Australia’s Best Hidden Beaches: Part 2

Check out part two of the best secret spots along the Australian Coast!

This post comes from our Australian contributor, Miann Scanlan!

Australia is a great piece of land. The population is sparse, Mother Nature is generous and puts on a spectacular show day in, day out. We have a huge red desert in the centre of the country, lush tropical rainforest at the top and dense bushland strewn throughout, but we’re most revered for our beautiful beaches.

Here in Part Two of our series, myself and other ocean-addicts share our favourite hidden beaches. To catch you up, here is Part 1. I hope you packed your togs (swimmers), thongs (flip-flops), and have slip-slop-slapped because things are really heating up down here.

Billie Edwards, Model
Cabarita Beach, northern New South Wales
Every memory of my childhood belongs at Cabarita, where I grew up and where I still live. The first time I touched sand, swam in the ocean or even fell in love was all in my little hometown. My parents still live in the same house as when I was a child. I still walk down the exact same street I used to burn my bare feet on because I refused to wear shoes. I love how the Kookaburras still wake me up in the morning, how every street is named after native Australian flora, and how every local knows each other’s name. I love that I see the same old men sitting outside the pub drinking beer every day, the same weathered-skin women sun-baking, and the gangs of bleached blonde kids who skip school so they can go surfing. It’s the perfect example of a small sleepy Australian beach town.

Billie 3Billie 1 Billie 4Billie 2 Billie 5

Laura Goodall, Photographer
Bronte Beach, Sydney, New South Wales
The trifecta of salt water experiences: beach, pool and bogey hole! Bronte is halfway between Coogee and Bondi on Sydney’s famed coastal walk. Bronte was my home in Sydney. In January last year I lived just across the road from this oasis. I quickly fell in love and it became my favourite place to gather my thoughts away from work and embrace what the Eastern Suburbs are all about — sun, cafe culture and endorphin release by the ocean. It also served as the location of my first pro photo shoot, and remains one of my most loved and inspiring shoot locations to date.

Laura 1 Laura 2 Laura 4Laura 3

Miann Scanlan, Blogger
Noosa National Park, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
I’ve lived in so many places, by so many beaches, but nowhere else on this earth brings me that familiar, comforting, settled feeling of home quite like the Noosa National Park. The unique summer smell that the fallen leaves emit just as it begins to rain, and the water that steams off the sunbathed rocks. The long, hot, tiring walk to the hidden bays of the park, where crystal-clear blue water and fun gentle waves are the reward. I love the koalas that live high up in the trees, how the whip birds sing and their echoes carry out onto the water. Most of all, I love the loving and kind energy that can’t help but permeate from every human that sets foot into the national park…

I swear that I must have spent a portion of my previous life/s in this place. The connection I feel to nature, to the humans around me and, most importantly, to myself when I am here is so moving that sometimes it brings me to tears. I live a four-hour drive south of Noosa, though it’s not rare for me to leave home on a whim, throw all my stuff in my car, including my surfboard and my blow-up mattress, and hit the road north when I need a pick-me-up. This place really is just so sacred.

Miann 7 Miann 6 Miann 5 Miann 4 Miann 3 Miann 2 Miann 1

Check out Part 1 of the Australia’s Best Hidden Beaches!

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+Where are your favorite hidden gems? Let us know in the comments!

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6 years ago

What beautiful summery photos!
And we love the beach – absolutely gorgeous!
Thank you for sharing… it warmed up our morning!

6 years ago

Absolutely gorgeous beach photos…
They make me feel like I am in the midst of summer myself.

6 years ago

These pictures are amazing, I can almost feel the summer breeze and hear the waves. I need to go there someday!

5 years ago

Hi! I’m sorry but I have to say something – hidden beaches are hidden for a reason! They’re the secrets the locals know, the special spots… havens from the crowd or sanctuaries of a whole other world untouched by us, humans, the internet, capitalism… places where your soul resonates. Growing up in a community where we had secret spots and beaches that were special to us, sanctuaries for us, and then were publicized on websites like this and in magazines… now everyone knows about them and its not a sanctuary anymore. Some of them even have graffiti, not just stray trash from the hoards of people that go there… everyday.

Wouldn’t it be so much specialier if you came up upon this beach yourself through exploration and or using a map! Or learned about it by talking with a local? Let’s stop degrading the secrets by publicizing them and start honoring them by letting them remain secrets… to be discovered.