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This is a little glimpse into Nicki‘s life — Free People stylist, social media manager, makes sure to keep the mountains or sea close by her side. From the look of her photos, seems that task is very achievable, what with a day-to-day backdrop of Canadian waterfalls, candy-colored sunsets and cliff-lined coasts. Nice, right?


Tell us about yourself: Where are you from/ where are you now, what do you do, and how did you get to where you are?

I grew up in a small British Columbia beach town called White Rock, on the border of Blaine, Washington. It’s about a 45-minute drive south of Vancouver. My house was a 5-minute walk from the beach — that’s where I spent most of my time growing up. White Rock is beautiful, and home to many artists, whose quirks shine through in both their work and homes (you will never see such bizarre houses)! I moved out to Vancouver while attending Simon Fraser University. I currently live in the downtown core with my guy Cory, whom I met during the last few years of University. I now work as the Visual Manager in Training and man the social media for Free People Vancouver. I don’t have plans for the future…I am just going with what comes…the unexpected has proved to be quite interesting!


How long have you been working at Free People?

I opened the Granville store, so just over a year now! I followed the company for several years, looking to Free People for constant inspiration. When I found out that Vancouver was opening a store, and looking for stylists, I was beyond stoked and applied within the hour. I am having such a sweet time!


What’s your favorite aspect about working at the store?

The Free People fam. Our team consists of so many rad girls — very different but who collectively embody the brand’s image. I see my best friends on a daily basis — it doesn’t get much better.


What does an average day look like for Nicki?

Before work…that’s when I take time for myself. I try to squeeze in a workout, whether it’s going to the gym or doing yoga (some mornings, I just sleep through this part entirely). Come home for a shower and breakfast. I build in a good chunk of time for my favorite part: reading my book and slowly sipping my coffee from my bay window. It’s important to slow down as our lives can get so hectic! Then it’s off to work, where I’ll create outfits for our customer, for merchandising, or for a social media post. Day’s end is often reserved for my friends and, luckily, they are always up for adventure! 


You just woke up. What’s your daily beauty regime?

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I shower with some scrub, towel-dry my hair, rub oil through its ends, lather up with lotion post-shower — it doesn’t feel right otherwise! My makeup consists simply of some brow filler, mascara and lip balm (I’m a less-is-more kind of gal; not to say that it isn’t fun to do things up here and there)!


If you could directly relate your style to any movie or TV character, who would it be? Is there one thing you strive to achieve when you get dressed?

I would like to answer: my best friend Carrie Bradshaw (ala “Sex and the City”). Our style is actually nothing alike. But, she dresses for herself and nobody else, and that’s how I feel I’ve always been. When I get dressed in the morning…well, who knows what I will achieve — my style varies every day!


 What’s your favorite thing about the FP Me community and creating great content for your profile?

The creativity. FP Me opens up a whole new world on outfitting — how a simple shirt can be styled up or down. If I’m”stuck” on an outfit I will without hesitation check FP Me to see who else has worn that item. It definitely gets the creative juices flowing. Each FP Me girl’s uniqueness shines through in her photos — the way she outfits, her photo location, and how she edits content. It’s a place which allows for true self-expression and inspiration, and that’s pretty cool.


What music have you been digging recently?

There is a local band here in Vancouver called The Zolas — they are unreal. Start out with the song “Knot In My Hear”t and continue on from there…you will not be disappointed!


What’s the last thing you searched on Google?

Halloween activities! Haha. I’m an extremely festive individual and I’m currently attempting to fit a visit to all of my local haunted houses into a two-week time frame (it ain’t easy). Sometimes I feel bad for my friends — I make them watch so many horror films year-round, and now they have to endure live actors jumping out at them, too.


It’s the weekend. Where would you most likely go, and who would be by your side?

To the mountains or to the sea with Cory (the best exploration partner a girl could ask for). By “to the mountains”, I mean…take the Sea to Sky Highway that comes out of the north end of the city to the local mountains, or further north. There are so many places to explore along the way — hikes that overlook the ocean and waterfalls, and of course the general mountain merriment. By “to the sea”, I mean…Vancouver Island, a two-hour ferry ride away. The whole island has so much to offer, but there is a place — Tofino — that is heaven on earth. Right on the coast and home to giant waves (a surfers’ paradise), rugged trees, giant rocks, and misty air. The locals are super laid-back and, you once you go, you will never want to leave!

What does being ‘free’ mean to you?

It means being true to yourself. I’m sure many people have said this before and I hope more continue tot. Do what makes you feel whole and be comfortable in your own skin.


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8 years ago

What an inspiring person, and the photos are just beautiful!

8 years ago

Yeah girl!

8 years ago

killing it!!!!
loved this!!!