Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 19–25

There’s only one way to find out what’s in store for you this week: the weekly horoscope!

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Although Mercury is no longer retrograde, communication could be complicated by its clashes with two heavyweight planets this week. Mercury’s presence in your sign inclines you to express yourself, but a family member, close friend or significant other may challenge what you say. Listen to yourself, and tune into any underlying emotions that are coloring your words. Avoid forcing your point of view on someone, and keep an open mind. Allow other opinions to seep in. If your thinking becomes too rushed or obsessive, quiet introspection may prove more productive than a heated discussion. Venus in your solitude zone is clicking with Pluto and Jupiter, encouraging you to modulate your constant focus on connecting with people and look within instead. Put your relationship with yourself first for a bit. Have compassion for your flaws and make peace with your whole imperfect self. You’ll find it easier than usual now to identify with the parts of yourself that you consider unappealing and tend to repress. And you could end up feeling more connected to people when you realize that we all have our foibles and struggles.



October 23–November 21

Mercury in your subliminal sector is fighting with Pluto in your cognition-and-communication house and Uranus in your efficiency zone this week, so subconscious thoughts and secrets can affect your conscious mindset, your speech and your productivity. You might feel like going off by yourself to think, but everyday life will interfere with your ability to reflect peacefully. Be as flexible as possible, because you will need to shift gears at some point. You probably would like some freedom from duties and an escape from heavy discussions and thoughts. But you need to deal with the changes going on inside you and around you. You may wear yourself out with obsessive thinking or get into an argument and say something you didn’t intend to. Fortunately, Venus is clicking with Pluto and Jupiter, helping you to smooth things over with people and enjoy group activities and the company of friends. Be thankful for the support you get from others, and believe that whatever you put out into the universe will come back to you. Keep your hopes high, and be willing to shift a thought pattern.



November 22–December 21

Communication with friends and other peers might be difficult this week, since Mercury in your network house is fighting with Pluto and Uranus. Groupthink is apt to clash with your values or priorities, which could cause friction between you and others. Getting your message across won’t be easy, especially if you come on too strong. Your individuality may seem more important than being in agreement with people. And your thoughts about new hopes and goals could be stopped short by the reality of your resources and the need to shore up your finances. Creative, open-ended thinking might lead to sudden insights. With Venus in your ambition angle gelling with Pluto and Jupiter, you can make a favorable impression on higher-ups, so stay visible. Your appeal with authority figures and people older than you is strong, and your positive attitude won’t escape notice. Showing a willingness to work well with others can earn you recognition. Also, you might be drawn to someone senior to you in years or position, and that person is likely to have a powerful effect on your confidence.



December 22–January 19

Mercury in your goals angle is quarreling with Pluto and Uranus this week, making career planning and communication with authority figures rather difficult. Try to be aware of your forcefulness when you’re speaking to a boss, a parent or someone otherwise senior to you in position or age. Recognize that your need for control might hamper your ability to conceptualize how you’ll achieve a goal. Your underlying emotions and the personal changes you’re going through can influence how you come across, so be mindful of what’s happening inside you. And a higher-up could say something that provokes you, so guard against overreacting. Fortunately, Venus in your exploration sector is meshing with Pluto and Jupiter, increasing the satisfaction that you’ll get from broadening your horizons. Seek out cultural experiences that enlighten you, and make an effort to connect with people who are different from you. You’re likely to magnetize something outside your purview or someone outside your circle, and this encounter with the unfamiliar could expand your consciousness and change you. Let your hunger for learning and growth lead you in the right direction.



January 20–February 18

Mental Mercury is in your expansion house, turning your attention to studies, travel, philosophizing and abstract thinking. But Mercury is clashing with Pluto and Uranus this week, clouding your outlook, disrupting your train of thought and perhaps drawing you into a disagreement. Repressed emotions or something from the past could come back to bite you. Or new information or an interaction with someone might leave you not knowing what to think. Expect the unexpected to come up, and try to keep an open mind. Face what’s bothering you rather than denying it. If you don’t try to understand the darkness bubbling beneath the surface in your psyche, it’s more likely to make itself known in disruptive ways and will almost surely impact your mindset and your communication. Luckily, Venus in your sharing sector is vibing with Pluto and Jupiter now, suggesting that self-love and closeness will be healing and transformative. Chances are you’ve been trying to turn a corner for a while now, and you need to believe in your power to do it, but you should also have faith that someone will support you.



February 19–March 20

Self-reflection, research and dialogue with someone close to you won’t be very straightforward this week, with Mercury in your depth house skirmishing with Pluto and Uranus. The influence of a group, social obligations, problems with a friendship or the need to focus on new goals could interfere. Or fluctuations in your finances, self-confidence, priorities and resources may cause you some trouble. Talking to a partner about money, possessions, values, long-range goals and affiliations with groups will probably be especially challenging. And if you’re investigating something or digging around in your own psyche, you may not like what you find. But Venus in your one-on-one angle is harmonizing with Pluto and Jupiter, boosting your faith in people and encouraging you to seek favorable compromises. This is a good time to network, because you’re especially likely to meet new contacts who have the power to help you achieve your dreams. You’re also likely to encounter people you can learn from, so don’t hesitate to reach out to others now, especially those who are different from you and can open up a new world to you.



March 21–April 19

With Mercury in your relationship angle facing off against Uranus in Aries this week, one-on-one communication is likely to be tricky. You might be too distracted, anxious or restless to focus on a conversation and reach an accord. Your unique take on things may fly in the face of what another person is saying, and your rebellious tone could disrupt dialogue. An urge for independence is apt to make it harder for you to come to an agreement. Mercury is also sparring with Pluto in your ambition angle, so discussing long-range plans, expressing yourself to an authority figure and getting feedback on an accomplishment won’t be very easy either. But Venus is gelling with Pluto and Jupiter now, cueing you to enjoy the process of working toward a goal and to be willing to work on a relationship or in service to others. This planetary configuration reminds you that liking what you’re doing is an aim in itself. Being responsible, useful and disciplined can give you a sense of purpose, and you’ll gain plenty of satisfaction from your own productivity.



April 20–May 20

Mercury is in your efficiency house and quarreling with Pluto and Uranus this week, so mental work and communication with colleagues will be challenging. Problem solving, analysis and detail-oriented thinking won’t go too well if you become fixated on one right way of doing things, and you could get into a power struggle if you try to force your opinion on others. Or you might not be able to focus on everyday matters if your head is stuck in the future or the past. Unexpected disruptions and subconscious thinking will draw your attention away from the issues at hand, so give yourself some mental breaks. Your ruling planet Venus is in your fulfillment zone, harmonizing with Pluto and Jupiter and reminding you to take time out to enjoy life. Creativity, romance, play, time with children, travel and expressing your personality can all give you a feeling of deep satisfaction. You might be tempted to go to extremes in pursuit of an intense experience, so just make sure you’re being true to yourself and following your own path.



May 21–June 20

Creative and romantic self-expression could be complicated this week, with Mercury embroiled in disagreements with Pluto and Uranus. The ongoing theme with these heavyweight battles seems to be unsettling changes in your interactions with others. You may not be getting the feedback and support you want and could be upset by people’s unreliability and an individual’s power over you. Speak your piece without attaching expectations to the response you’ll receive. With Mercury in your joy sector, you’re probably feeling particularly playful and quirky. But focusing on others’ reactions could take the fun out of spontaneous expression. Let people be who they are in the moment; grant them the same freedom you want for yourself. Venus is jibing with Pluto and Jupiter, increasing the pleasure that you get from family and home — and hopefully giving you an underlying sense of wellbeing. Spending private time alone or with a close friend, partner or family member will regenerate you. Inner security is extra important to you now, as you seek a feeling of being comfortable in your own skin and being at home somewhere.



June 21–July 22

With Mercury in your roots angle, you’re inclined toward reflection, expressing your innermost thoughts and being in touch with family. But those things may be challenging this week, due to Mercury’s battles with Pluto and Uranus. Changes in a relationship or a power imbalance between you and another person could disturb you. With Pluto in your opposite sign, it’s tempting to paint someone as the enemy. To avoid pointless conflicts, try asking yourself “Is this constructive or destructive?” before you engage. Disruptions related to your career, a goal or an authority figure could also draw your attention now and require you to shift gears. Or a disagreement between your parents could be upsetting to you. Fortunately, Venus in your cognition-and-communication house is clicking with Pluto and Jupiter, making it easier for you to bring positivity to a situation. Show people how much you care about them, and get in the habit of noticing moments of love and bits of beauty in your everyday world. This would be a good time to start a gratitude journal or to make a point of meeting new people.



July 23–August 22

Your thoughts and speech may be affected by Mercury’s skirmishes with Pluto and Uranus this week. The mental planet’s current position in your chart suggests that your brain is busy and you’re experiencing plenty of everyday contact with people. You’re probably not inclined to hold your tongue, because your mind is working so quickly and you want to express your ideas. Difficulties with coworkers and differences of opinion with others are distinct possibilities, though. Try not to force the issue or obsess over the right way of doing something. Work pressures, the weight of daily responsibilities, new revelations or worries about the future are likely to interfere with a breezy mindset and lighthearted interactions. Listen to other points of view, and be open to changing your mind. With Venus in your worth zone gelling with Pluto and Jupiter, your confidence should be fairly strong. Focus on enjoying what you have and actualizing your values through your work and in your daily life. You’re learning what you really need and realizing that you must change your modus operandi in order to get it.



August 23–September 22

With Mercury in your worth house, money, possessions, resources, needs, values and priorities are on your mind. You may be involved in some type of negotiations or are having more conversations about what’s important to you. But this week, Mercury is fending off Pluto and Uranus, meaning tension in your personal life is likely to have a big impact on what you think and say. You probably won’t get exactly what you expect to get from another individual or from an outside source, and you might conclude that you can’t count on people. Perhaps you feel an intense attraction to someone but are resistant to becoming dependent on him or her. Mars in Virgo is also clashing with Uranus, so you may need to adjust your actions in response to a disruption. Luckily, Venus in your sign is joining forces with Pluto and Jupiter, boosting your magnetism, confidence and personal power. You’re able to project love and beauty and draw in what you desire. This is a good time to express your feelings fearlessly and enjoy life to the fullest.

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