Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 7–13

What does the week ahead say for you? 

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August 23–September 22

A Mars-Uranus collaboration in your seclusion and depth sectors this week encourages you to dive into something behind the scenes. Working through a personal issue in your head, tackling a research project and conducting a private, intimate relationship are all possible courses of action. Trying different methods and keeping a low profile are both favored. Avoid obsessive thinking about money and other resources when Mercury in your worth house spars with Pluto. The solar eclipse in Virgo is gelling with Pluto, tying your annual fresh start to powerful self-expression. Consider the image you convey and whether or not it helps you to attract individuals and experiences that enrich your life. This is a time for reinvention, so think about experimenting with a new look that projects more of your personality or altering your approach to various people and situations in order to send a stronger message. A determination to be happy and fulfilled will fuel you to begin your new year with gusto.



September 23–October 22

Mercury in Libra is battling Pluto in your foundation angle this week, so you could become distracted by underlying anger or a family or domestic issue. Try to resist going over and over something in your head or talk that boils over into arguing. A Mars-Uranus meeting alludes to positive teamwork, networking or socializing, and the chances of meeting someone new are fairly high if you engage in group activities. Taking a fresh approach to a relationship or changing your role in an organization should prove productive. The solar eclipse is occurring in the last house of your chart, nudging you to carve out alone time for personal reflection and recharging your battery. Bringing to light an issue that you’ve pushed into your subconscious and processing your emotions around it will be therapeutic. This is a favorable time for starting a new spiritual practice and performing selfless acts motivated by deep feelings that you don’t always readily show.



October 23–November 21

This week’s Mars-Uranus encounter in your ambition and work zones suggests that pursuing your goals is closely tied to improving your habits, methods, schedule, skills, time management, efficiency and work environment. Tweaking your daily routine will enable you to be more productive, and conversely, devoting your energy to achieving your objectives will change the quality of your everyday life. A Mercury-Pluto squabble indicates subconscious thoughts are at odds with powerful speech and mentality, so you should guard against unintentionally strong words and obsessive thinking. Meanwhile, the solar eclipse in your hopes-and-humanity house is harmonizing with your ruling planet Pluto in your cognition-and-communication sector, foretelling shifts in your friendships, group affiliations, social circle, professional network, philanthropic efforts and recent dreams and interests. All of this is connected with continuing to transform your attitude and express yourself in a more empowered way. Changing your habitual speech and thought patterns can lead to changing your role with others and your contribution to the world.



November 22–December 21

A fortuitous meeting between Mars in your expansion sector and Uranus in your fulfillment zone this week hints at stimulating adventures that open your mind to new ways of enjoying life. Embracing travel, learning, a wide variety of people and unfamiliar ideas will inspire you and may bring out a different side of your personality. Novel experiences will reinforce your courage, and you’re motivated to take some chances for the sake of love, happiness and creative self-expression. You need to keep experimenting so you can explore as many ways of being you as possible. You never know until you try is a very Sagittarian sentiment. The solar eclipse in your ambition angle spells a shift in your public or professional status, career path, life direction or goals, and you may find yourself in the spotlight. Set objectives that can help you to change your finances. A strong sense of self-worth will propel you to accomplish what you need to.



December 22–January 19

A spat between Mercury in your ambition angle and Pluto in your sign implies that your thoughts about a goal, your communication with an authority figure or your professional plans could conflict with a compulsion to be in control or a desire for profound personal change. Try not to get stuck in an obsessive mental loop. A Mars-Uranus collaboration nudges you to channel energy into a close relationship, a research project or psychological investigation. Exploring your sexuality or private emotions will be liberating. The solar eclipse in your expansion sector pushes you out of your comfort zone and compels you to broaden your vision and seek new experiences. Pursue travel and education and expose yourself to unfamiliar people and perspectives. Getting out of your routine whenever possible and striving to increase your consciousness will deepen the growth process that you’ve been going through over the past several years. If you write, this eclipse favors publishing something in the coming months.



January 20–February 18

Mars in your relationship angle is jibing with your ruling planet Uranus in your cognition-and-communication house this week, facilitating inventive, fertile partnership and dialogue. Because Mars is assertive and Uranus is liberating, this would be an opportune time to air grievances and work through an interpersonal conflict. If you’re not overly wedded to a specific point of view and you try making your point in a fresh way, chances are you can have a productive discussion. Just be mindful of a Mercury-Pluto spat that could combine dogmatic speech and subconscious anger. Stay open to different perspectives. A solar eclipse in your sharing sector spells a shift in outside resources, a close relationship or your psyche. Positive developments such as paying off debt, attaining a loan, healing an emotional wound and enjoying intense intimacy with another person hinge on transforming something hidden or unpleasant that you’ve swept under the rug. Dealing with what you’ve avoided is empowering.



February 19–March 20

A productive meeting between doer Mars in your duties sector and change-oriented Uranus in your resources zone this week alludes to the connection between hard work and improved finances. You’re encouraged to proactively tackle your job and other daily responsibilities and to utilize your talents and various other assets in inventive ways that permit you to accomplish as much as possible. Flexibility is key if you want to make everything you have at your disposal work in your favor, so be willing to shuffle your priorities. A Mercury-Pluto fight hints that you shouldn’t force the issue if deep thinking, research or consulting someone close to you doesn’t dovetail with a new goal, professional networking, friendship or a group. A solar eclipse in your one-on-one angle introduces the possibility of a new relationship or a shift in an existing one. This eclipse’s connection with Pluto suggests that changing how you relate to others can strengthen your team of supporters.



March 21–April 19

Your ruler Mars is in your fulfillment house and clicking with Uranus in your sign this week, so you’re highly encouraged to pursue pleasure, creativity, love and happiness that frees your spirit and motivates you to keep redefining yourself. Don’t hesitate to take a fresh approach in order to grab hold of what your heart desires. Instead of going after what has given you joy in the past, you might choose to discover new forms of fun and sources of satisfaction. Expressing your individuality and having a good time will liberate your urge to live life without limits. The solar eclipse in your productivity sector gives you the green light to start a new nutrition or fitness regimen, seek a different job, take on new responsibilities, initiate better habits, organize your work environment, streamline your routine, update your skills, try a fresh approach to an old problem and improve your work ethic in the coming months.



April 20–May 20

A positive meetup between Mars in your foundation angle and Uranus in your subconscious sector nudges you to clean up the clutter in your house and in your mind. Sweeping dust bunnies out of the corners and skeletons out of the closet can both help you to breathe freer. You’ll feel so much lighter after you confront taxing physical and emotional mess. Tauruses find it extremely difficult to let go, but this is a favorable period for releasing stuff—literally and figuratively. A Mercury-Pluto battle implies that your thinking related to work, health, details and problems won’t mesh with an overarching belief. Try to avoid repetitive thoughts and critical words. The solar eclipse in your fulfillment house inspires you to enjoy life more and seek experiences that deepen your understanding of the world. It’s a good time to explore untrodden paths to pleasure, new love and powerful self-expression. This eclipse is coaxing you to create something that will live on.



May 21–June 20

Mars and Uranus are joining forces in your communication and network houses, favoring assertive self-expression that revolutionizes your role in a group, your hopes, a friendship or a professional affiliation. Taking a different approach to teamwork and philanthropic goals is likely to pay off. Make an effort to be in contact with people who share your interests and dreams. With your ruler Mercury quarreling with Pluto, however, you should know that creative and romantic self-expression may not get the reaction you’re after. Don’t give another individual too much power over you or try to control how they respond to you. The solar eclipse at the bottom of your chart compels you to focus on home, family, private emotions and inner peace. A shift in one or more of those areas is called for, and it’s tied to transforming something difficult like debt or a deep, dark fear. Sharing your feelings with a trusted confidant will be cathartic.



June 21–July 22

This week’s Mars-Uranus collaboration motivates you to make full use of your talents and other resources in an effort to achieve something new. Mobilize your confidence so you can break fresh ground in your profession or make a unique impression in a public arena. Apply your energy to making headway on a top-priority goal, but stay flexible enough to seize any unforeseen opportunities that might come your way. Mercury and Pluto are having a spat, so be mindful of the fact that expressing your feelings can have a big impact on another person. And the reverse is true as well; an intense interaction could unsettle you. The solar eclipse in your cognition-and-communication zone implies short trips, new information and a different mindset in the coming months. A change with your siblings or in your community could also be coming. This is a good time to start talking and thinking in a way that makes you feel more empowered in your relationships.



July 23–August 22

A positive connection between Mars in Leo and Uranus in your expansion house this week stimulates your urge to do what you want to do and to put your own unique spin on everything. You’re inspired to chase after new experiences that can enlighten you and different people who will expose you to unfamiliar beliefs, ideas and cultures. Your increasing consciousness is enhancing your drive to show the world what you can do. You’re aware now that there’s more to life than you ever realized, and you want a piece of the action. The solar eclipse in your worth zone spurs you to reignite your confidence and your earning power. It’s vibing with Pluto in your productivity sector, suggesting that improving your finances, maximizing your talents, boosting your self-esteem and realigning your priorities are all tied to the transformation of your work, health and daily life. If you’re tempted to make a purchase, focus on something that will prove useful.

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  1. Always spot on! I love knowing how my week will be ahead of time, gives me a chance to know what to work on to make it better! Thank you.

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