Fall Flower Chat: The Farmer’s Daughter

“You belong among the wildflowers. You belong somewhere you feel free.”  – Tom Petty

I buy myself a bouquet of flowers on a weekly basis. It seems silly, but it’s one thing I do to treat myself. I walk past them, sitting prettily in the fingerprinted mason jar on my kitchen table, and I smile.

I got to play in my own floral dreamland this week and chat with flower child, (literally), Lauren Work of The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers. I love stumbling across inspiring small businesses in my gritty city of Pittsburgh, and fill my brain with the art that is crafted around me. Lauren grew up on a farm in the rolling Laurel Highlands, where she now grows the flowers that she sells in her shop, and sources locally at every chance.

I met up with Lauren at her shop this week on a chilled and sunny morning. The walls are deep, charcoal grey. A pop of mustard captured my eye toward a tufted sofa and, as my focus gathered, little bursts of color filled my brain. The place was covered in flowers. My purpose? To create a fall-inspired bouquet. One to give to either a friend, or befriend that wooden tabletop in your own home. I got the chance to pick Lauren’s brain a bit, shuffle around the shop and create something magical.  

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What made you fall in love with flowers? Which one is your favorite?
I fell in love with flowers when I was a young girl, watching my grandmother and mom garden, as my father farmed. It was magic, to watch plants grow from seed to bloom. I’m still in awe of the process!

Daily uniform?
Boyfriend jeans, a pair of beat-up boots,and a striped apron.

What are some fall flower trends that you have been experimenting with this season?
I’ve noticed this year’s color palette has included a lot of burgundy with gold and green accents. A little less red, orange and yellow, creating a more saturated palette. I love bringing dried elements and foliage from the fall into arrangements, to add that seasonal touch.

What music are you listening to while snipping away at a bouquet?
Florence and The Machine, Stevie Nicks and Otis Redding.

When you aren’t creating, or at the shop, what are you doing in your free time?
I’m typically spending time with my husband and sassy Schnauzer. I’m a sucker for a strong cocktail and a good seed catalog.

Any flower tips? How do we keep these delicate things alive a little longer?
Give them a fresh cut and change the water every three days. It always helps to buy fresh flowers from a reputable source and your trusty, local florist.

What does free mean to you?
To do what you love and love what you do.

A special thanks to Lauren for letting me in on her beautiful life! Take a peek below at her shop, and learn how to create a fall bouquet!

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Recipe for The Perfect Fall Bouquet:

Source flowers from your local florist shop, and get a handful of the following:
Local dahlias
Ornamental pumpkins (I love these)!
Unripened tomatoes (fresh from her garden that had suffered the frost)

Cut bottoms of stems where any damage or browning may show. Snip flowers as short as you’d like, depending on which vase you would like to use. Arrange above flowers in any which way — you can be creative here! Fill in with greens as you go to create contrast.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Have a happy weekend! I hope you find yourself surrounded by fall flowers.

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Be inspired by Lauren’s Instagram and show them some love!

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6 years ago

Wonderful, wonderful pictures. The flower arrangements are stunningly beautiful!

6 years ago

I was surprised by your suggestion for unripened tomatoes but, they look great with that grouping. I had a porch plant that produced a few green fruits at the end that probably won’t ripen now. What a lovely idea to use them in a bouquet!

6 years ago

I want to live in this flower shop! Adorable. The mini pumpkins in this bouquet is such a great idea thank you for sharing.

6 years ago

What color is the blue wall color?

6 years ago

Wow gorgeous place, and your photography is awesome! Don’t forget to stop by to my blog! :)

Nazlıgül | on my own way

6 years ago

Such a gorgeous post! I too buy flowers each week for my desk…if I can’t be outdoors, flowers on my desk are the next best thing! I also love, love, love vintage oil paintings, so far I have two floral paintings. I find them so incredibly inspiring!

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