3 Fall Hair Tutorials for All Hallows Eve & Everyday

Looking for a little All Hallows Eve inspiration? Try these three easy hairstyles, perfect for the October holiday and beyond!

Autumn is a time to step things up a notch. With cool air flowing in, we can finally add that extra layer and attempt something more ambitious with our hair than the everyday messy bun. This week we stepped through the doors of Sulimay’s Urban Salon in Philly, where stylists Danielle and Cabrina worked their magic to create three looks inspired by FP girls Candy, Meadow and Lou. With All Hallows Eve just around the corner and next-level autumn style on our minds, these three looks mean there’s no better time to pick up some new tips and tricks.

Sulimays 1 Low Rez


Monica Steps 1-2

1. Section off the lower half of your hair, just below ear to ear. Clip the top portion out of the way. Using a medium-barrel curling iron (we used 1 1/4-inch), curl away from your ears on either side.

2. Once the entire section is curled, run your fingers through, using your hands to mess up the curls (move your palms together as if they were cold and you’re trying to warm them).


Monica Tutorial 2

3. Section off another portion of hair and repeat these steps until all but the front portion if your hair, sectioned out temple to temple, is curled.


4. Take the uncurled portion of hair and, using a boar bristle brush or teasing comb or brush, tease it back.

Monica Tutorial 3

5. Curl the top portion. When the hair is hot, it’s time to remove the curling iron. Use a small clear elastic to secure this top portion into a ponytail.

6. Make any adjustments you might need with a tail comb or teasing brush.


7. Take a small section of hair from beneath the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to conceal, securing with a bobbypin. Pro tip: push the bobby pin into the pony, rather than through it, for better hold.

8. Spray all over with a firm-hold hairspray.


Hair Tutorial 1


Jana Finished 1 Low Rez

Jana Step 1

1. To recreate Meadow’s relaxed braids, firsts use a tail comb to section off the front middle portion of hair at the center of your forehead, clipping the side out of the way. Here, create a small three strand braid and switching to a fishtail braid about 1/4 of the way down, braiding all the way to the end and securing with an elastic.


Jana Step 2

2. Use the tail comb to section out another portion of hair to the left and right. Braid these sections as you did the first, creating as many braids as you want from front to back.

Jana Step 3

3. Gently pull the braids apart to make them slightly imperfect and messy.


4. Spray your hair with a texturizing spray or salt spray, twisting in sections to add texture and definition. Once your hair is done, you can choose to keep the elastics in, or remove them, teasing the ends for hold.

Jana Finished 2 Low Rez

Jana Finished 3 Low Rez

Hair Tutorial 2


Sulimays 13 low rez

Sulimays step 1

1. To create the out-of-control rocker braid seen here, Danielle employed the use of some serious extensions. This step is optional but will help you achieve the major length and volume shown. To attach, section out the bottom half of your hair, ear to ear, and pin the top portion out of the way.

2. Clip in the extensions, overlapping slightly. Repeat this step, working in layers, until the extensions are blended with your natural hair.

Sulimays  step 2

3. Use a teasing brush or comb to tease the hair at the crown of your head.

Sulimays step 3

4. Create three small ponytails at the center back of your head, securing with a clear elastic.

5. Begin braiding the top ponytail in a three strand braid.

Sulimays Step 4

6. When you reach the second ponytail, begin braiding in a fishtail to incorporate the second and third ponys into the first. Braid to the end and secure with an elastic.

Sulimays step 5

7. Pull back the front portion of hair and pin underneath the braid.

8. Tease the hair at the very front of your head and pull back for volume, pinning in place.

Sulimays step 6

9. Add any accessories you might use and spray with firm-hold hairspray to finish.

Sulimays 12 low rez

Sulimays 2 Low Rez

A huge thank you to Danielle, Cabrina and Sulimay’s Urban Salon!

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5 years ago

I love all of these!! Can’t wait to try them and see how they work out


5 years ago

I really really love those hairstyles, especially the first one because it looks like I can do it myself. The other two are beautiful as well, but look like I’d need a hairstylist!

jamie ann
5 years ago
5 years ago

The hair of the hairdresser Daniella! Gorgeous!

5 years ago

I love the styles they seem very practical for the client to reproduce , The looks are beautiful ,!! The fashion world better keep there I am open for this new upcoming Stylest Daniella Sulimay she seems to be lighting the world on fire wish I had her at my salon , congratulations from Salon Salvatore Christian

5 years ago

I absolutely adore wearing braids in my hair! It’s such a fun way of adding some extra detail to your look!
Keep Dreaming, Bethany

5 years ago

My fave is the braids… always!!

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5 years ago

The last braid is incredible! I’m going to try it tomorrow, fingers crossed it turns out!!


5 years ago

These looks are cute. I have to be honest and say they’re not exactly sweeping me off my feet “cool,” but I’d wear them for sure! Is there any way they could make these into video tutorials? I’m totally a visual learner and it really helps to see each step happen, not just explained. Thanks:)

5 years ago

please, do a hair tutorial for short hair

5 years ago

yes mimicking Carla Short hair/ lob tutorials!!!!!!!

5 years ago

really wish there were tutorials on here for chicks with short or non white hair

5 years ago

Incredible style! So trying the braid one tomorrow!


Well I have not done too many braids but these pictures make them seem rather cute and rather easy to manage as well.

5 years ago

Um… Hey X… NONE of these girls have white hair sooo….get a grip

5 years ago

siss, I think x meant non-white hair… as in ethnic hair. and I agree with the comment. open your mind a little bit.

5 years ago

LOve it.
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5 years ago

The first look is my favorite. Although its original, it’s so beautiful.


5 years ago

I like the first one!


4 years ago

Thanks for sharing these hair style tutorials. Will surely try these at home. Love this post!

4 years ago

Love these looks! Here is a fake bangs tutorial I created for 2nd or 3rd day hair of no shampooing. Hope this helps your community out.