Looking Back on Summer

In a final farewell to summer, we look back on the good times…

With every fall comes a feeling of freshness. Crisp air fills the lungs. A time to start anew. There’s a lingering bittersweetness felt by all. Long days and warm nights are fewer and fewer…our energy begins to lull as we prepare for slower times ahead.

Yet, we have to smile. Yes, summer passed by so quickly – it always does. Yes, there are tons of boxes left unchecked on our summer bucket lists. But what about those experiences that came up suddenly, that happened accidentally?. The people we encountered, the places we found ourselves exploring. Compare the mindset of your pre-summer self to that of your post-summer self. How has she changed? What has she learned? What has she seen that made an impact? The laughs and the moments shared…these are the things for which we simply cannot plan. These are what make each summer – and our lives – unique.




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Great pictures! Thanks for this beautiful reminder that even though summer doesn’t last longer we still have to keep our spirits high and rock the Fall! Sincerely,
Vera xx

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Megan b

Obsessed with these photos!!

Gary Acers

Totally love!! So sad summer is over. hashtag Waaaa ;(


Love Brigette.

Looks like you had a great summer!! I love reflection posts they’re so interesting to read too. I think this summer has been my favorite so far:)x

What a great summer it has been :-)

Lovely photos and memories