3 Last-Minute Makeup Ideas For Halloween

Embrace Halloween’s spirit with these 3 last-minute makeup ideas!

It’s easy to fall victim to the last-minute costume curse. If we’re being honest, most of my Halloween get-ups have been thrown together only hours — or minutes — before the festivities begin. A little stressful, yes…but there is something to be said for making the quick sweep of the closet to find a a few random items, covering yourself in any way appropriate (or not), then making a ridiculous list of things to name yourself. Last year, I donned an all-black outfit, complete with Jansport backpack, drew black lines under my eyes, and was out the door with a soccer ball in tow in less than 45 minutes. “Jansport” at her finest…you know…”Jana”…”sport”…anyway.

If you haven’t quite decided on your costume, Sasha’s here to lend a hand. She’s the gal who, last year, showed us an amazing alternative lace mask. And, this season, is sharing her tips on how to achieve a spooky black lip, the perfect cat eye, and a witchy twist on a classic festival look!


First, it’s important to prep the face. Here’s what Sasha used…

Foundation: MAC Studio Sculpt + Face & Body

Concealer: MAC Studio Sculpt

Powder: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

Bronzer: MAC Comfort

Blush: MAC Well Dressed

 Black Lips


First, find a nice dark lipstick. Sasha used Fantasy Makers. which is available at most drugstores this time of year. Only 99 cents!

1) Apply lip moisturizer.

2) Blot with a tissue.

3) Apply black pencil liner on and around the lip.


4) Apply black lipstick with a brush (to be more precise).


5) Clean up around the lip with an angled brush and concealer/foundation (make sure the foundation isn’t too sheer/thin so the lipstick doesn’t run).


The Classic Cat Eye


 To get this classic cat eye look, Sasha used Inglot Gel Liner 77 and applied it with an angled brush. 

1) Start at the outer corner of your eye and create the bottom of your wing by pulling up diagonally.


2) From the end of the line you just created, apply another line – on top of the first – toward the lid to complete the wing.


3) Apply the gel liner to the rest of your lash line toward the inner corner of your eye.

4) Clean up with an angled brush and concealer/foundation (make sure the foundation isn’t too sheer/thin so the eyeliner doesn’t begin to look muddy).


Finish off with a nude lip — try something like MAC Myth!

Witchy Dots


Use the flat end of a loose mascara wand to get perfect little circles. You can use anything that has a flat and round surface depending on how big you’d like your dots to be.


 1) Dip into gel liner and apply to the face in a stamping motion.  To be more precise about your placement, you can map out your dots with a black pencil first.


Easy as that!

A big thanks to Sasha for helping us out with this tutorial! For inquiries, be sure to contact her at: alexz81@gmail.comCheers 2 U Events.

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6 years ago

That’s exactly what I need right now, it looks so cool!

6 years ago

I love the black lip! I may have to try that!

6 years ago

I think these dots are so lovely. I wish people look like that every day!


6 years ago

I love the witchy dots makeup!

6 years ago

Beautiful inspiration!


6 years ago

As a recovering goth, i’ve used these techniques for years ;)



6 years ago

LOVE the dots!

6 years ago

Excellent post.

2 years ago

Simple but still so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.