4 Ways to Embrace Autumn’s Arrival

Today we celebrate the first day of a new season.

A shift occurs today, though it’s one many of us have been anticipating for weeks. The sun lingers just a bit longer on the horizon each morning as our bodies beg to linger just a bit longer beneath comforters and blankets. In the evening, cooling breezes roll in, washing away the summery heat radiating off city streets, leaving behind relief and the undeniable scent of fall, of leaves and damp earth and the frost-bit, wood smoke mornings to come.

This is a time to pay attention, to be mindful and aware in our daily routines and practices. To set intentions for the introspective season at our doorstep. To help you prep for everybody’s favorite season, today I’m sharing four ways to embrace the arrival of autumn. Grab a mug of tea (or hey, a healthy pumpkin spice latte if you’re really feeling festive) and a cozy sweater, and be sure to share how you’re ushering in the new season in the comments!

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Allow time to rest: Our natural rhythms fluctuate from season to season and, as October draws near, you may find yourself hiding beneath your sheets just a little longer. While we might be springing from our beds to take advantage of sunny summer days, the overcast afternoons of autumn can make us feel sleepy by encouraging the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Be sure to get ample sleep in a darkened room, as even streetlights or a bedside lamp can affect your quality of sleep year-round. As soon as you wake, open the curtains to let the light flood in, and be sure to get regular exposure to natural light throughout the day to keep you feeling energized.

Explore what’s in season: As foliage turns from shades of green to hues of blazing orange and red, so do the offerings at your local farmers’ market. Pumpkins, squash, pears, Brussels sprouts and apples add warming, hearty flavor and texture to your table and provide vital nutrients which bolster your health for the cold weather months that lie ahead. Spend an afternoon apple-picking or head to a pumpkin patch to find the perfect pie pumpkin. Need some recipe inspiration? Check out our full archive of recipes!

Be intentional: After the wildness of summer, autumn is a time to turn inward and reflect on the months that came before and the months yet to arrive. It’s a time of experience, when the weather grants us leeway to get outside and explore destinations away from summer’s shores. Think about the experiences and value you hope to add to your life this season -autumn is a time of accomplishment, so go out and get it!

Cleanse: October is ‘Get Organized Month’ and, really, what better time of year to clear the cobwebs and get your life in order? Fall is the perfect time to declutter and clear the air, making space for your thoughts and the intentions that you set.

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+ What would you add to this list? Please share, and happy autumn!

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8 years ago

Ahhhhhh I’m obsessed with Autumn my favourite season of the year!
Check out my travel beauty blog…

8 years ago

I am too indecisive to pick a favorite season. I love something about each one and i am so excited for the warm, cosy nights and orange and brown shades to take over the streets!!x

8 years ago

Ooh, this is a great list of things to keep in mind as the season changes. I especially love “explore what’s in season.” I would maybe also include “connect to your surroundings.” I feel like summer is all about traveling and road trips and leaving home, but fall feels like a time to get cozy and rediscover all the things that make your home a home. <3

8 years ago

I agree that fall is a perfect time to “be intentional”, since it’s so much about slowing down and getting ready to hibernate for the winter! I’ve been trying to intentionally take advantage of the last few sunny indian summer days before settling in :)


7 years ago

Very well said! I love autumn even though my husbands hates it. He finds it very sad and depresing. I try to show him the beautiful side of each season, but I kind of fail or he is too stubborn to try and change his feelings. For me autumn is a season of reflection and inner peace. I perceive it as this time in the year in which you make peace with yourself, set new goals, etc.

7 years ago

“Allow time to rest”, it’s a great advice since in Nature everything is starting to slow down.

I’ve just published a free mini e-book “Tarot for Autumn” in my blog http://www.ritatocta.com/2015/09/happy-autumn-heres-gift-for-days-ahead.html . I love doing a simple reading to center me to a season ahead. I hope you enjoy it!

7 years ago

My birthday is 22 sep, in my opinon thats way into fall. But i live in Norway, and here it starts getting cold in the end of August.

Bethany Grace
7 years ago

i’m so excited for fall time! Rest is so essential! I love cuddling up with some teavannah tea!
Keep Dreaming, Bethany

7 years ago

Autumn stole my heart many years ago. I definitely want to go for a walk through the woods one of these days with a friend by my side and a hot chocolate in hand. (I will not forget my camera either, it’s so exciting to capture nature’s beauty).