Fall Décor DIY: Build a Haystack

Haystack season has my heart.

I spent the weekend stuck in bales of straw, picked out “the perfect pumpkin” and may have played the mum game a bit hard. It was the best way to get the fall vibes stirring, and my front yard is now decorated for the season.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIt can always be a little intimidating to start a decorating project, but we’re keeping this one simple and fun. It takes only four essentials to create this fall front yard décor, so get on it!

Hey, Hay. Grab a couple bales of hay to begin your base. I chose one large bale, one medium, and stacked two small on top. This is the structural part of your haystack, so think of how much room you would like to have, and how big or small you would like to go. It all matters when choosing the rest of your goodies.

Pumpkins + Gourds. The decorating begins here. They come in countless shapes, sizes, colors and quirky textures. Pick your palette. Keep it simple in shades of orange, or get funky with patterns or shades of grey. I picked up so many different kinds of pumpkins and gourds of all patterns, colors and sizes. The possibilities are endless, so choose as many as you like. I’d suggest picking at least three large, a medium and a few small to make the haystack dimensional.

Mum Love. These bundles of fall blooms are the pops of color on your haystack. Don’t be afraid to get creative here. Pick out that big plush pink one or, if you like more natural tones, stick with the forest green. I love how these soften up the haystack, and keep things feeling sweet.

Little Details. I’m all about them. Because I got so many pumpkins, and lots of mums, I began running out of room. I placed a few extra mums on my porch because I knew I wanted to leave some space for the little details that I love oh so much. I grabbed a couple cornhusks and decided to use them as my smaller accessories. Wrapping them in ribbon or twine is a good way to keep them from rolling around, and adds a new texture to the bunch.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Tips & tricks to help things run a little smoother . .

  • Wear gloves when picking up hay. Unless you are like me, and have grown up picking corn every summer, it can make you itchy and may have some spiky parts. Be careful!
  • Give each pumpkin a good check before buying. Spin it upside down and around to make sure no little critters have made it their home.
  • Mix fully-bloomed mums with those that are just budding. They will bloom beautifully for months to come while adding a cool mix of textures.
  • Grab a friend and make a day out of it! It’s always nice to have a helping hand. Heat up some apple cider, and let the decorating begin.

+What fall décor are you whipping up for the season? Let me know in the comments!

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4 years ago

Wonderful inspiration, thank you!


4 years ago

beautiful photos! i am going pumpkin hunting tomorrow.

4 years ago

Beautiful pictures. Just a note. If u put the hay bale on your grass for a long time, the grass underneath it turns yellow and looks yucky when u remove it. It does come back though.

4 years ago

Pumpkins looks so adorable, mine are still in growing process. :) But beside that worderful inspiration.

4 years ago

Good work. Thank you so much for article. http://bit.ly/1JcZMs0