20-Minute Bedroom Refresh

My bedroom is my sanctuary. It deserves to look its best.

The bedroom is a place for relaxation. It’s the place our minds and bodies unwind. Dreams are created here, and comfort is achieved when it’s feeling clean and well-kept. Take 20 minutes out of your day once or twice a week, and give back to the room that gives you so much. Ready, set, go.

Air. Crack the window and let the fresh air flow, no matter how chilly it is outside. I love doing this. Even if it’s during the dead of winter, I keep the window cracked for a few seconds. Welcome the breeze and let it clarify the stale indoor air. This step is the easiest of them all. Prop it open for as long as you please.

Floor. Made for walking, not collecting. Toss your dirty clothes in the hamper, and shoes in the closet. Close closet doors. 3 minutes

Trash. Grab a trash bag and walk around the room. Pick up any candy wrappers, clothing tags, etc. Empty wastebasket into trash bag and place trash bag by the outside door to take out later. 2 minutes

Bed. Head over to your linen closet and take out your second set of clean sheets. Tightly make bed. 4 minutes

bedroom4 bedroom2

Iron. Grab your pillowcases and a light-smelling spray. I mixed up part lavender essential oil, part water for a relaxing bed mist. Lightly spray your pillow (and your comforter, or throughout the air for extra freshness), and then press your pillowcases until all of the wrinkles are out. Falling asleep on crisp folds is a dream. 2 minutes

Spoil. Walk outside and snip a few flowers or greens from a plant. Place in a mason jar next to your bed for some earthiness. If you prefer a plant, try switching one out of the other room and hang it over or next to your bed. 4 minutes


Decorate. Swap out a throw pillow from the living room, stack a few books on the bench, or toss on your bed a cute blanket that has been sitting in your closet. Adding new little touches will surprise you the next time you walk into your room. 5 minutes.

+ How do you keep your bedroom fresh throughout the week? What are some of your quick cleaning tips? Let us know in the comments!

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8 years ago

These are such simple tips but they really work! The bedroom is a place of total relaxation and peace and these tips really help keep it that way–thanks!


8 years ago

Like you said, fresh air is the key, some freshly ironed sheets with my favourite detergent and some plants!

8 years ago

What a great inspiring article. I mixed rosemerry oil instead of lavender oil for pillow ironing. It was a really awesome experience. Must try it too…!!! :)

8 years ago

Great post! Here in Germany there is even a word for airing out a room and it’s even written into renting contracts to “luft” a few times a day. There is nothing better than getting new fresh cold air circulating into a room even in winter.

Rae | Love from Berlin

8 years ago

Inspiring article! I like to have some succulents in my bedroom, I feel like they add a nice refreshing touch. Also sometimes I think less is more when it comes to keeping a room looking refreshing!


8 years ago

I loved this article. I keep it very simple and clutter free. I keep the book I am reading and my glasses on my nightstand and everything else is kept tucked away in my closet and drawers. I also use a homemade lavender spritz on my pillows before lights out.

8 years ago

So many simple ideas to refresh the space. I love the lavender water idea!


8 years ago

Sounds easy and it don’t cost a thing! Thanks for sharing :)

Brittany Centric
8 years ago


quick video of how to make a boho wall tapestry…super cute and easy

8 years ago

This 20-minute refresh is so great idea! I just finished with my home fall cleaning and everything’s clean and good smelling and fresh. Your tips will help me to keep this refreshing feeling all around the house for a long time. Thank you for sharing, it’s an inspiration to read from you!

8 years ago

I enjoyed this quick read! I love opening the windows in my house each morning I wake up. It helps me to get energized and start my day :)

8 years ago

I feel like it’s something we should do everyday. Not because we have an article.

7 years ago

Nice post! This will serve as a guide for everyday. Who would want to relax in a messy and disorganized bedroom? Let’s do this for comfort and get energized for each new day. Thank you for sharing.

6 years ago

Peaceful master bedroom.. You have decorated this bedroom so well. I also redecorated our master bed room recently. I think I made make a huge difference without making it hard or spending a lot of money. It’s essential that the master bedroom provides you with an atmosphere that is inviting, warm and comforting.