expression and pleasure, so you may find that something has gone as far as it can go and no longer satisfies you. Your passion and optimism could inspire you to take risks for the sake of your own happiness, but you need to balance your individual interests with the interests of friends, colleagues or another group. The eclipse is gelling with Saturn in Sagittarius, suggesting that any turning point related to play, creativity, children, love, self-expression or happiness will somehow connect back to your personal growth process. This might entail seeing something through to the end, letting someone or something go or giving yourself permission to enjoy life to the fullest. With Saturn involved, no matter how it feels, it’s bound to be for the best.



December 22–January 19

A lunar eclipse at the bottom of your chart signals a shift in your living situation, emotional state or family. You could suddenly feel like nesting, redecorating or moving, as the moon gets you to focus more on your home life. In addition to domestic matters, this lunation can highlight how “at home” you feel inside—so comfort, security and peace could become more important to you, especially if they seem hard to come by at the moment. Family drama is another possibility, and it may take awhile to unfold and reach some kind of resolution. Be aware that everyone, including you, is extra sensitive now, and you need to value feelings and your personal life as much as goals and your professional life. You’re being reminded to tune into what’s going on inside you and inside your home, while still doing your best to accomplish something out in the world.



January 20–February 18

A lunar eclipse might bring a flood of information or everyday interactions, and your brain will be quite busy. You may change your mind about something, and your communication is apt to be heavily influenced by feelings. Something in your immediate environment or your community could change, prompting you to see your world a bit differently. If you have siblings, you might experience some emotional drama with one of them now. If you feel overwhelmed and pulled in many directions, press pause and try to regain perspective. A thousand little things may be distracting you from seeing the big picture. Stay flexible so you can process new facts, run unexpected errands and perhaps take a short trip. Recognize that you have people you can rely on to support you; they’ll help you to process your feelings, learn what you need to know, and focus on the necessary things.



February 19–March 20

A lunar eclipse in your worth zone might trigger a spike in earnings or spending and, if it’s the latter, tuning in to your emotions can help you to limit the damage. Ask yourself what want or need you’re really trying to fill. With mental Mercury retrograde and desirous Venus still acting sluggish, your judgment is off, making splurges inadvisable. You might feel pushed to make financial changes, especially if one source of income dries up. This eclipse calls for you to look at your needs, values, priorities, possessions, assets and self-esteem and be prepared to let go of something. Structured Saturn in your ambition angle is vibing with the moon, hinting that having a professional plan and working hard to achieve your goals will enable you to navigate this shift successfully. Try to balance the need to take care of yourself with the importance of sharing and accepting help.



March 21–April 19

The lunar eclipse in Aries brings your emotions to the surface and reminds you to pay attention to your personal needs. Maintaining your independence and individuality in a relationship might be a theme, or you may need extra attention from your significant other or close friends. You’re seeing the world through a subjective lens and are apt to take things personally. If you’re feeling sensitive and don’t want to get into a conflict with anybody, spend some time alone reflecting. Something may be shifting inside you that calls for you to make a change. Even tweaking your appearance can help you to project a different image that more accurately reflects who you feel like inside. It may be time to let go of something about yourself that doesn’t mesh with what you’ve come to believe, where you see yourself heading in life and whom you want by your side.



April 20–May 20

A lunar eclipse in the last house of your chart could illuminate something in your subconscious, so pay attention to your dreams and carve out plenty of private time for introspection. Something you were trying to keep to yourself could come out into the open, in which case you need to deal with it once and for all so you can put it behind you. This eclipse is drawing your attention to your spiritual well-being and demanding that you balance everyday busyness with sufficient rest and renewal. As much as you want to produce something tangible in the world, you must also honor the needs of your spirit and give yourself permission to simply be. Life isn’t all about doing. Saturn in your depth zone is collaborating with this eclipse, hinting that intuition, compassion, soulfulness, forgiveness and release are tied to healing, rebuilding, transformation, trust and emotional growth.



May 21–June 20

The lunar eclipse falls in your hopes-and-humanity sector, prompting a change in a friendship, your recent interests and objectives or your role in a group. Drama could arise among the circle of people in your life, and it’s especially important to be sensitive to others’ feelings now. A personal connection or professional affiliation could feel maxed out, and severing that tie may end up being the appropriate solution down the road. Your need to contribute something to the world is emphasized by this eclipse, and your yearning to belong could feel much stronger than usual. You’re intent on expressing yourself and are hungry for feedback from others. Saturn in your relationship angle is gelling with the sun and the moon, reinforcing the need to form solid bonds with people, to grow in your relationships and to live up to the agreements—spoken and unspoken—that tie us all together.



June 21–July 22

A lunar eclipse at the top of your chart could signal a goal coming to fruition, a turning point in your career path, emotional drama with an authority figure or being pushed onto center stage. If you’re called to perform, don’t downplay your abilities. The eclipse is prompting you to recognize your need to shine in public or in your profession and pursue the achievements and acclaim you’re after. You may have gone as far as you can go with a current objective and should start switching gears. Although you may be more focused on home, family and comfort, your worldly ambitions are being stimulated. Saturn’s link to the eclipse implies hard work, discipline, skills, planning, responsibility and productivity will lead you to succeed. Lay the groundwork for success, meeting opportunity halfway. Concentrate on earning what you feel you deserve instead of waiting for a lucky break.



July 23–August 22

The lunar eclipse in your expansion sector could bring a burst of enthusiasm and an urge to take a leap of faith. Education, travel and other pursuits that help you to transcend your present state of mind and your everyday existence are highlighted. Something connected with publishing, law or religion may reach a climax now. Your beliefs might be tested, signaling that you need to open your mind to a wider range of possibilities. Shift your vision of the future and explore new paths that take you out of your comfort zone. A difference of opinion or the introduction of an unfamiliar viewpoint is likely to feel like a big deal and may trigger a crisis in your head as you try to decide what’s true for you. What is your personal motto? This is a good time to rewrite your philosophy, based on your current maturation process.



August 23–September 22

When a lunar eclipse lands in your sharing house, a shift in your outside resources or an intimate relationship is possible. You may become more concerned with financial matters that feel beyond your control, such as taxes, debts or loans. A crisis could arise in your psyche, particularly if you have avoided dealing with a troubling emotion or a painful wound, and now you’ll be compelled to face your fear and transform it into personal power. Trust, sexuality, jealousy and possessiveness might cause problems now, tempting you to focus on your own security and avoid the complexities of closeness. But this eclipse calls for you to find a balance between tending to your needs and blending your values, desires and assets with someone else’s. Moving toward a deeper level of commitment and interdependency is part of your process of putting the past behind you and building a new foundation.


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4 years ago

Astonishing how these horoscopes sometimes fit to my personal situation! Thank you for that!

4 years ago

“This is a good time to rewrite your philosophy, based on your current maturation process.” You always describe my situation. This horoscope has become part of my Sunday routine!!

xx Cecil //

casey vinder
4 years ago

your leo posts are always so on point :) where do you get your information from? love it!

4 years ago

At the point when a lunar obscuration lands in your sharing house, a movement in your outside assets or a personal relationship is conceivable. You may turn out to be more worried with monetary matters that vibe outside your ability to control, for example, charges, obligations or advances


4 years ago

Seriously! Leo posts are just phenomenal. Sigh.

4 years ago

Looks u hv a very astrologial sense.. Impressive..!!

3 years ago

not humorously, Horoscope sometime effect on my life and luck.

3 years ago

Hi ,
love to read the horoscope. so please update this.

Good Article !! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for Sharing this post!!!!

3 years ago

Hi, Nice post… All point are so interesting…liked it…// Thanks for sharing..!!!

Hi, Great post! I love the horoscope to read. You always describe my situation. This horoscope has become a part of my daily routine. Thank you for sharing this post.

1 year ago

Awesome post …it describes exactly my situation of daily life because of your post i have start believing in horoscope.